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Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for so long, I'm looking for some support/advice

My anxiety has been going on for years, I've been coping with it so much better over the past sort of 6 months, been going out loads more, without any hesitation. I've recently started dieting and I joined the gym last night, I've had some light irregular bleeding, and I'm really fretting about it, does anyone think it could be due to the exercise? Or something else? I also feel drained, dizzy, but Ive also Got a cold. I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack or something and I really don't want to, everything around me feels so strange 😢

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Are you on any form of pill?


Contraceptive wise? No x


I did take the morning after pill 6 days ago x


If you were on the contraceptive pill it would sound like break through bleeding as I have that myself at times.

If you've taken the morning after pill then I know it can cause irregular bleeding or spotting and it may also affect your next period, you may come on a few days early or be late by a few days.

Definitely monitor it buat at present I wouldn't be too concerned. It happens often with the morning after pill.

The dizziness might be caused by you worrying - sounds daft but you'll be affecting your blood pressure by enduring stress. Drink plenty fluid and don't move to quickly. It should pass in time.

If the bleeding carries on I'd speak to your GP 💜

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Nice to hear that you have been doing better :-)

Irregular bleeding does happen to most women at sometime in their life maybe once or several times and of course instant panic and yet usually it is nothing to worry about , I doubt it will be exercise that caused it could be the dieting could be just one of those things but I would mention it to my Doctor just let them check you out and I am sure everything will be fine :-)

Take Care x


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