Off On Holiday!!! :)

Hello everyone :) I am off on holiday tomorrow to the place that I have been going to since I was a little girl apart from the past 3 years where my anxiety has stopped me. This is a really huge step for me as it is my first holiday in such a long time and my first holiday with my boyfriend. I am excited but also very nervous as it is a 3-4 hour journey and I do not cope well with travel and traffic jams :( I am hoping that I have a good week and my anxiety doesn't hold me back :) Any suggestions to help cope with the nerves or any home remedies? Thanks!


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  • Firstly have a wonderful holiday and leave the anxiety at home if possible. You are going by car so you can stop anytime and take a break. take your mind off the journey by reading a book occupy yourself the best way possible deep breathing exercises will help also . This may sound harsh but i have been suffering with panic\anxiety and scared to travel sometimes not leaving the house. I have decided that no more will my life be dictated by the dreaded demons that lurk causing me to become fearful of everything. I am taking a long haul flight to Barbados in 2 weeks this is the biggest test of all for me. Please have a good holiday a rest and find peace.

    Take care


    Love Seyi x

  • Thank you :) I will try to ensure I enjoy it to the full :) yes I think I will take those tips on board and I absolutely love to read so sure I will be able to find a book to take along :) wow! How lucky are you going to Barbados? I hope you have a lovely time on your trip too :) x

  • Thank you kindly have a wonderful time and try and leave stress behind it is not easy but with determination you can mange this. Let me know how you get on


    Love Seyi x

  • I'm going away in gran canaria in two weeks to an my anxiety is trough the roof with what ifs hasn't stopes from the minute I open my eyes everyday I'm Soo anxious it's inhuman I really want to go n enjoy myself with out havin this anxiety an toughts that's not gona happen docs said she give me xenex for the 12 days but my mind is wrapped thinking what if I freak out :( anyone any tips please god let me do this for 12 days an I promiss u can double anxiety wen I come back:(

  • Good Luck go and have a ball on holiday try not to even think about it. Read a book play music on the flight. Remember you are not alone most people on the flight will be feeling anxious. Try to do breathing exercises or just make general conversation. Have a brilliant time hugs

    Love Seyi xxx

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