Constant anxiety/depression

I wake each day at 4.45am and my stomach is churning. I then start to feel sick and can't get back to sleep. My stomach is just constantly in knots and I can't at the moment see a day when it won't feel like this. I have been put on antidepressants but am still waiting for them to kick in. Can't be bothered with doing anything and really have to make myself get up and go to work. I'm off today and have an appointment for a facial (which I usually enjoy) but really don't want to go. Is this a normal feeling of anxiety? I just want to feel normal again and enjoy life, particularly as the sun is shining:-(


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  • Hi jeccles,

    Im feeling like that today even though its weekend dont feel like doing anything and wake up too early.

    Hope you make it to facial and your day gets better x

    Mimii x

  • Thanks Mimi. I did go for my facial and it was lovely but I cried when she asked me how I was. She was telling me that 2 of her friends suffer from depression and anxiety too.. Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for us all x

  • Aww Im like that at the moment. Im going on holiday next week and I dont want to leave my 2 dogs

  • Poor you, life feels crap doesn't it. Hope you can get away on holiday but can understand you not wanting to leave your dogs. We're supposed to be going away at beginning of August but can't even think about booking anything when I feel like this. Panic just takes over at the thought of it. You look after yourself

  • thanksx

  • ToJeccles. I,m same stomach churning nausea shaking weak legs up at 5am so knackered now. Doc sent me for heart test for irregular heartbeat waiting for results , it's all tied. In to anxiety surely please someone assure me-its not my heart. Live alone just as well really who would want to listen to me. Thinking of you jeccles.God Bless everyone xx rolla

  • Oh bless you. Hopefully you won't have heart problems and it is all down to anxiety, stress. You are very brave coping on your own. X x

  • For jeccles. Hi love thanks for reply I feel such a whimp sometimes need to be sensible and grow up I seem to be afraid of such a lot of things you can't imagine. Thanks again for listenin. Bless you x rolla

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