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Will this ever stop? I'm only 16

Hello, my anxiety has been horrible for the last week I was pretty good for two weeks not really worrying about anything. Then BAM last Monday everything just started again started with heart palpitations started worrying about then anxiety kicked in high force again even though I should be use to heart palpitations. It just seems like the world is coming in on me again for the 9 thousandth time. I worry about everything that's going on in my body even though I should be use to all the symptoms with anxiety. Anxiety makes me feel like im going to die all the time or my hearts just gonna stop working. My muscles in my chest to my shoulders are always getting tight and then get sore. My stomach gets tight. I get hot flashes sometimes I only feel them on one side of my body(is that normal?). I also feel cold sometimes. So many physical symptoms. That come and go. It's an everyday battle. I'm trying to change my lifestyle by eating a better diet and actually eating. Gonna try going for a walk everyday. Was wondering if anyone anyone has any advice. I truly cant take this roller coaster anymore. I go to a therapist every week. Working on getting me an emotional support dog.

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Hi adamj it does get unbearable but that's because we think of nothing else but how we feel , pain , symptoms !! but sounds like your making a good plan of action which will occupy your mind have you thought about joining a gym or swimming x



You are so very young and it is so frustrating that this anxiety does not seem to care what age you are to make you feel as you do when you should have everything to look forward to and be out enjoying yourself but I can assure you that been young may have an advantage because it has been picked up that you need support and you are getting it :-)

Tell your therapist each session just how bad this is making you feel , don't hold back when you are there and take on board what they suggest even when you may feel it won't work or a waste of time , but you have to be patient with yourself as this cannot be rushed

Do you keep a dairy at all ?

Would be a good idea to write how the day has gone because when you feel nothing is getting better it can be surprising when you read back on your week that there was some positive things and that is what you can build on the positives :-)

What a wonderful idea to maybe be getting a dog for emotional support , I think that is brilliant and would be very beneficial , I do hope you get one and look forward to maybe eventually hearing all about it if it happens :-)

Take a day at a time , don't think ahead as such and you will slowly start to see that what feels really bad at the moment slowly improves and is not quiet as bad as you feel , also this will make you stronger and as you grow you will become more of a compassionate person because you will draw from your own experience , in fact it could be a good idea to maybe look if there are places that need young volunteers to help and support maybe young children who are struggling with different issues , this would give you are purpose and something to focus on that would take your mind away from how you are feeling , it can be a really good thing if we find an interest to distract us :-)

Take Care x


Hi Adam, you're going to a therapist so that makes me think your folks are involved and you probably have good medical care and have likely been checked out. Improving your diet is always a good thing. It will make you feel much better. In light of all that yes, those are normal anxiety feelings. It feels scary but at 16 your body can take a lot. You are probably better off than all of us here. I know it feels bad and so real but you're a young man. You keep talking to therapist, your parents, and us and you will be fine. It's just feelings, not reality and you always end up being okay even when you feel those feelings. You're feeling tight and sore because you're tensing up - we don't like it but it makes sense. Google or youtu

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Reply or YouTube "progressive muscle relaxation"


As another 16 year old, i feel your pain. I have generalized anxiety disorder so i feel the same way all the time. The only thing i dont have is the chest tightness but everything else is what i experience. Even now as im typing this, i feel like my heart will just give out, especially if i fall asleep. I still dont know how rid myself of anxiety completely. All i do is try to keep my mind off of it. Working out does help. I lift weights one day and run the next and i just alternate between the two monday through friday. Talking to other people about your interests or theirs, or the therapist about your problems as you said you do helps out as well. Almost every night, one of my thoughts is that im not gonna survive another day. That im going to die while i sleep. I have felt that way for a few years already and im still alive, despite those thoughts. Just keep your head up, become more social, talk about your problems with someone you trust, exercise, and stick to that diet you are on. It might not be a permanent solution but it still works at least.

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