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I give up

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I can't do this anymore. I want my normal life back I want me back. I completely lost hope in everything. Everyday is a struggle. I constantly ask myself why why me. I've been threw enough in my life when do I get a break. I've read Claire weekes book. I can't find a way to accept and relax. IDK how to float like I'm on a cloud. I fear I'm going to leave my kids motherless. No one around me understands what I go threw. I just feel so alone with no one to talk to. I feel safe at a hospital but get angry when they can't find anything. There must be something right? There has to be!!! Is this a rare disease I have like wtf!!!!!

My chest has been fine but here it goes again with coughing a tightness. My throat has a constant tickle to it. Now my tongue tingles like pins and needles. Dr. Google says it's nothing serious just my nervous system is affected from anxiety and stress. But now my feet are cold and sweaty and hands are the same way. Now my eyes feel blurry and I'm constantly tired. How is a person just suppose to chalk this all up to be anxiety?!?!?!? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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I understand how u feel .I'm feeling the tightness and coolness of chest along with flutters In my throat right now, and those are my thoughts exactly. Anxiety??

Lvictoria81 in reply to Hidden

When I drink I feel so much better. It calms all the anxiety down. Until the alcohol wears off.

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I have heard that alcohol makes your anxiety worst

Lvictoria81 in reply to Hidden

Honestly it hasn't with mine. It makes every thing and every pain disappear. It makes me enjoy the moment. Until the next day. Like today. My thoughts have been everywhere and everything in my body hurts and I keep thinking I'm terminally ill.

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That's anxiety . Makes you think you are seriously ill

Lvictoria81 in reply to Hidden

Oh I know. I try to be strong and tell myself everything is fine. I've had multiple blood tests done. I've had catscansof my throat and sinuses and everything is fine. I even had x-rays of my chest perfectly fine. I keep saying that it was something something would of happened like coughing up blood seizures passing out. But nothing has happened so why can't I believe this

AMIGOMAN in reply to Lvictoria81

I swear Lvictoria81,

I go through the EXACTLY IDENTICAL FEELINGS AND FEARS THAT YOU ARE describing right now aswell.


Mark1256 in reply to Lvictoria81

It does make it worse and could help with how your feeling afterwards. I know, I love my beers and wine. When I drink a lot its worse. Listen, Ive been dealing with this for so long, cannot even tell u how long. I am starting to feel somewhat better but its our outlook also or especially that makes it doubly worse. Your anxiety and depression are just lies! Your brain telling u that u have a problem! It will show u the worse possible situation and u cannot believe that. It thrives on fear, like going down a roller coaster. Breath deep from your stomach, let out slowly through your mouth. DO that several times. When your mind says there is a problem, you know now that is not the case at all. Its called mind tricks. Tricking you into feeling like u need to be worried for no reason. Stop and think about it, what is it really that your panicing about? Is it within your control to fix it? Do it then! Is it about being very sick or even death that bothers you? I have that but I am not letting that feeling control me because there is nothing wrong and even if there was, not always the worse case scenario right?! U can only control what u can and the rest is not worth a thought to continue locking your mind on. Its a waste of good valuable time and your life. Remember, enjoy life as often as u can and keep your head on the business at hand. I take Lexapro, which has helped me but really its me helping me to understand my thoughts. DOnt dwell on the stuff and dont let it scare you! Nothing to be affraid of! Its a lot to read but I am right there with u! dont give up on anything ok? Be happy and not affraid.

Lvictoria81 in reply to Mark1256

Thank you so much. It's the thought of something seriously is wrong with me and I'll leave my kids motherless. It scares me so much because they mean the world to me. All of this happened when I was actually sick and the Drs just rushed me out the door. I actually wound of having surgery so because of this I now am a hypochondriac and every pain, twitch, ache, anything makes me think otherwise. I literally obsess overthinking what could be wrong with me. I keep saying ok if this one thing would go away I'd be ok and the like a week later a new thing happens and I'm like okay now if this would go away I'd be good but its literally always something. It's my tongue now. I guess unknowingly I've been clenching down on the sides if just tongue or something cause now it's tingly and everything tastes different. It has gotten better since last week though. It was everywhere now it's only one side. But I keep going to Dr Google and Dr Google says it's nothing. Do why am I stressing idk. Ugh

