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I have been of work on sick leave and it's about to end but I can't go back yet


I was signed off work by my doctor 2 weeks ago due to stress related issues regarding work. My mental health hasn't been very good lately and I'm struggling to keep my emotions under control. I am constantly sad and I don't know why because in my head I have not reason to be sad but I can't snap out of it.

My contract at work is only 12 hours as I also attend university. My manager takes advantage of me as she knows I can't say no. I'm doing nearly 40 hours a week in work then missing lectures and stressing because I can't do my assignments. When I rang in Ill before I got signed off work she called me a "let down" making me feel even worse.

I missed handing in 2 of my assignments because of the stress of it all and ended up being told by my doctor it's sounds like I have depression. The thought of going back to work and try and finish uni is making me feel sick and anxious. I still don't feel right and I just don't know what to do.

My sick note ends on Friday and my manager is already texting me asking me to work certain days. Am I able to get another sick note? I'm so confused I don't know what to do anymore.


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Hi, couple questions. Are you from the UK, what industry is your job in, is your job safety critical and what is your contract (permanent/temp and zero or set hours).

Feel free to PM me in more detail if you wish as if you're from the UK I may be able to help you (if I know the industry).

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Thank you. I work in retail, I know it's not strenuous but mentally at the moment I'm struggling and I am from the UK. My contract is set days and the hours extra I'm working are overtime.


I completely understand. I can barely do the simplest task outside of work currently let alone inside. It takes its toll. Give me half an hour or so and Ill send you a PM on here regarding the work aspect. Health wise, have you spoken to your doctor in depth about how you are feeling? Little back story on myself as it may help you not make the same mistakes I did. Dont worry, ill keep it short! I was in a motorbike crash, I refused treatment at the side of the road, left it a month before I went hospital. They 'fixed' the injury but mentally I didn't know and they didn't know at the time I was suffering. After a month of constantly getting sent home from work for being faint, being sick, being dizzy etc I went back and to cut a really long story short I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and severe depression.

The reason I tell you this is because my GP said if I had came in earlier and spoke about how I felt it would have been a lot easier on me.

You sound like you are putting on a hell of a lot of pressure on yourself. I am.... well was the same. You gotta have some downtime, I hated it when I was told that but yeah, its true!

What are you studying if you dont mind me asking?

Anywho, I'll send you a message in a bit about the work related aspect of it.

Hope my ramblings made a tiny bit of sense!

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Jayne345, the attitude of your Manager at work is making your life unbearably stressful causing you anxiety. In my view, if you stay working for someone who calls you a 'let down' when she knows you are unwell you will make yourself ill and end up with anxiety disorder like the rest of us lunatics on this forum and you don't want that. That Manager is also robbing you of a university education which will open so many doors to you.

So the choice is: continue working for a slavedriver who is making you ill or end your employment there, find a better job and continue to give your uni work the attention it deserves.

I say: Put yourself first, Jayne345, and take the second option and because your Manager has been treating you unfairly have no qualms about getting another sick note and another during which time you can look for a better and more fulfilling job. Once you can no longer stretch the sick notes out any longer, or when you find another job, give yourself the pleasure of telling the Manager you are leaving without notice because her inconsiderate attitude towards you has made you ill.

Good luck in your search for a new job!


Yes, you can. Tell your doctor what you told us. "The thought of going back to work and try and finish uni is making me feel sick and anxious. I still don't feel right and I just don't know what to do." Ask for more time off and additional help with what you're going through.


Also, learn to say NO. Once you're able to do that a little more, some of your anxiety will go away. If you pray, pray to the hearer of prayer that you can do this and pray for peace of mind. Read Psalm 65:2 for comfort and encouragement.


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