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I'm so sick of this s**t!!!!!!! Can't take much more!!!!

Up down up down up f*****g down!!!! It's driving me crazy I can't do it anymore!!!! I've always been able to put a brave face on and carry on always could hide my emotions but now I can't do so much so now have to hide my whole self away to hide things from the world!

My chest hurts! I HAVE BUBBLES RUMBLING IN MY CHEST. What's that all about? It's scaring me now! I can't cope I just keep thinking in going to drop dead! I don't want to die!!! I just want to be happy me again!!! I never cried before and now I can't f*****g stop!

AAAAAARRTRGGGGHHHH!!!!! I just wana scream or smash something up

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Hi PB,

I hope it helped to get all that frustration out.

I can't offer you any advice apart from to say everything you describe sounds like everyday life with an anxiety disorder and how crap is that?

It does get better though. You won't always feel this bad.

Other members swear by medication. Whether you decide to go down that road or not I think a trip to the GP would be a good idea. Let them know how much you are struggling.

Hope you feel better soon.

Take Care.x



Sorry about the delay in replying - but if you still feel like this, ring the Samaritans - they're there for you, you can scream, cry, howl anything. Do it, hun, it does help!

08457 90 90 90





Hi Sweetheart, I hardly dare ask....but I will. Are you still off the ciggies? Could have a lot to do with how you feel. Maybe it isn't the right time to give up especially at this stressful time of year. Don't be so hard on yourself love, we set ourselves impossible goals and then feel a total failure sometimes. Forgive me if this is not the case, I remember feeling like this when I gave up. I really begrudged it. Lots of Love x Ella x


You should let it out in a physical form. I did a few days ago, I was so stressed I kept leaving my keys behind at work for my car and at this time of year there's so much unnecessary stress and with a project I had a deadline on I just lost it for about 15 mins. I threw a few things around, swore to high heaven and just sank to my knees in frustration at my absence of mind. I feel better for it. This shit is a constant thorn in the side but a little release now and then, of whatever form, can help.

Hope you get by Xmas ok


sorry for late reply BP, you are very strong person and you always give the right advice, so please calm down. i know you had enough but it will get better.

i had these bubbles kind of thing and when i went to my GP he was looking at me like i am a crazy person and he said that he never met anyone with this problem.

to cut the story short and after many many problem with my IBS some tests afterwards and turn up that i had HPylori everyone has it but sometimes it becomes painful that you have to take antibiotics. i was told to eat more fiber to go to toilet properly.

when i eat fast or take too much air or when i have heavy food i feel the bubbles again going up to my chest, it is very annoying that maybe think it is my heart but it is not.

i cut down my flour intake and all bread and felt much better, taken some fiber sachet from boots. sometimes if you don't go to toilet for some time and you walk a lot it seems all the gas in your body as well move around and trapped gas will travel to the chest and to diff parts of your body as well, so you feel them under your ribs/back/shoulder very weird.

sometimes i feel them as well when i take deep breath which is very common with anxiety sufferer.

take it easy you probably scared of that feeling but i've been there and it is nothing,

if you are having any problems like acid reflex please go to your GP and tell him the story with salt and pepper, like make your story over dramatic and tell him you are not going to toilet and pain in your stomach and whatever you eat it comes back up.

please let me know how are you doing and you have any other questions?



Hi hun, I am always gassy! But I didn't know it could travel round my body like this it is driving me mad!

Oh and please don't get me started on the heart burn lol! I have bottles of gaviscon by the bed which I'm drinking like water.

Hope you're well hun xx


Hello guys sorry haven't replied for a while but I have been in a right old state!

Got through Christmas though which is a surprise, especially because I quite enjoyed myself lol.

Sorry if I sounded like I was going to do something drastic I wasn't intending anything so severe but thank you all so very very much for your replies they really have helped me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year to all x


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