I'm so scared.. what should I do?

I have been having chest pain for 3 days now.

Let me just say I'm 26 female. I've had a million EKGs and chest xrays over the past year. They have all been fine. I don't want to over react... but what if I die bc I didn't react at all. It goes into my shoulder and has also to my left arm.

But... idk bc I've got a shoulder/shoulder blade problem... and it could wrap around to my chest. Like a chest wall strain.

I don't want to go to the hospital... I hate it there.... It gives me such bad anxiety in there and make everything worse. Plus it's right here at christmas.... I have my kids and I don't want to leave them..

I checked my bp.... It's 121/73 and my pulse is 73

Is that bottom number too low? Ugh I'm scared y'all


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  • I’ve had chest pains on and off for over a month and been doctors couple of times told some of them is caused by stomach acid but no harm going doctors and getting checked out. Also your bp and heart rate is normal average is 60bpm to 100bpm mine is usually 75bpm. Low would be in the 30s unless you are super fit such as an athlete there heart rate is average 40bpm.

  • Your vitals look great to me. I get the same thing and mine is muscular.

  • I get the same also. Down my left arm, with stabbing pains in my left shoulder and left boob. I think I tense up so much with my anxiety that this is a side effect. Also heavy legs and arms. It’s horrible, I can totally relate to what you are saying xx

  • Heading to my doctor's office this morning just to be safe. I have been having palpitations.. I just want to have a good Christmas. 😢😢

  • I hope that your appointment went well. Feel better soon.

  • They ended up not being open like I thought they were. 😔

  • Hey i had them couple of days ago like 5 days ago everything that you explain , it is gasses they effect your chest , shoulders , back and you feel your heart hurts , i did same as you lung check ups and heart check up even but my heart rate was above normal and that was still fine , i ate Tums for two days or three and i felt better then dont worry its bad acid

  • Every time I’ve been to Hospital with chest pains it was Anxiety!!😬😬

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