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Is this really anxiety?


Hi all new to this site. I had a viral infection about 3 weeks ago and ever since I have had a number if symptoms:


Shortness of breath especially when climbing the stairs (palpitations then too)

Coughing up white phlegm

Sharp chest pains


Panic attacks


Tingling in top of head

Sharp pains down left and right arm

Feeling extremely low

I have had 4 ECG all of which came back clear. I'm just worried something else is wrong. Can this really be anxiety? I'm afraid to fall asleep at night. Even when I do I wake up at some point. I just have no energy at all.

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You have many of the symptoms I had after having a cold back in the beginning of November. I am still suffering from interrupted sleep and fear of falling asleep. I stopped feeling fatigue after changing my diet to healthy foods. I cut off all caffeine back in August. Now I'm suffering from anxiety when I take the public transportation to work. I totally know how you feel.

Jane3285 in reply to Hidden

Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I have decided to cut back on the coffee too. It's awful isn't it.

Hi Jane! Do you have a history of anxiety? Has pneumonia, bronchitis, etc been ruled out?

Jane3285 in reply to DeeM3

Hi yes I got diagnosed with Generalised anxiety disorder but the panic attacks didn't really start till I got a viral infection

Have you gotten more blood work to make sure the virus is gone. It can take up to a month sometimes. Of course a lot of anxiety symptoms but those mimic so many problems. The phlegm I have heard for anxiety but I do know anxiety can affect every aspect of your body including your skin, lungs, heart, tummy etc. Obviously panic attacks are anxiety but other symptoms sound like a virus. At least to me. Phlegm. Vomiting etc. So many people including myself are suffering with allergies right now also. That’s the problem though with anxiety. The symptoms mimic so many worse problems. I hope you find peace and wellness! Best of luck.

Hi I am booked in at the drs this week. Going to request further tests as I can't go on feeling like this. Just need some answers instead of feeling like I'm being fobbed of by them all the time

Make a quick note of symptoms when you have them duration and activity at the time along with any questions you have. Just quick notes. I keep a notebook and quickly close the book so as not to obsess. It’s helpful going to doctors. I know when I don’t feel good my brain doesn’t work well along with the anxiety. I forget etc. I keep a small notebook in my purse. A new page for each visit. The symptoms journaling can also help with recognizing triggers so you can develop coping skills and if it’s a pattern. Like same times activity etc. Best of luck. If all else fails take them cookies or pizza. No one can be short or mean with someone that gives them a sweet gift. Doesn’t have to be expensive. One person was not getting anywhere with her Dr and sent them pizza for lunch and had answers that night. Even a sweet card thanking them for being so kind. Even if they weren’t they will be then! Can’t hurt. I’m going to bed. It’s 3:30am here. I’m here daily though if you need an ear. ❤️

Thankyou so much for your advice. Yes I am writing a list for when I have my appointment. If all else fails seriously considering going private. Hope you sleep well

Don’t forget, bribery works wonders too! 😉

Did you have anxiety before your virus or only since your virus? Is there a chance you have been bitten by a bug, I can't remember what they are called but can cause Lyme disease? Usually you get a virus first and it is treatable. That is the only thing I can think of that could cause those symptoms directly related to a virus that isn't anxiety. But most likely the virus triggered anxiety maybe feeling so terrible scared you in some way?

Jane3285 in reply to Aazz

Hi yes I had anxiety before the virus but it's got worse since. Is Lyme disease dangerous? No bites as far as I can recall or see though

Aazz in reply to Jane3285

If you get it treated it is not dangerous. But I highly doubt it's that if you had anxiety before. The virus and feeling unwell must have brought on a panic attack and usually anxiety and symptoms worsen after experiencing panic attacks. You will need to accept that it's all anxiety (very hard I know) and work on it. Hope you feel better soon

Jane3285 in reply to Aazz

Thank you for your reply. Yes it's hard to get your head round accepting it. I don't know if you've ever experienced this was resting and suddenly out of the blue it felt like the oxygen just drained from me. Literally like i felt a massive wave of air escape my body . Making me gasp.

I have. These crazy everchanging symptoms are a real pain. Not exactly that but trouble catching my breath. Gasping for air.

It's usually that what sets of a panic attack for me. Sometimes I can get it under control other times not so much. 😕

Sometimes we all just need to ride it out I think. The key is learning to recognize triggers so you can catch it before it gets out of control along with good coping skills to add to your arsenal that work well. Usually these are things you work on with your therapist. Along with getting to the root of your anxiety. I highly recommend it if you’re not seeing one already. Good luck!

Exactly. I've found getting up moving around. Doing housework etc helps. Also listening to music. I was seeing a therapist but got signed off. Think it's time to go back though 😕

Hi hope you don't mind me messaging for advice. Went to the Drs yesterday and I've been prescribed propanolol. 40MG 3x a day. However there's some worrying side effects. Any experience of taking this drug?

HI Im not a doc and I don't play one on TV....Your symptoms sound like you are just feeling the effects of being sick for awhile. Everyone and everything on our planet has their own way of recovering. The body is infinitely intelligent! It knows what to do, trust it...........

Assume it's all normal for having been sick. Somehow if its not "normal" you won't have to ask. You will just know. Trust your instincts.

Jane3285 in reply to Indigojoe

Hi yeh I guess I've never been that sick before. Just have to give my body time I guess

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