Mark1256 in reply to Lvictoria81

yep!! haha!! Thats me and probably anyone else like us! I literally had one thing afer another for the last couple years! I too worry myself sick over my kids. They are everything to me. But, I had to realize that now, they are in their 20s and I cannot control that anymore and not worth dwelling on. I hope for the best and move on to something else. Those symptoms your telling me?! I had those exact problems! They are going away now that I am being strong and not letting it get to me anymore. Let the chips fall as they may and if I do get sick? Its because Im sick and not dying or have some crazy azz uncurable desease! LOL...Its not all what your mind is tellin u. Believe that. I hope the best for u.

Lvictoria81 in reply to Mark1256

Seriously you had the same symptoms?? Ah I'm glad I'm not the only one. Even the tongue thing? I think that freaks me out the most because I don't see anything and everything looks normal but it tingles and certain foods like salty or sweet or spicy makes it worse. I'm trying to just let the thoughts pass but idk how to do that yet.

Mark1256 in reply to Lvictoria81

My tongue got inflammed out of the blue for weeks off and on. I could taste stuff ok but my appetite would be weird, would not eat much. I kept thinking I was allergic to the meds I was taking but the doctor says nope. It could be a allergy u were having also or just symptoms of your anxieties. Not sure. I just know that when mine is at high alert, it takes time for me to settle down, several days sometimes. I also got blurred vision in my left eye too! My arm would twitch nervously or hand. I felt like a nervous wreck. Once I calmed down, everything else seemed to follow, but it took time. Anxiety does a number on your nerves and shows up different ways I found out. To tell u the truth, the way I was feeling so long, felt like a basket case when I went to the doctor. She was very nice and tried to make me feel more relaxed. Sometimes just have a conversation with someone makes you take your mind off of it for a short relief. We all have our own way of showing symptoms. Just remember that its your bodies way of telling you to be concerned but you dont have to listen to it because its not all what it seems! RIght?! lol

AMIGOMAN in reply to Lvictoria81

Hey !!!

When you say you are a Hypochondriac,

Then that makes sense to me as to why you are suffering and going through this He'll, constantly !!

I have a relative who is also a heavy Hypochondriac aswell,

And i have seen here going through Hell because of this !!!!

Listen Lvictoria81...... If you REALLY GENUINELY ARE a Hypochondriac,

Then trust me ,

You are so so close to finding your cure and your way out of this nightmare, once + for all !!!!!

The 5 odd Hypochondriac people that I know personally are usually very straightforward thinking and strong minded and positive living people,

Who are normallydoing well in their lives,

As long as they have got stuff to keep their minds busy and away from any negetive thoughts,(Especially medically related thoughts)!!!!

Only time they will go towards taking a bad turn is when they come across a minute or ailment such a a cold or flu or so.e minor injuries or little bit of a medical condition and then their minds will go towards taking it out and blowing it way out of proportion, you get me Victoria ??!!!!!

I believe it's only then when your brain starts to mess around with the actual fact's of what happened and it starts to freak itself out by lying to yourself by tellingyou that there is a much more serious problems happening with you, when there is absolutely nothing like that whatsoever !!

And that is the exact point where your mind starts to trick you by making you think that you are GENUINELY suffering from the problems of some new physical abnormalities but it's BULLSHIT !!!

Trust me,

It's a complete lie !!!

That's the ANXIETY tricking your mind into thinking that you are unwell because the symptoms of Anxiety and panic attacks which appear out of the blue are such that it makes you feel sure that you a&e definitely suffering from the effects of some kind off illness/ illnesses !!!




Claire Weekes books on 'SELF HELP FOR YOUR NERVES' and other good author's books like'MAKNG FRIENDS WITH ANXIETY' and 'SUCCESSFULLY LIVING WITH ANXIETY AND PANIC DISORDERS'... These are all great books on helping a person who to understand EXACTLY WHAT is causing these horrible feelings inside and outside and why they manifest themselves into making you believe that you have got active health issues and problems,

When you don't really,(Just as all the Hospital and Doctors tests on you have confirmed)!!!!

