Anyone else lost job due to anxiety/ depression?

I was struggling really bad this past winter with generalized anxiety and panic attacks then developed into agoraphobia. I started struggling with my busy full time job. I ended up on stress leave but only for a short a few days then went back to work the following week. Realizing I needed more time off.. I went bacj to my doc to leave work again and they refused to sign the paper work. I stuck it out by seeing my counsellor and trying medications. I had bad side affects and ended up missing a bunch of work which later ended up in me being layed off and not rehired. So long story short I feel my anxiety made me lose my job. I was open and honest about it with my boss in hopes of getting my job back. It was a very well paying job and I'm so sad and disappointed and am wondering if anyone else has been through this and what else can I do for support? Is there any legal action I can take?


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  • Yes I lost my job too, anxiety interfered with my job I told them about my anxiety I went off sick and they laid me off after a certain length of time it was a joint decision between me and my employer, then I claimed esa. Im sure you have to be off for a.certain length of time before they can do this if you have provided sick notes from your doctor to you employer, they cannot lay you off whilst on sick and you should have had a meeting with them to discuss your illness, if you haven't provided notes they can, who wouldn't sign the paperwork you mentioned? Was it the doctor or employer. My partner was a manager he knows the inn and outs of this if you let me know might be able to point in the right direction. But needs to know if you provided sick notes and whome wouldn't sign paperwork. Xx mandy😉

  • It was my Gp who wouldn't sign the paper work. I feel she didn't take my illness seriously. My employer was aware and had seen my sick notes from the first time around which was only a few weeks prior

  • If gp wouldn't sign you off then company in right to lay you off , due to unauthorized absence nothing you can do xx unless you can prove gp was negligent by not signing you off but really hard to prove. Have you tried claiming esa xxmandy😉 j

  • I agree I think it would be hard to prove. And a few months have gone by now. I haven't looked into ESA actually this is the first I've heard of it. Worth a shot though. Thanks for your reply :)

  • If your still suffering go to your jobcentre or ring benefits advice. You'll need sick notes from your doctor make a claim worth a shot. If your struggling financially. Xxx Mandy 😁

  • I did some reading about the ESA but unfortunately my company Is part of a union which means I needed to grieve it through my union all. Which I did. But they claimed "shortage of work" was the reason behind not being rehired. Which is not the truth. It was even admitted to me when the union guys had meetings with the HR guys.

  • I can offer you no advice about whether you would be able to go down the legal route but I do feel for you as I also suffer from depression and panic attacks plus COPD. I've only known about this site for a few days and have been amazed at the response kind people have given me. You will find someone who knows 101% how you feel. Good luck.

  • Thanks for your response! I appreciate this site so much too. And it's so reassuring knowing people out there feel the same way isn't it ? Hard getting on in life with this terrible illness though but I take it day by day

  • Hi,

    That sounds awful I'm so sorry, anxiety is bad enough but then losing your job cant of helped matters. Is there another doctor you can go to and ask if they can provide a sick note for that time period that you can give to your old employer? If you are honest about it to your old boss and then give them a sick note it might work.

    I'm not sure I was much help but all of the best of luck with your situation, I really hope things improve for you.

    Take care



  • Thanks Freya. It has been really hard. On top of it all i'm having trouble finding work now. I'm worried that word got around town about my work ethic. Its definetaly causing me extra stress and anxiety. Its common for me to get laid off at my job, so at the time I Had no idea they were going to look into my work record and use it against me in to not rehiring me. They are aware of the situation I was going through but weren't able to help me as it was the " higher ups" decision not to rehire me during this time, not my boss who is more than understanding about it all. They told me to re apply in the future, which I will do ( I worked there for 4 years ) but just stressing about my next step as my Ei is coming to an end and after several interviews, no luck.. ugh. Who ever said life would be easy eh?

  • You're welcome, when you live with anxiety it's normal to think the worst case scenario ( I have it myself) however I'm sure the word hasn't got around about that. It wouldn't be professional and in the very rare chance they do, as you have a disorder it will only reflect on them. All of the best of luck for the future,

  • Don't lose faith in not having any luck yet with the jobs, something will come your way eventually :)

  • Your old employer cannot give you a bad reference or give a reason why you were laid off. So I wouldn't worry about word getting round. Xx mandy😁

  • Hi lovely, only just came across your profile! If it makes you feel any better I have lost three jobs now due to anxiety. It is crap, and it can make us feel guilty and worthless but it isnt our fault. I just today had to tell work I wont be able to work for them for the forseeable future and they are taking me off the books. Ah well, feck it!! :) Hope you are okay, through reading your posts I think we are in a similar situation. Message me if you like :)

    Love Rose xxx

  • Sorry to hear that. I was able to apply for EI all summer but started a new job in September, only part time and in really struggling. I've definitely missed a couple days. I find it also very stressful as I work with children and after the holidays I have decided to come back one day even less. Not sure how I will make ends meet but until I start feeling better there isn't too much I can do. December and jab are always bad months for me. Do you mind me asking if you currently take any medication?

  • I had to leave a job because of mental health symptoms. Now I am on disability. Very little money to live on, but I get by.

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