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Hey guys I'm new to all of this and thought someone could give me alittle help

I'm suffering with bad anxiety and depression but its at his worse in the morning before I even open my eyes I have a anxiety attack then that makes me feel down as i carnt control then it makes me just have bad negative thoughts and i just cry my eyes out and tell my partber i carnt do this anymore my sleep pattern is rubbish I ain't sleeping more than a couple of hrs at a time then struggling to get back to sleep when i do wake I'm on 100mg sertraline and 40mg propranolol 3x a day I making my self do things and try and keep a normal routine as much as possible as i have 3 young children but even that is a struggle i just want to know really If I'm ever gunna be back to my normal cheerful self that I was a few month ago

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Hi, not sure I can help but know you are not alone and things will get better.i'm just learning that it helps to try and talk to people about your feelings even though you don't understand them yourself.I'm also on 100mg setraline and diazepam when needed. How long have you been on your medication? If it's not working try talking to your gp again. I know it's hard but you'll get there.

Ka3dden in reply to emmja

Hi emmja I've only been back on my medication just over 3 weeks I had bad pnd 2 years ago but came off them about 6 7 month ago (doctor told me to) they upped it to 100mg on Friday I no the side effects can be worse anxiety but i carnt remember feeling like this last time or how i even snapped out of it last time I can cope with feeling down its the anxiety I hate I'm under the crisis team because it's been that bad and all I've got is leaflets and advice on how to try and deal with it I dont even no what triggers it its just there I dont struggle going out side if anything I'm better when I'm out as it takes my mind off it I carnt explain how I feel because I dont no my self I just know that I hate the feelings and negative thoughts xx

emmja in reply to Ka3dden

It sounds as though we're going through the same thing . Hang on in there,I know it's tough but things will get better and you'll be able to enjoy life and your family again. I'm returning to work today after 2 wweks off so higher dose of medication could kick in and i'm definitely feeling more positive. I know what you mean,keeping busy helps and I find running helps but most of all try to find a way to increase your sleep as I think lack of sleep is one of my triggers. I hate those negative and paranoid thoughts. Let's beat them together☺

I'm start back at work next week after having nearly a month off but im just gunna start slowly doing a few short shift as my job is very demanding fingers crossed i will feel the effect of my medication soon x😁

Hi, first of all I would suggest you go back and ask for something more effective than setraline, I was on it as a maintenance dose to help keep me stable. But didn’t stop me getting worse again. Also I also have found propanadol can cause unwanted syptoms

I think if you are feeling that bad, you need more help and maybe a change in meds ( depending how long you have been on them ) if you have given them a chance to take effect ( six weeks or more.

I’m not a doctor but I have had a lot of personal experience and multiple drugs ( which I hate taking but need however, I have managed to reduce some of them a good bit.

I also found Gabapentine and amatriptoline had a very bad effect on my brain ( ie thoughts, change in anxiety (for the worse) they play it your mind so avoid them, if offered ask for something else instead.

I am on venloflaxine 375 mg, and have been for 6 years and other drugs to help me with mood and anxiety ( quietapin is good for Calming but it doesn’t change your circumstances , just stops the anxiety and therefore should help your sleep ( there are many things that do this) so I wouldn’t go and ask for a specific drug as it may not me right for you and your doctor will be annoyed.

You have to keep going back if you are not coping as they won’t know unless you tell them

Good luck xxx

Just to let you guys know I kept with the sertraline and propranolol and things are deffo on the up don't get me wrong I'm still anxious in the morning as soon as I wake up but after about an hour of being awake I'm loads better I'm back doing my day to day things and back at work there's a light at the end of the tunnel ya just may not be able to reach it yet but you will 😁 xxx

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