It's just your poor over-sensitized nerves that are having to pass through the fear hormones back and forward to the brain through the C.N.S (CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM).....

Trust me.

It happens to me aswell, Victoria !

Listen Lvictoria81,

Let me give you some good advice through my own experiences here........

You see when your 1st initial butterflies begin fluttering in your stomach.

Then your chest starts to become a constant tightness.

Then you feel your chest, arms, shoulders, back upper + lower muscles starten to tense up n tightening, then your mouth becomes dry due to the panic attacks which you know is in the post and on its way towards you NOW,, it is at this point usually tjat you feel your chest beating faster and harder than usual and by this time your eyes + vision becomes blurry and hyper-sensetivity towards bright lighting and loud-noise takes affect.

All this,

Plus, a few other horrible feelings have got you convinced that something is definitely terribly wrong with you and something major is about to happen to you,, AM I RIGHT ??!!!!!!.....


I know that you have done and still do go through experiencing this particular brand of nightmare which I've just described to You, okay ?!!


The bad new is...... That most of these terrible symptoms is what most f us all need to suffer when we are going through an extremely Bad Anxiety and panic attack...

The good news is....... That these terrible symptoms, the mental, the psychological and the physical symptoms,





All with a little good advice pit into practice by yourself !!

1st off all,

This goes towards answering your Questions in your earlier posts yesterday about " How is someone just supposed to accept all that scary stuff that's going inn while only you who are actually going through Hell at that moment cannot even think straight ?!!!


You have read Dr Claire Weekes book on 'Self help for your nerves but still you CANNOT achieve the art of




Listen Lvictoria81,

Everything that I have just described to you is EXACTLY WHAT I have been suffering for quite a while now and I still continue to suffer from now aswell,(But thankfully alot less extreme Anxiety and panic attacks and alot less intensity and thankfully being able to completely totally get rid-off a few of the symptoms involved in the previous early episodes),,

All with a little practice,

As I earlier said !!!


1st and foremost.... You need to to completely totally get into your brain + everyday thoughts,

That no matter what happens before, During or Afterwards from these episodes taking place,

An Anxiety attack is an ABSOLUTE LIE !!!!!!!


GOT IT ??!!!!!!!!

The job of these anxiety attacks, whether out of the blue or building itself up,

Is all about a big lie which is having fun by watching you suffer and buckle under the pressure and sudden fear of it.

It thrives on your fear at that time when it takes aim for you and then begins it's mental assault on your 'NORMAL SENSES.



What would you do if you found out that a disgusting ruthless bully was bullying your innocent young child ??

Would you stand for it and allow it to continue ??

Or would you do WHATEVER it takes to put a complete stop to it ???!!!!

I think we both know the answer to this question tbh !!


You need to understand that this Anxiety and panic attacks and all the other associated weird feelings which you are going through,

Is that same sort of bully !!!

The bully itself is 'FEAR'!!!!!!!!

The Anxiety and panic attacks and all the rest of it, is the signals of fear that the bully is sending out through your nervous system out into your body and all the physical symptoms and horrible unwanted feelings that you are feeling are just your over-sensitized nerves that are just sending back the signals of fear back upto your brain, which then acting on the information of fear it is receiving back from your nerves makes your brain act in a way which is known as the "FIGHT OR FLIGHT" mode.

This mode has been put into all Human Beings and is actually installed for our own benefit when it comes to us needing to decide how to react in sudden moments of danger to ourselves and that's when the "FIGHT OR FLIGHT" mode becomes alert and immieditly helps us to decide how to react in sudden moments of danger to ourselves and that's when fight or flight, basically meaning...."Stay and defend or else preserve life and escape and run out of that particular moment of danger"!!!


Once that mode has become alert,

Certain chemical reactions take place in our bodies and thats why we suddenly become overwhelmed with all the different types of feelings that we are going through at that time.


As I wrote about earlier,

All the symptoms involved in my own anxiety attacks are EXACTLY what i have been suffering myself in my own personal experience.


