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Feeling lost

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Recently I️ had heart palpitations and I️t scared me so I️ had to quit smoking and I’ve been dealing with smoking withdrawal and anxiety and panic attacks are the main issues. I️ am very new to the anxiety and panic attack as I️ have never had them before. I️ always feel like I’m going to get a heart attack even though a visit to the ER and my regular GP said there is nothing wrong. I️ don’t know what to do. It’s only been a short period but I️ feel like it’s taken over my life. Can anyone give some advice on how to deal with this?

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Constantly remind yourself that everything’s gonna be okay, like trust me. It’s all in the head, the symptoms are very real but everything else is part of your brain fighting itself. It wants to convince yourself something is wrong regardless of what doctors say. There’s always that wondering word in the back of your head saying “what if they miss something”, but just allow yourself to be happy. I have heart palpitations because of my anxiety, that is extremely scary - because your heart is so necessary. But to just convince yourself it’s going to be okay, have a little argument with yourself, try medication if you’re new to it and if you feel like it’s taking over your life. I’m on Buspar and I love it.

Thank you so much doggieloverbon. I️ will try to do that. Really appreciate the support and advice.

You’re welcome !

These attacks do take over. If you are not having one you are thinking about when the next one is going to happen.

It does give you thoughts of impending doom, making you feel like you are going to die.

One thing I keep telling myself is it can't last forever. It's going to take over and fade out. I try to distract, get up walk around, go outside etc. I also will reach out to friends if it's happening. Having someone out there to help me calm down is key for me.

I now carry earbuds in my purse. If it happens in public I can put on my meditation and settle down

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Thank you so much for the support and advice Dolphin14. Will definitely try doing that

Glad you quit smoking, that was the Best thing you could have done for yourself, my father died from smoking it can create so many problems for you. Anxiety is the WORSE thing you can Go though. I've been off and on for about 36 years. Sometimes I don't Care about living. I hope your getting counseling?

Thank you for the support and I️ am sorry for your loss. I’m looking into I️t. Have you had any counseling? If so, can you give some advice. Hope you’re doing well.

Thank you, yes I've been to counseling, had to stop because I m having financial issues. Next month I'll be able to continue, my medicare is kicking in them there will not be any co-payment. I took myself off Medication because the medication that I felt was helping me my former doctor took me off of it because I was gaining weight. I was already heavy before. Then puts me on Medication that I had already tried and didn't work (I told her this). She still gave it to Me. So I stopped taking it. I'm looking for a New doctor. I'm here for you if you need it. Here's some advice... don't be Afraid to change doctors or Medication if you feel it's not working for you.

Thank you for the advice want2bhappy3. Really means a lot knowing you’re here to help if I️ need I️t. I️ will see a therapist soon to see what the next step is.

That's will be the Best thing to do. If you need to be listened to write me. See if we can get through this?

Hi want2bhappy3. The last couple of days I’ve felt really good. Almost starting to feel like myself again then last night I️ had an anxiety attack and ever since I️ woke up I’ve been fighting anxiety. It’s really tough because I️ just wanted to be myself again and do my daily routine and today was suppose to be the day I️ get back to I️t. This setback has been really tough emotionally. Any advice?

That's happened to me, seems like things are falling into place, then all of a sudden....it comes back, Ive been told that's the WORSE thing you can do is Fight it, that creates Stress when you do, to try and stay calm knowing it's Not the end of the world but try to Distract yourself with a movie (a funny one) and some Andre Bocelli, if you don't know who he is goggle him, he'll make your heart melt Guranteed 🙂

Hi want2bhappy3. Will definitely give that a try. It’s Thanksgiving weekend so I’ve been a little busy but the anxiety still comes in and out. After Black Friday shopping I️t hit me pretty hard. I️t sucks but I’m gona try getting used to I️t. Thanks for listening.

Your welcome, seems that I will be all ALONE this weekend. Just had a argument with my boyfriend, I hung up on him. He stresses me out pretty much All the Time. That relationship has always been disfuntional. There's Nothing there. Anyway I'm trying to figure out what to do this weekend??? I haven't been out, maybe a movie? Well, take it easy, we've still got Christmas to get though. 🎅

Sorry for the late response. Been pretty busy so that helped with the anxiety. It’s still there at night which sucks but I’m starting to handle I️t better. That sucks! What did you end up doing for the weekend? Hope you had a good one.

That's ok, thanks for writing. Well, I stayed home alone, feeling anxious, eating turkey the whole weekend. It rained this weekend, don't like it when it rains. Otherwise boring and sad. Hope you had a good holiday?

Dear friend, I stopped smoking 3 Months ago, after I had a Panic Attack on my way to work. The next day the anxiety kicked in and took over my life. I was a heavy smoker, more than one package per day and stopped cold turkey.

I must say I am also new to panick attacks and anxiety, did not have any until this year.

I have asthma and I needed to stop smoking anyway ,due to this condition.

Soon after quitting with smoking I started to have weird feelings of fear, I was shacking in my bed...fear I couldnt explain. I must say I had also fear of having a new panick attack but what I felt was a new scarry feeling of having fear without a particular reason.

In the first two weeks of quitting, worst 2 weeks of my life, I lost like 7 kgs, couldnt eat, had no power, upset tummy, my feet were so weak I could barely walk, all I had in my mind was this terrible fear. I couldnt concentrate, couldnt work properly, couldnt sleep, I was feeling on the edge of losing my mind. The fear and the desire to smoke almost made me fail.

This had to stop so I called my doctor, because i thouhgt - the sooner the better. After hearing his opinion, I also called 2 more doctors, friends of mine, Neurology and psihiatry and they all had the same oppinion, I should start taking some meds and do some talking with a psichologist. No need to waste one more minute with this nightmare, I started to take meds since 2 months ago (1st time in my life) and talk with someone about my issues and quitting smoking. I feel way better now. I am smoke free 3 months and the fear is almost gone. No more panic attacks, happy and healthy, no more asthma attacks as well. I suggest to see a doc, or more docs, and see what they say. You will get over this easy!!! And congrats on quitting. Remeber, only the beginning is hard.

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thelespaul in reply to Boubis

Thank you for sharing your story Boubis. I️ feel a little bit better that I️ am not alone in this fight. Thank you for the support and advice. I️ will see a therapist soon because the docs say I’m fine. It’s all in my head and I️ need to get over that.

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Boubis in reply to thelespaul

Hope you doing great :)

I quit smoking 9.5 months ago. Similar story as yours and some others here. I've had a few full blown panic attacks. I hope most of that is behind me, because I haven't had one in several months. The anxiety still lingers, I take medication twice daily, but it doesn't STOP it...just keeps it at bay.

Hopefully you will get to feeling better soon!

Thank you for your kind words Rosiemarie82. Got a long way to go but hopefully I’ll get there.

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