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my first post here. my death anxiety is so bad. earlier i made a post about it but i deleted bc i was afraid that since i posted about it, it would actually happen. i think about it a lot and at night when i go to sleep i’m afraid something bad will happen. i’m anxious typing this now. every time i think of next week or even tomorrow it’s like i won’t be there and i’m scared to make plans and it really scares me. another thing is i had this feeling in my head where it felt like someone was squeezing the back of my brain and i felt like a camera when it is going back in focus (only way i can describe it and i feel like that randomly). i get headaches and feel dizzy, feels like i won’t be alive much longer, my body twitches when i’m trying to sleep, my ears ring and i feel like everyday is my last. i don’t know what to do i pray every night and it still won’t go away and it makes me feel like it’s god telling me i’m going to die. i guess i’m in need of reassurance.

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Welcome! I think this is atypical of anxiety. You worry about every little thing; thoughts, jinxing yourself, every single breath & even a simple breeze. I’ve been in your shoes for a little over two years & I’m still alive. At this point I could care less about my what ifs coming true but they still scare me. I think you should get checked by an ENT specialist and an Endo..: if that checks out face your biggest fear and then you will be free (or so they say). 💜

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thank you! everyday i think about all the tomorrows i thought i wouldn’t make and i see that i’m still here. i try not to think about the what ifs but i still do and it doesn’t help that every symptom i feel i google and it’s always a brain tumor or heart attack. i went to the er on saturday and i was telling the doctor some of what i’ve been feeling and he said it could be anxiety. i haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety but i know this is what i’m feeling. i’ll look into seeing an ent specialist.

HI I am going to ask you a question and I want you to think about it for a while before replying.

If you knew for a fact you only had one day to live how would you like to spend it? Would it be worrying and feeling anxious, or would it be trying to have an amazing last day? x

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trying to make it an amazing last day by being with the people i love but also a be a tiny bit anxious to leave everything and everyone behind.

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Well as you are so convinced that you are going to die tomorrow can you play a game and pretend to believe it? This is your last day on earth so make it amazing. x

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I hate to say but I’d be carrying on like a pork chop. Crying and getting everyone to share my sorrow. I would be beside myself and take a few pills to try to stay calm.

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Well can you put your imagination to work and pretend it's someone you love who has only 1 day left. Your goal is to make their last day amazing... x

It’s the common ‘catastrophic thinking’ that anxiety brings! The worry that the worst will happen and fear of how you will cope. Cbt would help you deal with those things in a systematic way! How to take control of your thoughts and at time accept them! As you you do know they are just thoughts! Thoughts bred into us through generations from cavemen times when the ‘fight or flight’ was more instinctive! You genuinely can take back control though if you use the right tools. Cbt (cognitive behavioural therapy) will do this. The most difficult thing for humans is change! We are biologically built a certain way and it just takes a little time to re-train our brains! Easier said than done! But you will get relief from trying.

Often with this type of thinking (so Iv been told) something HAS happened once that you feared would happen! And now your brain is tricked into thinking the worst will happen every time! Once you start proving that theory gets easier. It just takes a long time and continued effort to retrain thoughts. I hope you have the right support professionally and at home. CBT will also teach you how to accept anxiety as opposed to ignoring or trying to run away from it! To actually stop and feel it. It’s weird not again it’s refreshing and is first step to taking control.

Good luck. You will be fine. So says I who is awake at 5am... I worrying! But I’m using my tools to think it through and wrote down! Which really works for me.

Also - mindfulness techniques help. Bring you back to the NOW. Once you think about now and what is around you that second. That day! Etc. The heart rate comes down. You will feel more content and realise that the flight or flight has actually subsided! Take each day at a time.

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