As I have been suffering for quite a while now and been dealing with those particular issue for a whole year now,

I have learned quite alot about EXACTLY what has been going on with me and how to go about trying to get it under control and how to make it bearable and relatively a bit less distressing than it has been over the last 12 months, compared to what i suffer and how I handle it NOW.

I have learned through asking for help through Doctors, hospitals, health workers and people that work in this particular field, that there is no magic formula,

No magic spell,

No magic pill or no magic cure of any kind which can Quickly resolve or cure this particular brand of "ILLNESS",, Due to the very nature of it being that of a psychological problem and not a physical problem.

Even though the physical symptoms and horrible unwanted feelings that you are going through, ARE VERY MUCH SO physically involved,

The general belief by the Doctors are that fear and anxiety and such are the result of a psychological problem and not a physical one, from the 1st stage.

Even if they eventually agree that the psychological feelings of Anxiety and panic do go on to cause some actual physical effects of the body itself.

I also earlier mentioned that I am not in favour of the use of any medication whatsoever,

Unless it is absolutely unavoidable and must be taken in order to help me to heal and fix whatever medical condition that I may be suffering or recovering from. Even still,

I'll only accept any sort of medications as an absolute last resort,

If my own immune system cannot do a better job of bringing me back to good health.


I earlier mentioned that I have been suffering for quite a while now and I have had previously had experienced the use's of benzodiazepines and similar type medication which is commonly used by Doctors to help with problems of this nature.

I have a fairly decent enough understanding of the "PRO'S N CON'S" of using Benzodiazepines and similar type medication for such illness as these were are discussing now.

I personally found that the medication which worked best to help me with the effects of warding-off the unpleasant feelings for Extreme anxiety and panic attacks was the medicine calked "ZOPICLONE TABLETS"...

ZOPICLONE Tablets come in 2 strengths.

They are available in a 3.75mg tablets and also in 7.5MG tablets.

NOW, even though ZOPICLONE Tablets are not actually Benzodiazepines themselves. They are considered to be a 'Cousin' or closely related to the Benzodiazepines themselves. This is because they primarily have the same funtion as they're Benzodiazepine relatives.

That basically meaning that,

ZOPICLONE Tablets attach themselves to the same RECEPTORS in the brain, in pretty much the way other Benzodiazepines tablets do.

The ONLY main difference between ZOPICLONE and say Diazepam is that Diazepam once Ingested will remain in the system from anything between 12-60 per dose.

Where as the ZOPICLONE Tablets have a much shorter half-life,

Which basically means that once ingested they will dissolve and reach the brain RECEPTORS alot quicker than the other similar drugs and are able to go to work on the patient faster,

Therefore allowing the person to fall asleep much quicker within around 25-45 minutes.

The reason for this is that the chemical formulation of this particular medicine is to quickly bind itself to the RECEPTORS in the brain which in turn release the neurotransmitter hormone known as "GABA-A", which is responsible for the body and brain to feel relaxed and calm and also responsible for inducing sleep aswell.

ZOPICLONE is also known for its calming anti-anxiety effects aswell.

NOW most Benzodiazepines are usually used for Anxiety and panic related issues, they are also used as sleeping aids for their sedative effects on the patient,

But are still medically classed as anti-anxiety medication.

Where as the ZOPICLONE medicine is known as a "HYPNOTIC",

Which are also known as 'SLEEPING TABLETS'...

There are many other similar drugs which basically have the same 3 or 4 purposes of use. Some of these Benzodiazepines are also known as "Tranquilizers".

ZOPICLONE comes somewhat in-between,

But are marketed as "HYPNOTICS" or 'SLEEPING TABLETS' with an anti-anxiety relief aswell.


Not being classed as a Benzodiazepine,

Is because of these few slight differences and are therefore classed under the name of "Z-DRUGS"...

This really just means the 3 main medicines that all begin with the letter 'Z', like Zolpidem and another similar sounding tablet, which are all "HYPNOTICS"....

