Please give me a break

Today has been ok. But mentally I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of feeling sick. I'm tired of people constantly telling me to relax. I'm sick of doctors not having answers. Nobody at home understands what I'm going threw. I just wanna end my life I really do. I can't fight this anymore. I look at my kids and cry so hard because I can't be strong for them. How can this all be anxiety? I'm not anxious about anything (that I know of). I'm just tired of feeling sick. My chest has been in so Much pain for 3 days now and Idk what is going on. Am I sick? Do I go back to the doctors? Am I over reacting? Is today going to be my last day on this earth? I just can't do this anymore! God please help me!

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  • Hi I know it makes it hard having anxiety. And on top of having kids it makes it much more worse because you always feeling sick and you end up isolating yourself and you barely have time for your kids because you constantly think something is wrong with you. I remember when I got another panic attack after having my third child I went into a deep depression and I couldn't even care for my child my mom had to take over and it hurts because I was supposed to be there for him and I couldn't. I don't have panic attacks but I'm always anxious and worrying about everything Hugs to u๐Ÿ’ž I'm here if u want to talk.

  • Hey! Thanks for responding I need someone to talk to tonight. I feel like I have no one. I'm tired of feeling this way all the time. It's agonizing. How can this all be anxiety and depression? I go to my doctors tomorrow because I've been having really bad chest pains and a cough lately and I keep feeling like this drip in my throat but doctors say it's nothing. There's no way it's nothing I'm winded really bad now & it hurts yo breath.

  • Lvictoria81, you definitely need to see your doctor. Chest pains and cough need to be addressed and possibly given antibiotics if there is an infection present. Feeling bad and hurts to breathe can mean bronchitis or pneumonia. I hope you get into the doctors tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes. Feel better soon. We can't blame anxiety on everything. xx

  • Do you take any medication? I know it is so hard I don't even know you and I almost started crying reading your post.... I have a csection scheduled for Wednesday and I almost feel like crying all day in so scared... I always feel sick also and feel like something's wrong .

  • I had a section at 16 they aren't ad scary as people make them out to be... It goes by so fast and then before u knowbyour baby is in ur arms. I do take meds but I stopped taking the one I just can't deal with the side effects. Enough is enough for me. I'm feeling better since I have not been on them at all. I'm just still scared of doing things alone and having company over. You can message me if u want.

  • Hi I understand ur anger I'm the same been struggling for 3 years and I have 3 kids I cry every night thinking my kids would be best without me but ino deep down I need my kids and they need me and we can fight this anxiaty can do so much to us and make us believe we're dying. First step go back to it doctors and get medication even if u have to try a few b4 u find the one that suits u I'm the same I don't like medication but iv hit rock bottom I'll try anything ATM get councilling aswell u need someone to understand and but ur thoughts straight..... Iv not been out my house for a year so I'm constantly dizzy weak blurred vision chest pains but the chest pains are ur tensing wen ur panicking so it causes pain I hope this helps and I'm here to talk anytime keep faith and keep fighting xxx

  • Thank u. I am on medication but it was making me worse. I stopped taking it. Now they switched my Prozac & put me on zoloft but I'm not taking that either. I feel so much better without it. The only thing I'm staying on is Latuda

  • I know for me it took a lot of trial and error with meds with the help and support of my psychiatrist until I found what was good for me and what combination of meds worked for me. It took years but happily weve found the right meds for me.๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I feel better with no meds

  • That's good that you feel better with no meds. Long may it continue ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I'm hoping so.

  • ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

  • Please Don't Give Up

  • Hope u not coming down with the flu

  • I'm not sure honestly. I have no fever but I'm so tired lately. This all started this week with the chest pains. I had surgery in August to have my tonsils removed and I'm still recovering but this drip feeling is so annoying & my chest kills

  • Hope the doctor can send you to a heart specialist to find out what's going on with your heart or the chest pains that you've been feeling

  • It's not really my hearts it's my lungs. When I breath it feels like I'm looking air and it's super tight and I'm coughing.

  • In the meantime in between time take some pain medication try to relax and try not to think about it too much but if it get too severe call 911 or go to your nearest hospital

  • Do you smoke?

  • Nope not at all

  • Ok I think I'll take a hot bath & see if it helps. I'm just so tired of this. I feel so alone all the time and no one understands me

  • Hun you're never alone and I understand u alot i use to go to the er alot because of my breathing

  • Do some deep breathing meditation it really work

  • Are u understand alot of stress

  • Yes a lot of stress. My boyfriend isn't understanding & I have no one else. This pain feels like bronchitis but it's so hard to tell anymore because of this stupid anxiety. I wanna live like me again and feel like me. I don't like this new person of me. I'm always in a dark fog.

