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out of the whole day i was good now back at it again

so i was good all morning now the jumpy feeling is coming back like its coming from my heart like im about to choke i cough it goes away heart speeds up a bit then it goes away but it comes and goes what could it be a spams in the heart that make me jump up and make me cough feels like im going to die like it happens then it goes away type tricky and type hard to know what it is is eatger muscle spasm like my nerve doing that in my heart or eather my heart pause for a minute and it makes me jump up and cough or eather heart failture or skip beats heart flutters i do not know exactly but it happens makes me jump up and cough it happens 1 time it goes away then comes back ughh its annoying hope is nothing wrong with the heart thats causing me this because i know its coming from my heart though its scary though when it happens i wish you guys you can see like i would cough but you think in just regular cough but its my heart making me cough and jump up could be the nerves of my heart or what i saw cardiologist 7months ago about a year said my heart is fine dont worry about anything did alot of test came back good but over 7 months and a year can things change ? i was at the docter the other day he did a ekg said it was fine but still wanna know whats causing me to jump up and cough i know its from my left side where my heart is and also could be coming from the thyiod im just a bit panicking because say if my heart stop or have a heart attack because it keeps doing that you know guys .

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Alot of organs are on the left side, could it be frim your lung? Have you tried any breathing exercises ?

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not really i breath in out thats it


You’re never going to find relief until you accecpt it’s anxiety causing your issues.

You don’t believe it’s anxiety. So go to the doctor. Go again. Then go again. Then go again. Then go again.

Get more tests. EKG. Stress Test. Nuclear blood monitoring. Ultrasound. MRI. CT.

Go to specialist go to another specialist then go to another one

Either 1 of 2 things will happen .

1) They find something wrong, which no one here will ever be able to do for you, and begin helping you with medical treatment

2) they don’t find anything wrong and you finally accecpt it’s you doing all this to yourself, which no one here will ever be able to do for you, and you start working on making yourself better.

You’re going to have to do 1 of those 2 things. You’re not asking for advice or guidance here, Johnnie. You’re looking for sympathy and reassurance. Those things help I the short term, but without some actual action on your part, they’re doing you no good.

Figure it out man no one else will do it for you .


Johnnie1234, many times its your gut. The doc said you were ok. Sometimes I will be totally fine, go out to eat and after the first bite..........zap........My heart is racing, I'm sweating etc....I've just "dropped" adrenalin, for whatever reason. My thoughts, the food, whatever.

it always goes away, right? It's just that while it is going on, it gets your attention and you want to "fly" out of your body. That's what it feels like to me.

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Johnnie1234, I'm familiar with your regular posts describing in detail all your symptoms which must be anxiety as you've had so many medical tests and no physical or organic cause has been found.

I did suggest a self help book but I don't think you have the motivation to go that route.

May I ask: have you had any one-to-one therapy courses? If not I think you should talk to your doctor about that.

Also, you have suffered a long time and are clearly experiencing distress on a daily basis so I think that a break from your worries by taking a course of anti-anxiety meds would give you the respite I think you need right now.

Have you tried medications, Johnnie?


Hi I agree with you jeff1943 that johnnie1234 can't accept his anxiety because as you said he is getting it on a daily basis and as we all know,when we have severe anxiety we can't think or focus. That's when medication is needed to calm the body down and ease the mind and body.so we can then except the anxiety symptoms for what they really are anxiety causes them.because once the medication calms you down.the symptoms reduces or disappears.


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