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I lost it

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Hi all. Just like to let you know that I have been admitted to mental hospital as my parents found me overdosed on cocktail of pills.they rushed me to hospital and doctors brought me back to this hell of a life. Now I'm on suicide watch. I only got my phone back 3 hours ago.

Anyways I don't know y my parents saved my life when I wanted out of this world and out of my life.

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Life itself can be beautiful, fantastic, joyful, worth living.

Mental illness can be hell, miserable and painful.

If you cure the illness you can have a great life. Don't give up. You can get better.

Dearest Jennifer234, Your parents saved you because they love you and care about you. Losing you would have left a hole in their heart. You got a second chance now to start over again. A clean slate with the help of the doctors. You are safe in the hospital physically. Now they will help in making you emotionally safe as well. It can be done Jennifer. Sometimes out of desperation comes the answer in why you were chosen to live. It wasn't your time. Maybe through you others will find strength once you are healed. Do it for your friend that passed, do it for yourself.

We care about you. The forum is about caring, supporting and never feeling alone. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey. Stay safe, we are but a message away. xxx

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Thank you.

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jennifer234, I hope you are more settled down right now. You know I was hospitalized at one time (my choice). It was the best decision I made. Sometimes it is necessary to have intense in patient treatment. You are in good hands now and know that you are safe. Keep us updated. We care xxx

You are still here because you have every right to be and you have a purpose and a right to live a fulfilled life. Our mental health issues make us feel like we don't belong or we don't deserve to be here. Life is certainly overwhelming at times but there is always good times as well as the bad. I hope you find your purpose and happiness. Good luck x

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Hey friend,

I understand how you feel. Honestly. I understand being so consumed in your own head that you just want out. But I also understand that your parents care deeply for you and want to see you live a full life. Please know that they, your friends, and most of us here on this site, do care about your well being. I wish you the best of luck in finding your way in life, recovery, and everything else. Please feel free to message me if you ever want to.


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Thank you

I'm so sorry to hear this. Pm anytime. You are worthwhile. I care.

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Hi friend I care for u! Hopefully you'll get. Better we're always here for you ?

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I am sorry to hear this. Your parents love you and are likely very concerned about you. The hospital is the safest place for you right now. Hopefully you will find the help that you need to get better.

i know its hard . i have felt the same way. But you are loved and we in this world need you. Please get the help that you need there and ask for help on the outside. please watch these live stream youtu.be/P8q2NEZmSAA. i am fortunate to live in Houston,Texas . But watch it online . it helps me get thru the week every week. hope it helps. We love you Hun. :)

you do know why your parents saved your life and if you love them please dont do this to them, i was like you but now years later i am fighting to be healthy. stop obsessing about you and try and think of the people who love you, tell them whats so bad and get the help, is it really that bad or are you hoping they realise how bad you feel and sort you out, trust me its best to just spit it out and say why you feel this way, its never i don't know, be honest with yourself and the people who love you unless its them then get far away ...good luck

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