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Well here I am again. Reassurance or advice anyone. Stress. Can I be stressed by thinking of my health even though I may not talk it over with people but it stays ok my mind nonstop is that consider stress? Can stress really make me lose weight like this? I've never been so mentally broken until now. I can't focus concentrate or think straight because I'm so worried every second of the day. Is this considered bad stress? Can this cause me to get even more anxiety? I don't have an appetite at all and I need to eat. Has anyone had a loss of appetite or bad weight loss being stressed or with anxiety? If so how long did it take to get back to normal mentally and can I get back to normal? I don't know if it's my meds making it worse or just me and my loud noisy mind racing so much. Derealization and feeling detached has come back again. Help!! I just want to be able to eat. Should I continue to force myslef to eat? Will that help?

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You should start believing in your name because you CAN beat this! =)

All of this started for me back in June and it did start with lack of appetite and no energy and stomach discomfort. It was a vicious cycle because I did not want to eat and my stomach hurt and on top of that it hurt because I was hungry.

So to answer your first question: Yes you can lose a lot of weight when you have these types of anxiety. I was 188 pounds when this all started. I now weight 160. All because I did not eat, I stopped drinking, and my anxiety increases the metabolism rate in your body because you are tense all the time. So believe me you can burn through what ever you have very quickly. I make it joke and say I am on the anxiety diet... lol

The feelings you have are normal for someone that lives with anxiety (i refuse to say suffer because you own anxiety =)). You feel like you are out of it, you feel ill and sick. Like you are disconnected. I feel that NOW! but I will not let it get to me. It does get better and you will have great days and not so great days.

I would read a post from Beevee. He explains it very well. I know this will help you.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you do much for responding. I do understand what you mean. If I can get out of this tunnel vision of my thoughts I can start there. I beat myslef up all the time to a point that I get depressed. I can't say if I have enough good days that outweigh the bad that's why I'm in such stress because I feel like it will never end. And because this is the first time stress has ever gotten this bad on me even to lose weight thus bad it really got the best of me. And i get so discouraged. And ironically it started for me in june as well. I started at 186 and now I'm down to 157. Almost the same . And i have read much of beevee post which us very insightful I just wish I can snap out if this faster.

Be patient. That is one thing I had to learn. I wanted to be OK right now but it does not work that way. Just know that you will get through this and that it is just feelings that will be overcome. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. And you will see the more you do it the more it will just go away.

You are right. Like with many things in life stuff takes time it just doesn't happen over night. But why does it seem like this anxiety and stress and depression all hit me do sudden like one minute I was feeling normal and it's like in the blink of an eye I'm going through all of this. So why can't it be reversed as quickly as it came at me?

ive also lost weight myself about 20 pounds but i eat and i do have a appetite. what meds do you take? Does this effect your whole day or does it come and go? i personally researched alot of meds that they usually prescribe and i dont want them because of the side effects. that being said i did resort to taking a .5 milligrams xanax and it totally does it for me. just saying. i hope you can overcome this. you sound overly stressed and maybe depressed. do you ever take time for yourself? Or maybe a hobby to get your mind off of other things.

I take anti anxiety med buspar been on it for 3 weeks now. And it does come and go through out the day. I just haven't figured out the cycle of when and how I'll feel and when yet. But it's not like the entire day I'm a wreck but whenever I do get a moment to myslef to start thinking then that's when my mind start back to worry. I kept saying I need to do something for myslef. But honestly I don't and I haven't did anything for myslef. I haven't really yet started trying any relaxing techniques yet. Today was my first day actually just going to sit at the park on thw bench trying to get some sun. I sat in c Rony of the kids playground gad my cup of water and I was writing in my journal. I can say if was good. I may try that again just to see if it helps and then I'll try other things. But I just decided today to get out the house and get some sun. Especially since the doc said that I was also vitamin d deficient really low numbers. So I thought what the heck go sit at the park and get some sun. So that was a start. Don't know yet what else u should try but I'm at a point on no return and am mentally broken by this. And it's messing appetite and physically taxing.

Same here your not alone in this.

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