ZOPICLONE Tablets attach themselves to the same RECEPTORS in the brain as they're cousin's like Diazepam, Nitrazepam, Temazepam, Lorazepam, Alprazolam and some other anti-anxiety medication of the same family do,

Except for the half-life of ZOPICLONE is alot shorter than the rest of the medicine's that I just mentioned above.

What that means is that,

Once taken,

They will go to work quickly within the body to dissolve, attach themselves to the rceptors in the brain,

Release the "GABA-A" hormones from your brain at a much more enhanced and faster rate than our own brains can achieve,

Effectively sending off a larger amount of the relaxing and sleep-inducing chemicals down through the C.N.S(Central nervous system),

So that the person should take only half to 1 7.5mg tablet and should be immieditly heading into bed and the results shoukd be off that person to be falling into a sound deep relaxing sleep in around 45-60 mins.

A shorter half-life means that the length of time the substance stays active within the bloodstream. ZOPICLONE are peak effect in about 3-5 hours after ingestion,

Which means that the medicine is made to leave the body very quickly aswell.

This is why during early medical trials , the pharmacist's intention for ZOPICLONE was for it to be less addictive for the patient, as the tablet is very quickly ingested and then with a short half-life compared to most other similar type medication, it is already releasingitself from the body about the time that the patient is waking up and within around 2-4 hours maximum after awakening.

This is why ZOPICLONE has been designed for use ONLY for upto no more than 4 weeks,

The advised length of treatment being for only 7-14 days, depending on the needs and severity of the patient's requirements.

It's primary use is for severe insomnia, Anxiety,panic attacks, insomniac episodes caused by bereavement, tragic events or mental illness which prevents a person from getting to sleep for more than 1 or 2 days at a time, FOR problems with waking up during the night, FOR problems with waking up during the early hours and for the short-term relief from severe anxiety, shock or trauma.

If used regularly for over 4 weeks or used every day with taking a day's break in-between,

This tablet can Quickly become habit-forming.

Once habit has been formed,

A slow reduction schedule in accordance with your G.P. is advised in order to SUCCESFULLY Dettox off from ZOPICLONE Tablets.

In other words.....

Only use half to one tablet a night, if required, Due to extreme Anxiety and panic and moderate to severe insomnia.

It is advisable to miss a day in-between each dose, in order to benefit from each dose when taken.

This is the only medication which has allowed me to actually get a proper grip on my extreme Anxiety and panic attacks and all the other associated terrible symptoms and it is the only medication which has allowed me to actually get a proper good full night's un-disturbed sleep.

That made all the difference in allowing me to have the benefits of a full unbroken sleep and then be fresh and well enough the following day to let me go out to my appointments and all my other essential stuff needing done and also let me have the time, in a fresh and normal state of mind to concentrate on the job at hand if finding out EXACTLY what is going onn with this anxiety problems and how to go about trying to get rid off this daily nightmare, which I admit, I couldn't have done if i had still been continuously suffering from the constant anxiety attacks and then the insomnia on top off that aswell !!!

I must admit that for somebody like me who intentionally avoids using medicines, I am, in this case, with a problem this severe, happy that I chose the correct tablet which allows me to both relax and sleep when I need it most and then deal with fixing the anxiety issue, witj which I am finally starting to see clearly ahead and find success with.

Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my 'LONG POST' !!!!!!! LOL πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒβœŒ

AMIGOMAN in reply to Mark1256

Very well said and good sensible advice there.....


Thank you..... πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸΎ

Mark1256 in reply to AMIGOMAN

your welcome!

AMIGOMAN in reply to Mark1256

Thank you πŸ‘πŸΎ

AMIGOMAN in reply to Lvictoria81


Just like the last person,

I have ALWAYS been told that alcohol makes it worse.

Worse afterwards when on a hangover or comedown.

Worse if you drink with certain meds like amitriptyline etc.

But on it's own,

I can understand why alcohol might calm you down and take away the symptoms temporarily tbh !

Lvictoria81 in reply to AMIGOMAN

Yeah it took it away the day of having fun but the next day I paid hell for it. It was fun while it lasted .. no more for me

AMIGOMAN in reply to Lvictoria81

Good girl πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ

Hidden in reply to Lvictoria81

Buy some magnesium glycinate and take it. Magnesium glycinate has the same effect on the brain ( apart from feeling drunk ) as alcohol, it binds to GABA receptors eases anxiety and lifts depression. Buy it and take, Drs Best brand, chelated. I won't repeat myself.

