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Should i head out or no ?


So i was eating a sandwitch and was drinking fruit punch i guessthe juice has my heart racing really fast and my friends invited me out to go shopping should i still go if its racing ? i grabbed my mom blood pressure muchine to see whats wrong and i check it and this how it is at the moment its just racing dont know why probably because of the fruit punch juice dont know..

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Deep breaths Johnnie. Your okay, try to go ahead and go out. Enjoy yourself, dont let anxiety win and ruin your day

Does it seem like your symptoms happen alot while eating?

i was good this morning until i drank some juice and the fruit punch seems to have alot of sugar

Probably so, you may have a hiatal hernia. I have one and it feels like my heart but it's just the hernia

whats that i just left out my house but i still feel a bit dizzy and nervous for some reason i hate going out like this but im doing this because i already said i was going to and they came to pick me up

The dizziness is just part of anxiety, try to ignore it. It will go away 🙂

it did go away i thought something would happen but it didnt.

Hi Johnnie, it's the punch containing lots of sugar. I think you have to try eating better with less sugar and less take out foods. You'll probably feel better very soon. It's good you went out cause if you cancelled on your friends you would feel bad and feel that anxiety is ruling your life. This way you are the winner! Have fun!

yes i had fun and went out it went away i actuallydidnt focus on it and went out my way i went shopping i just got home was out for hours and nothing im good thank god.

Hi Johnnie, I just want to give you a suggestion. You should do what I do for myself and my kids. I fill a bottle with 3/4 water and the rest juice. Try Welch's grape juice. That way you get hydrated with much less sugar. After a while you don't even want juice straight! Give it a try! Hope you have a great weekend.

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