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Lost everythjnf


I’ve been having the hardest 3 months of my life and I’ve been through some really awful things in my life. I suffer from PTSD on top of this. Lost my job, am losing my house, my partner, my dad is long gone and my family is no where near me. I’m so lost. I was finally making progress on healing through my PTSD and overcame my nightmares after a really good EMDR session and now they’re back. Ive never been so “retriggered” and retrauamtized in my life. I feel like on top of everything now I’m dealing w a breakup and I am not doing well with the loss. I feel so empty and flashing back to my original trauma incident where I lost my dad. I’m having such a hard time. On top of all of this since I am losing my home I’m going to have to move back home and be ripped away from

The only thing keeping me sane, my medical team. My psych, my therapist, my acupuncturist, my doctors. I’m so sad and terrified and feel like alone and naked and like a baby who was just left alone after birth.

How have I gotten here and how do I move forward.

Someone pls say they’ve been here and offer some advice.

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hi gabbyoglesbyy,

I haven't been where you are but I fully support you. You're getting hit with all this at once and that's so much for one person to deal with emotionally. Although it's awful right now, things can only improve from here. Time heals most wounds, physically and psychologically. Just remember you matter to many people on this planet. There are many others that have or are experiencing what you are. There's people around that need you and your skills. When you feel alone don't forget about the people that depend on you. Prayers going your way!

Gabby, the American philosopher Norman Vincent Peele once wrote: every adversity brings with it the seed of a greater benefit. It's invariably true in my experience, new opportunities will present themselves and when the dust settles you will be in a better place than you have ever known before. That's how life is.

I suggest you are experiencing a problem of perception, how you look at your position. New jobs can be found. New partners can be found also. A house is a material thing, plenty more where that came from.

Now if you were telling me you'd lost an arm or a leg or your sight that really would be a tragedy, you can't replace those. Everything else and you can. Better job, better partner to share your life with, better place to live. And lucky you, you have a home to move back to.

Before all this happened and everything was tickety-boo you were having anxiety problems and nightmares. Maybe your former life wasn't as wonderful as all that. Pastures new can be a tonic, it's all down to you and how you look at things.

You say that your trauma is due to your dad dying. There's nothing you can do to change that, don't spend time on things that you can't change, spend time on things you can. Draw a line under your father's death, do you think he wants you to go on suffering because of what happened. Not likely, he wants you to move on.

Accept all the bad feelings for the time being, accept all the nightmares . Don't fight them for the moment just accept them for now. Fighting causes stress and tension, accepting symptoms banishes fear.

You're going to be alright, Gabby. Take it one step at a time. Take care!

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