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Why do we over think?!

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Recently at work (well for the past 4 months) we’ve had a new manager, and she’s not very nice. She takes other managers off for secret bitching sessions. She’s a very very negative person and doesn’t speak to people very nicely. She’s always moaning around the office and nothing ever seems good enough. Everyone complains but I have now got another job. Much to my other manager and my head of business’ upset. Which means that they have asked me what’s going on and why am I going, and I have told the truth because I’m not a liar and I have told the truth in the hope that they will talk to her and change everything for everybody else that I work with. I am definitely leaving because the position I have is much more exciting and is for a much better/bigger brand! However today she has been ignoring me....all day. More than likely because she has found out what I have said. To the point that my other manager has asked my head of business if I can work less of my notice because even she feels awkward. And now I am sat at home worrying that I’m overreacting and I’m being stupid!! Sorry for the moan but why am I now feeling bad because I don’t want to put myself around such a negative influence on my life?!?

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You did exactly the right thing, 2sara1, brilliant. Instead if just sticking around putting up with things you did something about it. It doesn't matter any more what your manager and head of business say or do, you're off to a better job. No question of you over reacting, you did exactly the right thing.

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Thanks so much. That’s made me feel much better! I guess the feeling of guilt is just from me overthinking!!

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Always trust your vibes ! Don’t be around negative people ...if you are feeling uncomfortable in her presence there something wrong ... good for you for moving on and speaking up ! She needs to learn and change and understand, she can’t treat people like that ! Good on you for looking after yourself ! I wish you luck x

No you didn't overreact, she's a bully. Most women who are bosses are bullies, I had one that got very annoyed when ever you asked for assistance. I am a woman and can say that wonan (not all) can make some of the WORSE bosses and are driven by hormones. She's upset because she's been called out about her behavior. And now that it's out there the company Can't say they didn't know and can get sued for stress because of her behavior and not doing anything about it. Don't feel Bad, they should for allowing this.

So I’ve been at work for 4 days this week since handing my notice in. And I just do not want to be there. As I said my head of business knows how awkward I feel working with the women in the office. And I have asked several times whether I can go early and just not get paid for it. I’m buying a house too which is completing this week and I have explained to him that I have a lot going on and being there isn’t helping when I know I am leaving and I could really do with being off as I will be moving house! He is still refusing to let me go. This is just added stress that I really don’t need or want! My friend has said that I should go to the doctors and have them sign me off for 2 weeks before I start my new job as I am just going to burn myself out with everything. I don’t know what to do!!!

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