Cant do this anymore

Hi I've had a few really bad months I dont know how much more I can take, everyday without fail in fearing for my life. I'm convince therea something seriously wrong like brain tumour, the feeling I'm getting are bizarr I've had pressure I my ears Nd head that makes me panick, I dont feel like I in my own body, and when i get up in the morning its as though my arms and legs dont want to work. Makes me panick big style this morning I've prayed to god to pull my number up or please help me, I cannot live with this anxiety curse anymore. Had for 36 years, past few month has been a nightmare its why I've not been on the site for a while. The fear and feeling that run through my head and body is not normal, aaked the doc and she said i dont have a brain tumour but never asked me Ny questions or did any tests just sId it was my anxiety, I'm in a very dark hole and cant see a way out.


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  • hi Mandy its a long time since we last spoke, it sound like your have a rough time at the moment, i know how your feeling i've just got out of hospital after i had a lower abdomen blockage to which nearly cost me my like, but i'm here still and for you my friend, is there any thing i can help you with you know that i'm here if needed take care your friend Alan xx

  • Your not Alone! I fear for my life everyday and its gotten worse during and after my pregnancy.and now 3months after delivery ive been feeling detached from the world i feel like eveyrthing is not real and i dont even own my body anymore anxiety has taken over. I also feel like i havent had a baby as if its Unreal but he is here andi love him so so much! There is Medicine out there that can help us over come this demon of anxiety. X

  • Hey I have the same as you health anxiety! Today I have breast cancer yesterday I had bowel cancer.. I went to the doctors and he said I'm fine which instantly made me feel better! In my anxious mind I've had brain tumours, every cancer you can name, aneurysms, deep vein thrombosis, I fear I'm going to have a heart attack im only 26 I shouldn't be worrying about these things nobody should have to go through this!! Have you tried cbt? I've had 2 sessions so far and it has helped me a lot im probably just having a moment where I'm not controlling my thoughts! X

  • Hello. My name is Karl. I am sorry to read that you are having a hard time. I completely understand your belief that there is something seriously wrong with you - I went through the same thing myself, and actually still go through it from time to time.

    My partner is a medical doctor and I have just asked about why your doctor would say you dont have a brain tumour without any kind of test or anything. My partner said that it is almost certain that a brain tumour would have physical signs on show like - loss of balance, persistent headaches, nausea, changes in mood, difficulty in walking, muscle twitching, seizures and memory problems. Of course you dont have to have all of those at one time - but there would be some outward manifestation my partner says.

    I take your point that it is perhaps easy to just put it all down to anxiety. But one of the key features of health anxiety in particular is that of a deep belief in something being wrong, or missed during tests.

    I wonder if it would be possible for you to ask your doctor to send you for a brain scan - just to put your ,mind at ease. You need to explain to the doctor how it would help with your dread and fear of a tumour being there. I hope that you get the help you need.

    Karl x

  • Ty fir the reassurance I have had loss of balance I have pressure in my head and ears no headaches at all just pressure which makes me panick into full blown anxiety my arms and legs don't want to work which is why I keep thinking tumour xxx Mandy 😞

  • Hi Mandy

    I think you are in that cycle associated with the anxieties - you get a thought that something is wrong and look for signs to back that up,,,you find a sign and that means you have the illness in the original thought...and so it goes round and round.....but the original thought is a false one - it is a symptom of your health anxiety. For those of us who have anxiety issues, it is so easy to make us believe we have some dreadful illness that has managed to get past all the doctors, and panix attacks are only a short step away. When I get some thought like that I tend to try and refocus my mind - to divert my attention onto something more positive and fully occupying my attention for a period of time. I hope that you feel a bit better Mandy.

    Karl x

  • Hi I've had anxiety panics depression for 32 years and it all too much to deal with I know what you are going through we can talk if you would like to. My name is Debbie x

  • Ty I'm still having a bad time been like it all day shaking worrying crying 😢 terrifying thoughts.xx mandy

  • Ty all for your help

  • hi mandy. stressing about the symptoms only makes the symptoms seem much worse to us..and that fear fuels the anxiety. i find one of the best ways to lessen that stress is by talking about it. knowing that there are many, many others out there dealing with the same issues also helps to lift some of the pressure. ive learned that many times we anxiety people tend to keep our suffering to ourselves..and that builds up inside of us..which is not good at all. this is a great place to let it all out because its so nice to read encouraging words from others that understand us 110%. hope your day get better and wish you the best. :)

  • Your so right I've got up this morning and looked in the mirror and said today your going to have a good day. Even my OCD I've told it to pxss off. I cant give inn to these illnesses any more im fed up of feeling crap all the time. Not only ruins my life but my partners too. Xx mandy😐

  • My heart began to pound as I started reading your post as I have got the exact same symptoms as you.

    In the past I have got down on my hands and knees praying to God to help me. I have begged the doctor to give me medication but no luck.

    I feel as though I am losing my mind some days, like now I can not lift the low mood I feel down and anxious.

    How long have you been feeling so anxious?

  • About 2 months now but had anxiety for over 35yrs and the thought of dyeing has never left me. Every single day without fail, I'm tired of fighting it. The last two months has really tested me, I told it to piss off yesterday, but this morning has been pretty bad, nearly passed our in the shower and I'm just starting to calm down now.after one and half hours, I prayed to god my spirit guide and my dead nanna bless her to help me. I'm so desperate convinced I've got a brain tumour, docs say no. I've not been this bad in years. Xxx Mandy hope you having good day,😐

  • That is terrible I feel for you. Are you on any medication? Has anything triggered your anxiety over the past two months? I find comfort in praying to god and family in the spirit world.

    I hope you keep in touch x

  • Yes I'm on meds for anxiety, but I've had alot of ear pressure in the past few months, so when I feel dizzy and lose my balance, then gives me panick attack and symptoms of brain tumour, thats why i think it is, used the ear drops bit nothing has changed. Xx mandy😐

  • I have the ear pressure as well and he's pressure and it makes me feel tired.

    I hate it I don't know why we have to suffer.

    Do you work? Xxx

  • Hi Mandy I have bad anxiety too especially health anxiety I too like everyone else have a life threatening illness it just takes over don't it I hope your feeling better as you haven't been on for a while all the best xx

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