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Hi I’m new to this community but I have been looking for something like it for a while. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and depression. All the fun stuff! I take lexapro 10mg a day and that works sometimes and sometimes not. Recently I have been doing great. But I just got the flu a couple days ago so I’m feeling awful. And anxiety and being sick do not go well together. Been having trouble sleeping too. Some weeks I sleep like a baby and then others I literally am scared to fall asleep. It’s like the sensation sets off a panic attack cause I feel like I’m dying or I’m not real. I read some of yalls posts and I agree with almost all of them! The weird feelings and physical symptoms. I’d love to hear back from some! And maybe some advice/stories of how you have managed your anxiety!

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Hi..lots of good posts on here to keep the mind occupied. Youre right illness and anxiety are not the best cocktail. Hope you feel better soon and welcome of course.

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