  • What about your parents can you talk to them about what you're going through. Sometime man are not very understanding because he not going through it so he don't know how it makes u feel. Maybe if you get in to therapy he can go with you and your therapist can talk to him to give him a better understanding of what u going through

  • My mom is the only one alive. I talk to her a lot and all I get is relax you're fine nothing is wrong. But there's only so much of that I can tolerate. I seen my psychiatrist & he wants to see me back in 3 weeks to start therapy

  • I'm so happy that your psychiatrist going to refer you to a therapist that's the best thing because you can let all your worries everything on your mind out and you don't have to keep it all in no more

  • Yes ur right. It's just going to take a while until I get to see one.

  • Take your mom with you next time you going to see your psychiatrist and when you first get your appointment so your mom can have more understanding and she could be able to help you and help the kids and you won't have to be so stressed out

  • I wish she could come with me but she works a lot and doesn't have days off.

  • I know that got to hurt. That your boyfriend is not supporting u and helping u maybe u need to take a broke from him do u have any friend that can help u with the kids because u need time to heal and you don't need no negative energy around you so he's negative definitely don't need to be bother about him you need positive energy and positive people so you can get through this

  • I have no one here. Besides my mom & grandparents. I pretty much go there everyday for 1 hour. I just wanna be around someone all day. I don't wanna be alone.

  • That's me I hate to be alone 2 can you let your grandparents know that sometimes you need to be over there with them a couple of nights a week or your mom can come to your house a couple times out the week or you can go to your mom's house just to get a break from your house and your boyfriend

  • I'm sure they would love that. I might ask them about that. I go over to their house when my kids are in school but it's literally only for maybe 2 hours told because I'm never able to actually get the energy to leave the house and then once i leave I don't wanna come home.

  • My house is my safe zone.

    If i go to far from home I start to panic.

  • Yes that's how I am. I'm way to scared to go more then 10 minutes away from my house

  • What u like doing? Do u go out to enjoy yourself or take the kids places. What your bf doing to help u feel better.

  • Well lately I've just been sitting outside my house and letting the kids play with their friends. I used to love shopping and just getting out of the house including the malls. Oh how I miss my Yankee candle shop! I just haven't been able to get out. My boyfriend and I took the kids to the carnival this weekend and I felt like i was going to die. Idk what hurt more my chest or the stabbing pains in my heart from anxiety. I felt like i was going to vomit any minute but I didn't. Then as soon as we got in the car to go home I was better. We wound up having a bonfire and the next day is when my chest hurt even more. Then the next day we went to the store and I felt scared and panicky and in so much pain there too. It was horrible.

  • Do u believe in God?

  • I do and I don't. I did for the longest time until I started feeling like this

  • Why? Anxiety can't kill u. Is a lie and so is depression. When u go through so much your brain just have a weird way of protecting us. U have to learn to fight back. Don't let anxiety or depression ruined your life or take over your life. U can beat it hun I believe in you. Take baby steps. Do it for your babies.

  • I'm desperately trying. All I beg and ask for if a sign or a day of relief just so I can remember what it is to feel normal again. I just want some reassurance or some guidance. It's so hard right now and I can't bare it another day. My house is a complete mess and I have no motivation to clean it and my boyfriend just let's it go.

  • That's wrong he should do the cooking and cleaning until u feel better he's there just watching and not helping maybe u need to think do u really need him around. When u go see your therapist is going to help u out alot. Do u take meds?

  • Yea I agree like right now he is downstairs watching tv and I'm upstairs alone and crying. I love him but since I've been going threw this he is really making me switch my mind and that makes me feel worse. I just got out of a huge abusive relationship I don't need another bad relationship.

    I am taking meds. 2 different kinds. Prozac and latuda.

  • I hope your doctor sends you for an x-ray of your chest, if it is a bad chest infection and not anxiety they should manage to relieve you of the chest pain. If the chest pain could be overcome and the tiredness that causes you would be in a much better place. I hope an x-ray and maybe antibiotics will diagnose what it is and bring relief. Tell your doctor that's what you need and want. Things will get better, you will be there when your kids grow up and maybe get married. Have you got a big hat?

  • Well this doctor is the ENT for my post op appointment but I'm going to tell him how my chest had been killing me and we will see what he says. If not I'm going to my regular doctor and asking them. They gave me a chest xray about a month ago but it was because I was short of breath. I'm hoping they will do another one because my back is hurting so bad too.

    I'm hoping I can pull myself together. I just don't want my kids to suffer or see me going threw this. I don't want to ruin them. They are so innocent and I don't want them to be scared. They mean the world to me.

