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I feel so low

It's Christmas eve and I feel so low. Ever since I've had a viral infection. Weeks ago things just haven't been right. I'm starting to think it's more than anxiety. I was fine before getting a viral infection. Some days I feel better than others. Today unfortunately is not a good day. Iiterally feel like my body is falling apart. I ache constantly. My ribs have a sharp pain. I am vomiting. I have pain in my kidneys. Tinnitus 24/7. Fatigue. Pins and needles in the top of my head. Sharp pain in shoulder blades. Palpitations. I had non of this before a viral infection. I know non of you are Drs. I'm just venting I suppose seen as I feel like I have no one to talk to about it. I think my family think I'm crazy or something. What I'm feeling is very real though.

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Sorry you feel so sick. I too had a similar experience back in October. I had a cold and since then my health has gone down. That triggered my anxiety. And I have been feeling weak since. I know how you feel it's not easy and it's annoying to feel sick all the time.


Thankyou and sorry you've not felt great either. Exactly before all this I wouldn't say I was particularly anxious. Okay I've never been confident but I wasn't anxious. Now though I don't even want to get out of bed in the morning.


I know how you feel. My terrible feelings come shortly after showering in the morning. I just want to stop thinking about the worst things when I feel sick. Today I as well feel unwell. I just ate and it felt like I didn't even want to, like I'm loosing my appetite. It's hard to believe anxiety can make you feel this bad


It's strange because I find being in the shower is one place i feel calm. It's very hard to believe.


No it makes sence. The steam from the water is suppose to relax you

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It really does ☺


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