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Lost my shit today

I absolutely lost my shit tonight and it scared me.

My kids have been driving me nuts all week they have been especially difficult for some reason.

I have also not felt my best anxiety again along with horrible pms then getting my monthly yesterday.

I had some trouble with my 3 year old and I lost it I spanked him on the bum then I grabbed a glass went outside and smashed it against the fence that wasn't enough so I grabbed the kids table and chairs and threw them against the fence also then punched the peg basket off the washing line.

Luckily my husband took over so my child didn't witness it (my 2 year old was asleep in bed).

I am absolutely shocked at my behaviour I have never done this before what is wrong with me?

Do you think it's a once off what should I do? In starting to think I need meds if now ive suddenly turned into a complete pycho I can't be a mother behaving this way I'm so sad.

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Ooh wow aazz u need a break hunnie i know how kids can be overwhelming at times it is surely hard especially with younger kid. You also mention its the time of the month that alone can heighten anxiety i am going through it right now as we speak i just think that u just had a moment and mayb need to control your anger if it was ever to get out of place again. Take care and dont be so hard on yourself.


Thank you so much for the non judgemental response I definitely need a break my husband is currently on an 11 day work cycle and my parents are away on holiday. my 3 year old is constipated and will not eat what I give him to help his stool he won't drink the laxatives and he is withholding from going what ever I try he won't have it its so completely frustrating the poor thing is in pain but won't do anything I suggest to help! Anyway tmrw we are visiting the kids cousins so I should get a break as they will be playing all day and he will probably poop his pants lol #mumlife

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Hopefully he poops with all the playing he will be doing have u tried putting the lax in like some juice or something so he wouldnt knw thats what he is taking


Yes and he knows, he can taste the difference. There is one that is chocolate flavoured that I need to get at the chemist I can put it in his milk hoping that will work.


Lol smart kid i hope the next idea works.


I don't have kids of my own but I work as a nanny. A few days ago I had a break down of my own I remember just screaming out loud " for f sakes" the little one is teething and didn't stop screaming for nearly an hour .. I thought I might lose my mind. I also worried myself into thinking that I shouldn't be around children if I can't keep it together but honestly we all break down sometimes .. Life is hard. Kids are hard and living with anxiety is certainly hard .. I don't know about you but I know my mind and body need a break. Make sure to give yourself that when you can

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Thank you for your non judgmental repose it is hard and I'm sure we all lose our shit sometime, I just hope it does not become frequent I will definitely try to be very aware of my anger rising.

I hope you get to give yourself a break too :)


Have you tried giving him prune juice?? And girl I just started my cycle today and my anxiety is off the charts. I've been yelling at everyone, including my 7yr old and feel terrible about it. I get so upset and irritated that I just want to destroy everything in sight smh my symptoms go haywire with my period smh I forget what it feels like to feel normal again because it's so strong at this time of the month.. I feel you completely.. but 100% prune juice may help. Undiluted.


Yes I have tried prune juice the problem with my child is he is withholding even when he is not constipated and I turn makes himself constipated so it's really a problem. I'm on my 5th day now and I must say feeling much more relaxed I also think my outburst released a lot of build up as the next morning I felt quite good, however I need to find a better outlet lol

Thank you for your comments xx


Children can really test your patience big time don't beat yourself up about it

The fact that you acknowledge you didn't like what you did and are shocked is a good thing Ok you smacked your child but then you took it out on other things that it didn't matter about

You are not turning into a psycho at all I bet there isn't a mum anywhere that hasn't lost it like you did at some time

I have 3 sons and I look back and wonder how I did it now they are all grown up

You have a lovely husband and he knows how you feel

Talk to your doctor about PMS if you get that sorted that will be great

If the children play up like it again and you feel you might snap just put them in a room where you know they will both be safe even its to just settle them in front of the tv and step back make yourself a coffee or whatever They won't be tiny forever and things won't be so hectic

I had many a smacked bottom as a child I know that it's not allowed now but it never did me any harm !

When you read about some of these evil parents and what they do then you have nothing to worry about The main thing is you didn't continue to hit your little one you knew it was wrong and stopped

If you didn't care you wouldn't be writing on here

Take care


Thank you so much you are lovely. I was smacked too and I do t think it did me harm either but I myself don't want to smack my kids. I smacked him once on the bum (he had a nappy on so padding) before I went outside.

I definitely will be aware of my anger after this so it doesn't happen again.

I think it was a build up as the last week they have been quite difficult.

Thanks again xx


You are just a normal mum don't think anymore of it No harm done at all

Have a good week x

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