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So i think i know what is the problem with hopefully it is i was hearing about

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i think something is wrong with my vagus nerve in my body thats doing all this my heart going fast feeling my pulse mostly every where and muscle spasms all over my body different places even in my stomach what could it be this ? plus muscle contractions like i cant relax my body or back i move it in order to try to relax and also twitching time to time even when i fall asleep sometimes i get this nervous energy that makes me jump

right away like i was about to die or couldnt breath all these sympthoms making me think that it has to be with my nerves not my mind because im not thinking about anything honestly i mind my day and its just my body physically.

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Hello Johnnie,

Don't let anxiety or panic mess with your mind. We know you have problems that don't go away, but anxiety can affect your body in many ways. Just don't think too much about all that. Try to relax your body and sleep tonight.

Johnnie you explained everything medically correct. You're right in how the body reacts to anxiety. It produces many scary symptoms that are magnified when you focus in on them and try to speculate what the cause is. I believe what you say is happening to you. It doesn't mean that something is physically wrong even though the symptoms are physical. It's still your anxious mind and over sensitized nervous system causing the twitching, not being able to relax etc.

If your doctor gave you a benzo to take when it gets this bad, you would see the difference and become calm within 15-20 minutes. I guarantee you. have to be willing to take the medication.

short of medicine is learning how to do this on your own by accepting tht this is anxiety and nothing more. After accepting then it is up to you to start learning techniques or methods to reduce your stress level. The less you worry about the symptoms the easier it will be to become anxiety free.

Right now you are on a Merry go Round that you can't get off. It's like the attendant left you alone on this ride and you don't know how to stop it or get off. The more you go around, the more scared you get. See Johnnie, we can't keep going back and saying well we shouldn't have gotten on the ride to begin with. You did and by chance, you happen to be 1 in a million that this happened to. Do you see the similarities to you smoking weed and this merry go round you are on??

What's done is done now it's time to take that step forward and ask your doctor for help. But know that in order for anything to change, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and trust your doctor. We will support you the best we can. Your doctor knows what is best for you.

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Agora1

thanks agora1 your right i think some medication might easy my nervous system

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Definitely Johnnie. It would make a tremendous difference. Just a low dose to calm down those symptoms for a while. You need that break.

It certainly sounds like symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety often causes the pulse to race, muscle spasms, twitching, restlessness, etc. However, if you have not had a physical lately, you might want to see your doctor and get checked out. If it turns out that everything is okay physically, then you are likely experiencing anxiety and/or stress symptoms. Try abdominal breathing, calming music, reducing stresses in your life, getting some exercise, good sleep habits, eating nutritious foods, positive visualizations, affirmations, etc. If it turns out you have an anxiety disorder, there is cognitive behaviour therapy and support groups. Hope you are feeling better now and can sort this out.

yeah because all this happen 7 months ago when i had a bad experince with weed after that one day my heart was racing thought i was gonna die ever sense it none stop been stuck this way for about 7 months already after that one day that happen to me it started happening every day with out even smoking and ever sense that day never smoked again and its still been happening

Can you adopt the attitude of, "Oh, there it is again. It will pass." ...and try to be rather nonchalant about it. Although it's not the same as you, I have had some shortness of breath and pounding heart every morning for several months. Initially, it scared the heck out of me and I went into high anxiety. Now, I expect it to happen and realize that it's the usual morning issue and that it will pass and it always does. So I am learning to just not be so afraid of it and to accept it. If you have had your heart checked out, and it's okay, perhaps you could simply adopt a similar attitude. Expect it, accept it and don't get anxious about it...because it will pass.

Ok i will just sometimes i think its something really wrong with me if it keeps happening

If you have seen a doctor and he/she has told you that there is nothing wrong, you have to accept the fact that it is anxiety. The anxiety will keep giving you the same symptoms, so the best bet is to work on addressing the anxiety. I take an anti-anxiety medication and it helps a lot. I was anxiety-free for many years and then it returned for a variety of reasons. For now, the meds. help me to calm down when my system gets too worked up. Eventually, I hope to not have to take meds. but for now, they are a necessity and they work. I am learning other ways to cope as well, because meds. are only part of the answer. It's tempting to not do anything when I feel anxious, but that is actually the opposite of what helps. Today, I went for a drive, vacuumed the house, watered the plants, put stuff away, and am getting ready to go out to a birthday gathering - although my anxiety has been with me all day to varying degrees. We have to learn how to do things despite our anxiety. The more we do, despite the anxiety, the less of an impact it has on our lives. Abdominal breathing really helps me, as does listening to calming music and repeating to myself that I am safe, I am okay, and I can do this (over and over again!)

You had a doctor appointment on the 2nd of August. What did he say?

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