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Hi Everyone

I'm going on holiday in September which for the most part I'm really looking forward to. In the last week I've started to get stressed about the flight as its 8 hours long. I can put up with flying but I'm worried for the whole flight thinking every little noise or bump means we are going to crash I know this is all in my head so how do I learn to relax instead of this constant worry? Any advice would be most welcome ??

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Im going away in 3 weeks and I keep getting anxious about the flight, leaving my dogs and my son, what the other people will be like,its horrible and so scary


Hi Im not great with flying myself the last time I remember thinking well if anything happens at least Im with my whole family so we will all go down together lol!!!!!

Sorry this isnt any help, thats a long flight you must be going somewhere exciting :)

Mimii x


Hi totally understand the fears..

The only thing I can say is that the thoughts are far worse than how it feels when actually doing it...I could never fly unless I had beta blockers from the Dr I used to get so anxious, but after flying a number of times, one flight to Malaysia which was 13 hrs long I no longer need the beta blockers to fly....

I understand its not just the flying and it can be off putting the amount of anxieties you get over all sorts of things when going away...the alternative is not to way!!!.....holidays are good for us, and it's in the case of holidays I think I would say feel the fear and do it anyway :)



Off to Florida really excited just have to get my head to feel the same lol I'm not going to miss out so I will be feeling the fear and doing it anyway. All my friends love flying I'm wondering do people really love it or just say that. I feel no pleasure on it at all ?


Im so envious, went to florida 9 years ago when kids were young you lucky thing!

If you really cant face the flight let me know and Ill go instead lol!!!!

Mimii :)


You may find "Calming Your Anxious Mind" by Jeffrey Brantley useful. In it he describes how he felt on a balloon journey (pgs.102-104) which as a nervous flyer myself I really identified with. The book is based around mindfulness. Obviously, it is short notice to take the practice of mindfulness in and apply it when your journey is just three weeks away, but I think that there may be things that you can take from this anyway that would be useful to you.

Good luck, I hope that you have a lovely holiday and a good journey.


You'll be first on my list Mimi ? is that a new book haven't heard of it before will keep an eye out for it ??


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