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i love my boyfriend alot and he makes me so happy,we are practically bestfriends aswell..but because everything was going so well i started to think negative.I've got it in my head now that something has changed and that something isn't the same. I keep getting alot of negative thoughts that dont seem to go away i also keep thinking 'what if im not in love' etc it all started when my sister broke up with her long term boyfriend and there was alot of negativity in the house,alot of upset and there still is which has gone on for a couple of months,this has made me feel really down,i also took time off college because of stress and was isolated from people for a while,this was when my mind started to think about alot of bad stuff when i was staying in the house ever day,ever since its always been stuck in my head:( i want it to go away so i can be as happy as i was before it all came into my head! I am forever seeing people on social media breaking up and thinking 'thats gonna happen' etc followed with other what ifs, it did all start when i experienced my sister going through a relationship break up and i was getting very stressed with college work. Ive spoken to my mum and she said it will be anxiety and just me thinking too deep into things. as she sees how happy i am around him! sometimes it can affect how i act towards him though,which i hate:(Everything was so perfect before this stupid thought got planted in my head:( any suggestions,please?

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  • Hey there. I have the same problem too! I think it's definitely anxiety. Best thing to do is to remind your self that it is anxiety and not you two! That's what I do :) all will get better. Try stay positive and be around positive people etc. I'm currently reading "the happiness trap" by dr russ Harris. It's a good book to put your mind into perspective! But I've had anxiety before I met my partner though.

  • Its horrible isnt it,because I know how happy he makes me and how well he treats me etc,because its all so perfect! He never does anything wrong:) Ive had anxiety when i was at school,never over a boy though,he is my first proper relationship. its nice to know someone else has been through it,i thought i was the only one:( which makes it worse. thanks for the reply

  • Yep it isn't easy. My partner wants me to move down to where he's from which is 3.5 hours from my home n family. I'm really anxious over it cuz i don't want to leave :(

  • ah:( i can imagine that being hard,anxiety comes in so many different forms,its horrible!:(

  • Yep :( I'm really worried I won't like it

  • I am having same problem with my GF... :(

  • :( its horrible,just hope it will just go away,speaking to people about it makes things so much better especially if they have gone through it too!

  • Yes, you are right... Hope things get fine soon. Well, I would advice you to read some blogs in , it helped me to change my perceptions. Anxiety will not go away it is a part of us, we just need to accept it without reacting over it.

  • thankyou! will have a look at some blogs:)

  • You welcome :) and also share if you have anything to come over.

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