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My anxiety just won't go

Iv suffered a year my life is over I feel I'm dieting everyday checklist no my pulse every min. I feel disconnected lately from the world I have all these pains 24/7 chest pains back pains I'm only 27 but feel 80 I carnt go out with my anxiety starting and making me stay in iv not been out for 3 months my breathing gone funny my eyes are blurred constant palpitations all over body....

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Hi Carla89, I'm sorry to hear the anxiety has such a deep hold on you. We've all been through what you are experiencing. I use to think my fingers might as well be glued to my wrist since I was always checking my pulse. Five years of being Agoraphobic, chest and back pains and tightness, feeling like I couldn't breathe, eyes blurring like I was living in a dream and of course, the palps reacting to every thought and movement my body made. I felt fragile, sickly. The more I fed into my anxious being the worse it got. Doctors, nurses, lab techs coming to my home. Where was the strong "me" that I knew was still there? With counseling and determination, I left that life behind. I was too young to be treating myself like an invalid. After all it was a mind thing and not physically caused.

Turning our negative thoughts around doesn't happen overnight. As you do though, your symptoms will start to abate. The thoughts going through my mind were now, "I think I can, I think I can, until it became I knew I could" :)

Carla, you deserve so much more at 27. Acceptance of the anxiety disorder is the first step you need to take. From there try different modalities that may work for you. Each one of us is different and so responds differently. We are here to support and understand your frustration. Hoping you start the new year with a new more positive attitude. Your life is not over, it's just beginning. My best x


Thank you so much agora it's good to no uv overcome yours so happy for u and thank you for the positive comment I hope I can overcome this as iv so many times wanted to give up I start councilling in few weeks so hoping that helps in and out the doctors everyday as I think I'm dying they just fob me off now iv had to give up my job iv gone that bad to point I won't leave my house with pains and I carnt see feel drunk I hope I can eventually write iv recovered just like u but I didn't not see a end to my anxiety I have this 24/7 and no break of normality my future scares me x

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Hi Carla,

There are others out here that sympathize. You are not alone.

Breathing, and I find focusing on some menial task can pass the time until the adrenaline stops pumping.

Also, just force yourself to smile, even if it's fake. Something about that helps me too.


Same here, mines all started one year ago it's been nothing but a horrible living nightmare. Chest pains back pains chest tightness, shortness of breath my chest feels sore to the touch my arms hurt arm pits hurt anything in the chest area basically. I start thinking it has to be an illness because how on earth could this happen if it's not something horrible. I've felt like this for two weeks straight now usually I get a break every few days & feel somewhat ok & I mean somewhat but these two weeks have been pure hell. Somethings got to give a can't do this another year I just can't!!!!


Ino it's horrible waking up for what another day of hell pains mind so over worked and mentally drained u carnt get out of bed some days carnt even hold a conversation to much effort u hold on to some home ull wake up normal wen u don't gives you no hope another day of paying and feeling alone the chest pains are the worst and the foggy head sensations I carnt go another year either iv lost my house job luckily my husband is still here supporting me but no1 really knows what's going on in my head I feel for u I really do don't no what to say that have some faith and pray x


Thank you I hope we all get over this nightmare. My boyfriend is really great but I'm sure I drive him crazy. One minute I'm completely feeling great no symptoms and then bam I feel like shit again. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster and I can't get off of it. I agree with you the chest pains scare the living crap out of me. Worst symptom by far.


That's how I get to


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