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Help! Holiday Anxiety

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Any advice please. I suffer from general anxiety, often having bad panic or anxiety attacks. I have had anxiety since my early 20s, and it has often had a negative effect on my life. I manage it as best as I can, and it has gone in peaks and troughs over the years. My anxiety attacks started on a holiday to Australia, and the problem is that I often get very anxious before and during a holiday abroad, probably because of the original association with my first panic attack being so far away from home.

My problem is that I am going on holiday to the Canary Islands this Saturday for a week with my partner, and am already having visions of the plane crashing, or me becoming ill while I am there and being unable to return home to our 2 cats. It is ridiculous, as my anxiety levels are building up and up, imagining all sorts of problems. I can't seem to stop this negative train of thoughts, it just gets worse. I genuinely do want to go on holiday, but then the nearer it approaches, I half wish I hadn't booked it, which is crazy!! I have a lovely partner, but he does not understand anxiety, as do many people who have never had it, so I tend to keep my feelings to myself whilst I am away. However, I really want to enjoy my 7 days in the sun, so I wondered if anyone who has a similar problem could give me any tips or help. Many thanks.

9 Replies
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Hi's unfortunate that the place we have our first anxiety attack can

become a trigger in itself. Mine was a grocery store. And yet rationally, we know that

the place itself did not cause the attack. Your anticipation or excitement of a new

surrounding was more responsible for that happening. You see our brain can't distinguish

between excitement and stress. Our body reacts the same to both emotional feelings.

The difference is that we don't usually get scared when we are excited and happy and

relaxed. I think of how lucky you are to be going to the Canary Islands this coming

weekend but your subconscious mind is focusing on the "what ifs" of last time.

Anticipational Anxiety can be just as real as actually already being on the islands.

And then you start worrying about the plane, what if you get sick and on and on.

It's like these things have already happened in which they didn't.

Try looking at the positive side of this beautiful 7 day trip with a partner you adore,

you are so blessed. Memories, good memories will be made that will last a lifetime.

Try looking at some Breathing Meditation exercises on YouTube. Breathing properly

can reduce your stress, lower your adrenaline and get rid of those negative thoughts.

Enjoy your holiday and let us know all about it when you get back. Bon Voyage

Have fun :) xx

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SCC1 in reply to Agora1

Great message, Agora1! It's what I'd have wanted to hear if I were in the same situation. xx

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Agora1 in reply to SCC1

Thanks SCC1 Let me know when you plan your next trip. lol xx

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SCC1 in reply to Agora1

Probably not anytime soon. I have nowhere to go yet! Lol 😄

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laurajn087 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora. Thanks very much for your advice. I will certainly try the breathing exercises. I definitely have a case of anticipational anxiety that's for sure!

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I just saw your post and this might be too late for your trip but you might get the DARE Anxiety book to read on your trip to learn how to deal with panic/anxiety. The more you learn and understand what is really going on with you mind and body the more it lessens the fear about it. You can get the book and an electronic version on amazon. Their youtube videos are also very helpful.

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laurajn087 in reply to designguy

Thanks, I will order this book when I get home.

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hi .you have most probably had your well deserved hol And enjoyed every second of it....oh my days its as if i wrote what you have written here,this is me down to a T even your hubby or partner .my husband dont get my anxiety fear although he does support me when im stressed at any time or anxious which is usually alot . It is mostly the anticipation of going abroad with me ,from the moment it is booked i worry about the flight about the place we are going etc,but i do go and once their i relax only to start again before we come back,totally get what you experiance ..Did you enjoy the hol ?

best wishes

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laurajn087 in reply to lynstone60

Hi, thanks for your reply. It's no-one's fault, but anxiety can be such an isolating experience if you are with people who don't understand how debilitating extreme anxiety can be. Sometimes friends say they understand as they feel anxious at times, but it is nothing like what I feel like at times. My partner tries his best, but does not get it at all, bless him.

Yes I had a nice holiday thanks. The anxiety was always at the back of my mind, ready to appear, but I controlled it with breathing exercises which did help. I know it goes against advice, but a few drinks before the flight does help me lol. It's really strange because when I book a holiday abroad I really want to go, but then I start dreading the departure date as it nears!

Best wishes.

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