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Holiday panic!!

I've started thinking very irrationally today and i think it's got something to do with the fact that me and the misses or going on holiday tomorrow. I've just started having my usual negative thought patterns and fears whizzing around my head. Part of me wants to cancel and just stay in my room where i'm safe, but i can't bear to tell her that.

Being away for a week should be exciting, so why am i feeling like this? I just feel something terrible is going to happen and that i'm not in control of any of it. arghhhhhhhhhh I hate this feeling. I just want to be me again for more than a day or two at a time, i want my life back. Sorry for ranting xxx

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Break it down into small steps..

What is it about the trip that causes these feelings?


Being away from my comfort zone i.e doctors/family/friends. I'm scared my girlfriends family will see that i've changed since we last saw them (before i had hidden my problems, since i've opened up over them i feel very vulnerable and scared) I want to enjoy it and not be thinking about something else all the time. The journey scares me because it's a long time alone with my thoughts, which can overwhelm me sometimes x thanks for the support


I'm exactly the same so I know how you're feeling.

The lead up is the worst for me. Once I start travelling the anxiety eases off to a managable level. So with any luck tomorrow you'll feel better.

In the meantime. Tell your partner how you're feeling and try to do something to distact yourself.

It is possible to get out and about with this illness. I've just returned from an overnight stay with friends which included a long train journey and trips out. I was climbing the walls before I went but I'm so glad I did. I had a wonderful time.

Try not to think too far ahead and predict how things will be. You might be fine and if you're not your girlfriends family will understand that you're not well at the moment.

Hope some of this helps.



Know how you feel. I'm going to Portugal with my daughter and 2 grandchildren in 6 weeks time. The thought of the flight.... well you can imagine. I would back out but, (1) she needs my help, and, (2) I try not to avoid doing things that I fear. I have hafd a good deal of neck and shoulder tension last couple of weeks - making me dizzy etc. think I must be worrying about it.


IM going on holiday to lanzarote for 2 weeks end of april,with my hubby,of course im anxious about it,the flight,the crowds at the airport,the packing,etc;..but I felt this way last year,and I found once we set out on our journey,I wasant really bad atall.,I think we imagine all sorts of bad things,that will never good tip my councillor gave me ,was to imagine myself in lanzarote lying in the sun,he told me to keep this picture in my mind,and not to think about the journey doing this now,and it does work,I cant wait to be there,I love the place,but if I started to think about flying for 4 and half hrs,and all that goes with it,I wouldnt go atall.does all this make any sense to you,hope it helps.xxxx


Thanks all for the support. Got back yesterday and besides a few dodgy moments, had a great time :) even forgot to take my meds for a few days and still felt good!!


OMG !! Thought I was the only one who felt this way when going on a foreign holiday. It is also re-assuring to hear other members experiences, especially about the anxiety subsiding (thanks fadedlizard) "when on the way" , and the main problem being with the lead up to the holiday. This is exactly my problem and has been for the last 5 years or so, despite persevering with it for maybe 3 or 4 breaks a year with my wife and friends (we are all retired with plenty of time on our hands). Apart from an anxiety free build up to a week spent in Cyprus this year, the last 4-5 years have generally been hell during the lead up to holidays, although I am ok once on the way to the airport! Weird or what?? I cannot explain it, and I am now getting too anxious for comfort in the lead up to a 2 week break in Florida (3 and a bit weeks to go!). Keep getting all sorts of dread feelngs, insomnia, tense muscles, restlessness, headaches etc but cannot say for sure what is the reason behind it. We have been on similar breaks together for the last ten years or more! Plus I used to travel abroad on business for 18 years or so before I retired. Does this strike any chords with anyone??

Incidentally, I've just started reading Dr Claire Weekes book "Hope and help for your nerves", and it looks like it will certainly be of help.

Anyway, enough about me, hodylad, that's great news that you had good holiday without any major problems as such. Well done! This is the kind of success story we all appreciate reading and provides valuable re-assurance for all of us respondees above, that you have to "go for it" and not give in to your irrational fears.

Good luck and health to all,

Mallet-Head xx


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