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I feel so sick when I go for walks

Eceryone says one of the best ways to help lessen anxiety and depression is to exercise. So I started trying to go for walks again like I used to. The thing is, now by the time I get to the end of my street I'm dizzy, lightheaded, disoriented, and I feel drunk or like I'm walking through mud. I haven't fainted but I feel like i will if I push it too far. Even my vision is super weird on walks! Everything looks just a little wavy and out of focus. It's things like this that make it hard to believe it's just anxiety

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I so relate to this. Its good to push through it but you dont want to scare yourself into never wanting to go out again!

Even if you walked up and down the same street several times will give you a little exercise, although boring and theres a risk neighbours might ask what youre doing! Extend the walk by 30 seconds or a minute each time.. its teeny weeny steps of progress but its still progress :)

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Exactly how I feel. And yes it's so hard to believe anxiety can make you feel this way. On a light note, I was in the same situation a few weeks ago when my daughter wanted to go walking around the park I had all the same thoughts you had and I still decided to do it because many suggest that exercise will help. So I went as surprisingly I was able to walk around a 1 mile park. I was nervous most of the way bUT u made it. I didn't pass out. I was a little dizzy and lightheaded here and there but it wasn't bad enough that I had to stop my walk. But I did stroll very slow. I definitely did not push it or walk at a pace I would have usually walked when I use to be well. But I did it and it was a small celebration for me.


Hi someone, perhaps a cross trainer/excercise bike may help!! Try a hypnotherapy app for anxiety before you go out!! See if it helps. If you do have an excercise machine it may be a good idea to have someone around just incase. Massive credit to you for going out and trying, you should be really proud of yourself👍Don't give up on it yet, keep trying x

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Anxiety is what happens when your body is pumped full of adrenalin and you attach negative thoughts to the feelings. You then become concerned and add extra stress and the anxiety cycle begins. Those same feelings caused by adrenalin also occur when you are excited but you choose to view them positively because you are happy so don't question them.

Exercise helps to burn off all that excessive energy and a very good way to reduce stress levels. If, however, you have difficulty leaving your home, taking small steps beyond your comfort zone is the way to go. To quote Dr Claire Weekes ...In doing so, do not rush to get it over quickly because that only increases agitation and agitation prepares the way for panic. Don't worry about noticing how you feel and don't force yourself to think of something different to keep your mind off yourself. You will lose that battle for sure especially if you have been doing it for some time and will continue to do it. Be prepared to think and feel anything, go towards it, do not shrink from it and try not to be too impressed by the way you feel. Your body is just functioning normally in the circumstances you are creating for it.

Recovery from any type of anxiety disorder is the same. Face your fears, accept them willingly, float past (be comfortable about feeling uncomfortable) and let time pass Time is the great healer).

Recovery is difficult but you all have the ability to do it. Trust me. I've done it and you can too. Recovery comes from within, a change of attitude towards all the symptoms from "what if?" to "so what!" and to genuinely mean it.


This description of your symptoms is so me, when I go out I get those symptoms/sensations, the vision thing is quite unnerving, I also get a rush going through my chest area, like a rush of pure fear, it stays there and I have to stretch my arms or tap my foot, just hard to sit still and feel safe when it happens, I force.myself to stay there but it doesn't always help?


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