  • I hope e everything comes back normal so that you won't have to worry about it anymore. Try to stop worrying and enjoy your kids

  • Thank you. Tomorrow is another day hopefully I'll be ok.

  • U will be ok you're a strong person. And u have kid's so u have to continue to be strong for me keep your head up what u going throug want last forever. I will be praying for u and the kid's hugs to you๐Ÿ’ please keep me updated goodnight.

  • Thanks so much. I'll keep you updated as much as possible.

    Have a goodnight too ๐Ÿ’•

  • It always feels like a losing battle on FB bad days . But you have to stay strong (I know easier said than done) but it's the truth . You want to feel like your normal self again then you got to be in control . You are doing great by getting out the house and doing things even if you feel miserable. That shows that you have it in you to fight. I know the pain might be disabling but you will be ok. Go to the doctors and make them run every test that they can possibly run and if everything comes back normal then it's time to refocus love . If you let anxiety win.... it will . But if you give it all you can to fight against it I do believe you will see better days .

  • Thanks so much I truly appreciate everything you said. I'm going to try and go to a store tomorrow hopefully I'll be able go do it.

    Everyday I try to be better then the day before but then when I realize I'm not doing better I get upset. I just wanna wake up & feel better. But I know that's not going to happen for a while but I'm going to strive to get there.

  • It's a process . We all have good and bad days . It's not a straight and narrow road but if you let the bad days get you down they always will . Whenever I have a bad day just know that it's apart of the process. I know how you feel though it brings down your mood and makes you not want to do anything .

  • Yes exactly it's horrible.

  • Simply your not alone there's a reason you're here, because you know there are people here who are going through the same thing you're going through, all throughout this week Ive felt the same way but I can honestly and truly say meeting and chatting with the people here has helped me alot and has made my nights twice as easy just take a moment and think about all of the people who are going through what we're going through, including the people here literally give it a good thought of all of the people who are going through the same pain and their reactions, the sleepless nights, the Insomnia, the physical pain the emotional confusion, cry if you have to because it's necessary and imagine your tears as a way of expulsion of the toxins brought on by anxiety, it's helped me a bit, don't know if it'll help you everyone is different. I just know reassurance is the best medicine. Also you obviously seem to get alot of attention talk to somebody you can talk to me if you want.

  • Crying actually releases stress !! I cry almost everyday . And most of the time I feel better afterwards. Good advice .

  • Thank you! I force myself to cry & once I do it I feel so much better but I don't want my kids to see me constantly crying. If you read anything I post you would know how much they mean to me & how much this kills me because I feel like a disconnected mom, although I'm not. My kids are very happy and they have friends. I just feel very sensitive lately and I think that's the anxiety.

  • Oh no I had no idea about your kids and yes I do understand I may not have kids but I do have a little cousin who looks up to me greatly and who Id hate to see me me cry, but yes it does help, but I hope you feel better

  • Thank you. I've been trying to surround myself with people I care about but it's not a lot of time.

  • I know how you feel I am also having bad time with my anxiety and this chest and back pain but I also have arms pain went to doctor and the only think he say is to try to relax and think pozitiv but how that it's impossible for me so hard I also feel so lonely I don't have anyone just my husband and my kids my family overseas and my husband I don't think he can understand me so I am all alone so I just want this to go away I never felt this bad. I hope you feel better soon and be yourself again.

  • Hey hunny. I'm so sorry you're going threw that but I completely understand how u are feeling. My boyfriend doesn't understand this in the least and my mom is my only person to really understand but there's only so much she is there for. She has a life of her own and a job and I don't wanna make her worry about me. I've never felt this bad either and I'm pushing everyday to be better but my psychiatrist literally told me this, "stop trying to swim right now and float, just float for a while until you are strong enough to swim." I am trying desperately to understand that. I only took it as I'm pushing myself way too hard to get better and I'm just making myself worse.

  • Hi talk to God if noting seems to work God is in control. Don't worry you are not going to die, anxiety does not kill you are not alone.

  • Thank you I'm trying very hard.

  • Dear lvictoria i have been where ur at a couple of times. It's terrifying. I wish you strength healing and peace .

  • Thank you. This is very awful.

  • I know honey believe me. Sending u big hugs ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒž

  • Thanks so much I appreciate it

  • Go to the do cite - explain how you are feeling - insist on acreferrrak if there is nothing physically wrong.

    Take someone with you - close friend to support you and to listen. Ecause you might well forget what the doctor says but insist you are referred.

    Then try :

    Acupuncture - it really can help so too mindfulness - this is really good for equipping you with the tools / skills to practise it on your own literally anywhere.

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