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I had a great day today just now its annoying me


soo hey wassup guys i been feeling better then before but for some reason my left arm is killing me in pain like really bad it comes and goes i even put a icy hot thing that it soppostly helps for the muscles but i dont get it really hurts and both my

legs and could feel my pulse behind my

legs i know i saw a cardiologist two or three months ago said im fine but seems like im not my heart been beating slow first it was always going fast all the time for any little thing it would go fast now its going slow with out meds dont get it and spams mostly every where it gets annoying but my arm right now its hurting me alot .

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Johnny just stop wondering. After 4 months you are still here and alive. Your heart has beaten fast and it's beaten slow and you are still here and alive. You haven't had a heart attack. You haven't had a seizure. You havent had a stroke. You arm or leg hasnt dropped off. You are still here. Rejoice and enjoy the day. Celebrate that you had a good day. Your body has put up with alot from you because anything you "feel" is what you are creating. Surely 4 months of not dying and not having a heart attack ( and the hundreds of posts that others have offered advice) will make you realize you are not going to die (you haven't ao far) and you haven't had a heart attack. I want your next post to be "hey guys had a great day and i IGNORED all the pains and tingles and aches and twitches and jumpiness and and and". You have life stretching ahead of you - get EXCITED and LIVE it. I have said before there are millions of cancer patients around the world wishing for just one more day with their family and you are worrying yoir day away. LIVE. LOVE. HAVE FUN.

All these symptoms are a result of a nervous system and body which is over ran with stress chemicals. Pains, tremors, shakes, muscle soreness...all things which happen when you're body is just fed up.

Don't believe me? Read through some of my old posts. I couldn't breath, I was shaky, my legs and arms were sore, my hands hurt, my heart raced...I tried to find a reason for over a year.

Then I got on medication and went to therapy. Guess what? I'm not on here posting every day looking for some sort of confirmation or reassurance. I feel like myself again.

The medicine didn't go anything but give me a little bit of help to kick the anxious chemicals. To release me from the constant "fight or flight" mode. After that, my body is starting to relax. I dont' have muscle weakness or pain anymore.

I still have symptoms. I still have anxiety. But it passes easily now. I'm sure in another 6-8 months I'll be even better.

Get some help Johnnie. Some mental help. Quit looking for a medical diagnosis for your symptoms. You already have a diagnosis. Depression and anxiety. So start working on those.

Of course, you will need to come to this conclusion yourself. Keep seeing the Dr and keep getting tests. Do it until you can't do it anymore. In the end, if that's what it takes for you to accept that you're suffering from anxiety and depression, then do it.

Who knows, maybe they will find something wrong. (I doubt it) When they do then you can form a plan to beat it. But most likely, you're a young man who has some mental issues you need to work on.

Best of luck.

Yeah it is because i get al the sympthoms in the world crazy and its just to much to

tell a docter he just going to look at me and be like what is wrong with him

No. He's going to look at you and think that you have some issues with health anxiety. That's it. Dr's don't judge you and think what is wrong with you. They diagnose what is wrong with you and try to help you feel better.

That's their job.

yeahh ill see and can this kill me like i really have bad nerves like everyday daily my body is pain and tierd and my head feels wierd and eyes im really getting tierd of this i dont know what to do anymore im worried about whats going on my pulse feel slow next to my head and and heart aswell

You're not going to find what you're looking for here, Johnnie. You're trying to find reassurance and a guarantee of your health. That can only be done with a Dr.

everyone here, including myself, is happy to help. I just don't think this website is helping you.

You need to talk to your dr and a therapist. You need to try CBT therapy or medication or something.

Anxiety isn't going to kill you. But you're not doing it any favors with all the stress.

yeah you right thanks for being here for me though

We've all been there, I know I have.

The physical symptoms feel so real because they are real.

The disconnect is that you're trying to connect them to some sickness other than anxiety.

If you're sure you're healthy, and the Drs tell you you're healthy. Trust that'

Focus on your mental health.

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