How bad can anxiety make you feel?

Can anxiety make you feel really heavy and bad in your own house? I mean, it used to be where I felt better going out, but now I don't! I've been experiencing some pelvic discomfort and my doc said it could be a cyst but that she wasn't concerned and that there was no chance of rupture or anything. I'm scared I'll go out and pass out; when I'm walking, I don't even feel like I'm doing it. I feel spaced out and disoriented and I feel like I'm waiting for the 'bad thing' to happen so people will see that there is something else going on! I'm 17 years old. No history of any health problems. No family history of any health problems except anxiety. Is this anxiety? Can it really do this?


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  • I been having pelvic pain and my doctor tells me its my aniexty my aniexty made feel sick weak dizzy lightheaded loss of appiete sharp pain and head pressure like a tight band is around my head and I have muscle tension and stomach tightness aniexty can make you feel so bad

  • Yes it is anxiety I was the same if I stayed indoors or went out I had panic and bad anxiety I did get over it with meds its hard to say but keep focusing on getting better just don't rush things you will get there

  • Yes it's a vicious cycle. It sounds insane but my anxiety is caused by my anxiety!!!! I will suffer with a physical symptom or weird sensation and it will bring on a full blown anxiety attack. I fixate on my anxiety as well. I might be having an ok day and then all of a sudden I will think "I haven't had any anxiety today" and then bang it is back again!

  • Lol I'm. The exact same my docs told me my anxiety causes anxiety. If I haven't got it my body thinks hey this is odd let's give him anxiety even for no reason no trigger points nothing. I live with it daily so if I get a good day it soon starts to go bad

  • Anxiety can do all kinds of things. More than you can think of or even comprehend. It can affect emotions, the body your, sense of reality. It can be overwhelming.

  • Omg... I feel for you. My muscles used to twitch badly. I would lay completely still and feel like I was moving. It did go away though. I promise you it's all anxiety. We always come to worse case scenarios... LOL. PM me anytime. I don't have the bad anxiety anymore... Just dp/dr. I'd be more then happy to help you!

  • Does it feel like you have weights on your legs and when you are sitting it feels like your sinking back or your legs are coming up to your chest or through the floor? Very Common bad anxiety symptoms it's just the muscle weakness you get from it. I've had it on and off past decade or so

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