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So im off on holiday on friday but i'm wrecked with nerves. I wake up early and cant relax as i'm so worried I'm going to ruin for the others i'm going with. I was doing ok until i got a cold last week and it had knocked me back and ruined my confidence and excitement for the holiday. It's so annoying as i know it's something i should be looking forward to but i'm just struggling at the moment. I have been on holidays before and they were fine so there is no reason this one wont be,

Was just after some reassurance really i guess... :-)

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One of the things I hate about this illness is it's ability to even spoil what should be lovely. Its just not. Fair....understand what you are saying.

All I wanted to say was you will have a good time all will be fine you won't spoil anything. Try to look forward to it . Like you say you have done it before and all went well absolutely no reason why this time won't go just as well for you.

Colds can make you feel low, so hope as your cold is clearing you will feel better about it all.

Enjoy your holiday, let us know how it goes....only 4 more sleeps !!! :)

Sue xx


Thank you for the reassuring words, i do find i need constant reassurance at times but i do also find it helps as it fights against the negative thoughts in my head :-)


That's ok I totally understand, I'm very similar.

It will be a lovely holiday, and nothing new to you , you have done it before, do try to relax and enjoy the lovely thoughts of going away.

Wish I was going :)

Hope you get chance to post about it when you get back, be lovely to hear how it went.



I have recently started a new job and that has shaken me as its a lot of new things and people to get used to so i should look forward to having sometime away from there and i'm going away with my bf and aunty and uncle and once out there (corfu) my dad and step mum too so i really will be surrounded by family who care and know me, so the fact i am worrying is just so silly, it really is...



Starting a new job is such a big thing and it takes us right out of our comfort zone. Well done for coping with that,

Even better you are going to be with your family :) and Corfu is nice Some sunshine and beaches. You deserve the break away !!! It will be lovely xxx



A cold can make us feel so rubbish & set us back as well as set of our anxiety

I am sure once you get there all these fears that are causing you anxiety will start to go , I no its not easy when you feel this way , but once you are on that beach & the sun & a different atmosphere , I bet all your cares just float away :)

I hope you enjoy yourself , let us no when you get back how fabulous it was :)






Ive had a cold recently and it can set you back,, if you let it. My partners birthday came up and had a little party and family round and I was worrying so much before I just felt rubbish! It went fine in the end and everyone had a lovely time, I find for me the more I sit and worry before its happened the worse I feel, when it come to it I was that busy doing what I was doing I forgot I even had the cold lol

Have a fantastic time, I hope it clears up soon and you can relax and enjoy your time away xxxxxx


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