My head, my face, my ears

My name is John. I posted here before on anxiety issues before and I'm doing much better on it but some other problems. I have a heavy pressure in my ears, upper jaws, and my head throughout the day.

When i get up, i feel ok, but as the day goes by, pressure builds up.

The pressure feeling in my ear(more on the right side than the left) is like I have earwax buildup, and I feel like constantly POPPING MY EARS. It's like i'm on the airplane and my ears clog up and popping. I could actually hear the poppings every time i move my jaws. Don't know what the hell it is.

Most of all, I'm more concerned with occasional sharp electrical feeling on my head. It's a slight shooting pain and it goes across my head from one end to the other. Also sometimes on the side of my head. I had a MRI about 2 years ago, and the doc said, other than some sinus, my brain looks ok. I just hope this ain't a early sign of stroke.....Anyone out there with similar problems? Does anyone know what it's like to have actual early signs of stroke, nothing like one side of face going numb or losing sight. I mean like early early signs before the critical signs.

My mom says it could be from my shoulder and neck problem. when I stretch my arms out, my right shoulder is higher than the left side. I have uneven shoulders. I can't lift my right arm towards my head with my palm facing down. I used to be a poker dealer and my neck and shoulder still hurt. I have lumps all over my shoulders and neck. anyone can relate this to the sharp electric pain on my head? Please help me.... TY!


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  • Definitely the ear pressure... I walk around with cotton balls in mine because its so bad..yup head pressure as sucks because they give you anti depressants for anxiety but most of them have horrible side effects..than xanax or ativan which makes you aren't alone...

  • are you saying xanax has that much side effects? do you know if that has to do with ear pressure?

  • My jaw & ears pop all the time like that. I was told the jaw popping was due to being hit in the mouth/jaw while I had my braces by my boyfriend at the time.

  • I too have these pains and head pressure. No history of anxiety. Check out my profile and read some of my posts let me know if they sound like what's going on with you. Take care.

  • I have had a similar thing since January. I too have neck/shoulder issues so perhaps that is the cause, it's been baffling me. My ears pop everytime I swallow. My head is also really tender to touch on the affected side (especially behind my ear). Not sure if it's similar to what you are experiencing.


  • I get a lot of ear and wax problems and sinus too. Clicking, popping and blocked ears are almost normal for me.

    Tinnitus is always worse when I'm stressed too.

  • any suggestion? if you can help

  • Ty

  • Stretch, stretch, stretch. Get into trigger point therapy. I have had a lot of similar issues related to my anxiety. Took me a long time to believe it was all related. All the anxiety and stress was building tension in my shoulders and neck. It was then refering pain and numbness to various places in my head, ears, and arms. I use to bury my head in the pillow each morning as my girlfriend walked in the hard wood floor in her heels. The sound would pierce my ear drum and cause this awful discomfort. I've also had a lot of dizziness and headaches in the back of my head. Shoulder, neck, and back stretches along with some physical therapy have worked well. Anyone who sits for long periods of time can develop these problems as well. Bad posture and anxiety don't mix. ☺. Anyways, look into it as an option. I know different things work for different people.

  • Ty so much for your insight and advice. I will look into the therapy.

  • I have a question. Did you experience shortness of breath sometimes? Mine goes on for like hours. How do u relate this? TY AGAIN

  • Hi Jhops I started at the beginning of year with sinus infection awful cough finally got rid after over a month or so shocking , end of may started with ear pain on left side went docs no infection but anxious gave me some sleeping tablets.whilst om holiday funny head pain jaw ache, back a few weeks seem to get worse mire jaw head pain at night woke with awful.headaches sharp pain side near ears, worst night jaw gum nerve pain git into dentist had infection got antibiotics cleared up.but still pain not sleeping mainly when layING down can wake with it but unless take painkillers, doctor has given me a longer antibiotics course thinks it could be sinus related. At the min my left side jaw nerve in gum painful need to take antibiotic but also praying pain will.go away so I van sleep. Will ring dentist again on Monday def need my teeth taking out to sort nerves out, my dentist will refer me to a special clinic so I can be made comfortable I am so scared bit to be rid of pain will be amazing im hoping to be able to write in here I am pain free at last my quality of life over last 2 months been awful anxiety this tine round seems worse. Binkynoo

  • John, I have the EXACT same symptoms you have describes....with the shooting pain that doesn't last long at all, but hurts enough to be of concern. I also have the exact same pressure. Not there, but as the day goes comes. I too have thought it was a stroke and scared.....but I just think that the nature of this beast anxiety.

  • Hi John. Do you have more or less pain or no pain depending where you are, i.e. Home versus Park, or School versus Mall?

  • I have neck problems, mostly from tension, I have bumps in shoulder and neck muscles, I do get all kinds of shooting pains in my head, I have found a chiropractor to be useful, not doing any neck adjustments but he uses a lazer gun type thing,! , which helps relax muscles - expensive but does help my problem.

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