Hi Hun

Our minds are what rules us , and we don't always see what's in our subconscious. I wake up feeling stressed and wonder why but then I've woke up in the middle of a bad dream so I think it must be the dreams I have and how do you control that? Do you know what caused your stress or did it just appear? Mine is PTSD related and I did get some counselling but I'm not the same person, I get stressed over nothing now and then get stressed as I know I can't cope it's a circle. You need to challenge where it's coming from 1st. Do you have a secure environment? Try talking to yourself telling yourself it's irrational, it does help. I'm much better than I was but unless I wrap up in cotton wool with people taking care of me I think I'll always have some stress I just have to manage it. As I understand it stress and anxiety come and go but PTSD is a longer term illness.

Take care and hopefully this will pass soon you're not alone Hun xx

Well this honestly all started when a Dr told me it's anxiety with what I was feeling and when I went for a second opinion the Dr said no my tonsils are blocking my airway and I needed surgery. So it just escalated from there. I'm much better then what I was back in August. I'm able to go out now before I wasn't. Like being a mother and having a mental illness is the worst. All I wanna do is sleep and not do anything. So waking up everyday and doing everything I have to, triggers the anxiety. It sounds so selfish I know. I think that's why I stress even more.

I've tried talking to myself and telling myself I'm good nothing is wrong I've had multiple blood tests but it's like my brain is fighting back hard. It's like it's telling me I need to think this way. Last night all I did was toss and turn and I have no idea why.

Mark1256 in reply to Lvictoria81

focus on the kids and make sure your getting some good sleep when you can. When you have smaller or younger kids, its tough to get a good night sleep often. I slept with one eye open when they were toddlers haha. But, anxiety is brought on by not enough rest. stressful for u. focus on your kids!

Lvictoria81 in reply to Mark1256

Maybe this is why I feel so great the past 2 days. Yesterday I slept literally all day because I have a head cold. Today I slept in late too but Omg I feel amazing. But that tingly sensation migrated to the corner of my mouth by my lip and now my whole body itches. IDK what's causing it but I think it's time for me to possibly call the Drs Monday. I've been using that numbing spray and it's working but still there

Mark1256 in reply to Lvictoria81

body itches...can be anxiety, mouth like I was saying, one day the back and the next day the front or side. It goes away. anxiety lol

Lvictoria81 in reply to Mark1256

Thank you. I took benedryl last night and it worked wonders

Oh I understand. I would love my life back. I’ve been stuck in my house for over 5 years with extreme agoraphobia and it’s destroys your soul.

Don’t give up on yourself,you will get better. Do it for your kids.

Turn that frown upside down πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚πŸ˜‡

Trust me I'm trying very hard. It just doesn't feel like I can't push anymore

I'm sorry I have no advice to give but I feel exactly the same way. It's very hard to cope. You're right unless someone is going through it the really don't understand. I can only hope that we get over this one day because right now I feel like I'm just existing and not living

Lvictoria81 in reply to Jane3285

Yes that's how I've been feeling but I've been doing better idk what changed but I'm very thankful.

Lvictoria, I think you just answered your own question, you said that when you drink alcohol the bad symptoms go for a while, if the symptoms were real organic illness the alcohol wouldn't make any difference. Years ago I used to find that if I drank a bottle of wine in the evening I felt fine next day but of course it's dangerous to use alcohol as a med.

Lvictoria, I forget if you're on medication but if you're not then I think you now need the respite that meds can bring. It's the right thing to do. And if you're on meds but you still feel bad then it's the wrong med so ask your doc for something else.

Many years ago when anxiety became overwhelming I went onto 3 x 25m of amitriptyline a day. It did the trick and the only side effect was dry mouth and sleeping very soundly at night. It's been around for 50 years and went out of fashion when prozac came along but now is back in favour because of the lack of side effects. But it takes 3 weeks to kick in. For immediate respite 3 Γ— 2mg of valium a day for a limited period is like a magic bullet. But all these meds bring respite not recovery.

