What a awful day feeling like im going to die soon or have cancer or something

So today i dont know why for some reason i keep getting a dry cough mean while this wasnt happening i dont feel sick or feeling like im getting sick i could just feel like a dry cough keeps coming and a feeling like im going to stop breathing from my nose it feels like irs trying to make me stop breathing from my nose and then it comes and goes and the cough wont go away now all this happen and started today back couple of months ago i was going in out the hospital saying i was fine but now all these new synpthoms keeps coming Heart racing , beating hard, muscle spasms rondom twitches , my body cant relax my back and neck its like i keep moving i feel like something is controling all these sympthoms and i also had urine infection i went to the docter yesterday but it seems like it doesnt go away aswell i get this dying feeling like im just going to pass out because all these kinds of sympthoms hopefully nothing happens in the long run and if you know me all the sympthoms started 8 months ago after a bad experince with weed ever sense i been getting these physically synpthoms i never experinced But thanks guys once again leave positve comments not negative thank you !!!!


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  • Johnnie,

    I'm sorry you're worried about your healh today. You and I know this happens to you a lot. You're going to be ok. Can't talk more to you tonight.

    I am on a ship near Florida in the largest recorded hurricane in the US records. Very bad and dangerous conditions and internet won't stay up. I am very ill from sea sickness now from waves and speed of the ship trying to make a connection with an emergency medical ship to transport two seriously ill passengers to a hospital on land somewhere....too dangerous for this very large ship to try to safely dock anywhere. Hope you understand.

  • thanks and oh no hope you be ok and sorry to hear that be safe !!

  • Thank you very much Johnnie. You helped me by saying that to show you care about other people too. xoxo

  • Honestly weed did the same to me and I swear I'm having the same exact symptoms every day since April of this year doctor says it's anxiety all my lab work blood work ekg x rays all came back normal so idk what it is if you find out please let me know!

  • how long you been this way?

  • Since April of this year

  • how did everything exactly happen ?

  • I was smoking with some friends after I finished about 30 minutes later I had a panick attack couldn't breath throwing up sweating etc etc every since that day my anxiety stayed with me so did a few panic attacks to everyday it's something different dizziness hot flashes left arm pain headaches chest pain is horrible leg pain I can't concentrate nothing like I use to anymore but I'm learning to accept it and ignore my symptoms I know it's hard but you got to try your mind is more powerful than you think if you let it take over it will.. so what's your story???

  • wow sounds a bit like mine it happend around thanks giving 2016 when i was with a friend smoking in his car while he was driving i rolled up a blunt and took like three or four pulls until i started feeling worried and dizzy and heart was racing super fast like crazy fast it didnt want to calm down me and my friend smoke from the same blunt he was fine and calm he was good he said but the only way i calm down was by throwing up after that day it was a everyday thing my heart was racing really fast mostly everyday like i had heart problems felt like i was dying with out even smoking after that day and still it was happening i been this way for 8 months now and docters and cardiologist says im fine every docter keep saying im fine but it doesnt feel like it because my heart beats faster then normal for no reason and stays for hours sometimes then calms down i been having alot of physical sympthoms i never had before heart racing , muscle spasms , chest pain sometimes , left arm pain, uncontrolby moving my body like twiching in order to relax my heart because for some reason my pulse and on my neck beats fast and hard i could feel it in my throat its crazy its like a nervous feeling in my body its like i dont know its crazy i never had this .

  • Me either this is all new to me for sure

  • yeah did you find out whats really wrong and are you taking medication for it ? or you dealing with it on your own ?

  • Nope all the doctors says I'm fine no issues with my heart or anything just anxiety been dealing with it on my own until tonight I just started taking cymbalta 60 mg so imma see how that goes they say it will work but we will see

  • oh okay i havent take meds ever sense 8months been dealing with it on my own

  • Anything positive to report, Johnnie? Any progress with your self-help plan for recovery yet? What self-help books are you reading right now?

  • honestly i havent been reading no books at all

  • We love you Johnny and care about you that is why we encourage you to take steps to help your recovery be it therapy, medications or self-help books. May I suggest you go to YouTube and search for 'Claire Weekes' and just listen to a few of her 5 minute talks. It might kick start your recovery.

  • It's just anxiety can't harm you

  • I’m sorry about all your symptoms!! It’s horrible! As for the urine infection maybe you could try a little bit of unsweetened cranberry juice in a lot of water as it tastes extremely sour, but it’s good for infections down there/try drinking g some every day

  • alright i will and thank you soo much .!

  • Hey im glad i seen this post. Back when i was young the same thing happened to me. I was smoking weed with a whole bunch of friends, like 6 blunts going around, & all of a sudden I felt sick as ever. I turned white as a ghost, I was freezing in the dead heat of summer, my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to explode, my head was killing me & I could not stop shaking. I woke up the next morning & was still high. I had horrible head pains & ever since then my anxiety has stayed with me. I then swore I had a brain tumor from it which I never did. But now the whole brain tumor thing has stuck with me even though I have no symptoms of it.

    Now my anxiety has gone threw the roof because I swear I'm dying because I've been really sick lately.

  • yeah its a crazy feelings how long you been this way?

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