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So lost

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So I had my electrophysiology appointment today and no damage to my heart from the heart attack. He put me on metaprolol for the palps. I still have this month and a half headache that will not go away and don't know what is causing it. I stress about stressing and most of the time do not even know I am stressing so wondering if that is why I have this headache. I am so exhausted and so tired of feeling like this. I just want to cry and give up.

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I take it that you mentioned the headache to the doctor?

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Yes I did and have to wait until my neurology appt on 6/21

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So you are stuck with it until then.

I hope all will be ok, keep coming onto here for a chat, you never know someone might be able to give you advice.

Thank you I appreciate it. I wish I could stop stressing and having all of this anxiety. I am so tired of hearing stop stressing. It's alot easier said then done. It is so hard for me to talk. I keep everything bottled up

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But you are bound to be stressed with all this going on.

Do you do anything to help take your mind off it?

i can relate people are always so quick to say oh stop worrying stop this stop that but its so hard being in our shoes they will never understand.

I love candles so I will have alot of them lit. I try and throw myself into cleaning and work. I am so exhausted honestly I do not want to leave my bed.

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Do something that's not so tiring, draw or colour in for example. Keep your mind busy 😊

I once had a headache for nearing the 3 month mark and it was horrible. It was there when I woke up and there when I went to bed. It was with me every hour of hour day. I went and saw a neurologist and he told me it was a tension headache and gave me 3 diff meds. I know one was naproxen and one was a muscle relaxer but I cant remember the 3rd one but 3 days after I started those meds I was headache free and couldn't believe it. I was starting to think i was stuck with it for the rest of my life and the depression was starting to kick in.

I was in the middle of trying to get my arrhythmias diagnosed and so it was a very stressful time...

I do remember he told me tension headaches are the one type that can drag on for a very long time. My friend gets them and swears by excedrin that actually says tension headache on the bottle. I personally havent tried it but perhaps you may find some relief with it.

Thank you so much for the information. I truly appreciate it. Everything is just taking its toll. It is so hard to my job everyday and my personal life is being affected. Thank you

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