So I recommend you get your doc to refer you to a good cognative behavioural therapist. That's the way forward. If you saw one and it didn't help try another.

Sorry if I've said all this before.

Lvictoria81 in reply to Jeff1943

Hey Jeff, I am not on meds. I was for awhile and I got off. I do not like being on them and frankly I actually forget. My memory is horrible. I like to try and fight things myself because I wanna feel stronger by doing it without needs. I was on Lexapro and that gave me a suicidal attempt. Then I got on Prozac and that was the worst. Then they put me on zoloft and I was ok but constantly forgot to take them even setting an alarm. I finally came to the conclusion I had enough with and dumped everything in the toilet.

You're right if it were a REAL illness alcohol wouldn't suppress it. It probably would make it worse. I wish I could think positive and get all of these negative thoughts out. I'm going to look around for a cognitive behavioral therapist. My GP doesn't tell me anything.

AMIGOMAN in reply to Jeff1943

That advice is BANG ON the button.

I agree with Jeff,

As I also wrote in detail in my last post to Lvictoria81 about why a short-term period of an anti-anxiety and sleeping medication would do you a world of could.

You need that ability to actually get a proper sleep well and really relax for a few hours and then have the medicine there next to you that you can take once your Anxiety and panic attacks start up again,

And that'll get rid off them and give you those precious few hours of bei g able to be totally relaxed without the constant threat and worry about when the next bad episode is comi g,

Y'know ??!

Yeah honestly Lvictoria81,

I totally understand and agree with Jeff.

Please don't worry about anything and please go ahead and get the anti-anxiety med's from your G.P. Get the medicine that will also give you a relaxing sleep + Anti-anxiety.

You'll be grateful that you did !

Best wishes to you xx

Lvictoria81 in reply to AMIGOMAN

I don't have any problems with sleep at all. I'm actually doing alot better. Honestly. My tingles have now migrated to my inner corner of lip. I'm also sick now. I guess I will be calling the Drs Monday for answers. But my anxiety has been great. No attacks no thoughts just calm. I feel almost like my normal self.

Mark1256 in reply to Lvictoria81

Thats good! Not that your sick but your anxiety is better. One day at a time and just a reminder, its just an exageration and not real. Always tell yourself that. When your sick, its not always a huge problem ok? Have a great weekend! Need anything, just let me know I will try to help u!

Lvictoria81 in reply to Mark1256

Thank you so much. Have a nice weekend as well

I'm Tony you can call me at 7736001987

Go see a psychologist it's definitely what has helped me X

I did but it didn't help he literally seen me every month and a half and said how's it going? Ok? Do we need to up ur meds? That was it.

Oh sweetheart we all understand how hard this is. We’ve either been through it or are going through it now. Stay strong you WILL get there. I feel exactly the same. STAY STRONG & sending much love. X

Lvictoria81 in reply to Jwilcock

Thank you!! This is day 3 of me feeling like me again πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Mark1256 in reply to Lvictoria81

awesome lol...

Wow! You just described my days!

Yes it was getting better but some tragic events have happened within the last week so it's back to square one

this is almost funny.. you're explaining th EXACT symptoms of anxiety. It's even normal to think "DO I HAVE A RARE DISEASE" you need to get you're self together. What would you name your disease? Tingly tongue and sweaty feet? Have you ever heard of ANY disease that does this? πŸ˜‘ Anxiety anxiety anxiety. The sooner you accept 'this is me! I am going to have to deal with this' the sooner you will have your life back and the symptoms will disappear fr lack of attention.

Ok well first that just sounds rude and second.. if I thought it was funny or not anxiety I wouldn't of posted it here. I'm sure this site is for expressing right? I mean correct me if I'm wrong! But any way there is a shit ton of reasons why a tongue can become tingling. Thankfully it's gone! It was a vitamin deficiency due to my birth control expiring. But hey thanks for the help! You made me feel tons better by saying my post was " almost funny"

Hi Lvictoria81 !!!!!!

Hope you are well and healthy xxx

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