I can't do this anymore I'm so scared and tired of it all :(

I'm slowly giving up, I find this all so terrifiying. Before anyone asks yes I have been to the doctors, when I first started with the chest pain and they just said it was probably anxiety, same as when I was feeling nauseous a few months back. Anyway since the doctors appointment with the chest I have gained so many more symptoms and I don't think I can cope anymore :(. The chest pains absolutely terrify me, they radiate all over my chest sometimes, they feel like an ache or just a pain, but mostly in the centre of my chest and over the top of my left boob, feels directly on my heart which scares me and it also seems to just be pretty much constant !:( also because I keep getting pains In my left arm I think that doesn't help my worry. Next the nausea in the morning, it's like I get programmed to feel this way at a certain time, I get woken up at 7am recently to a racing heart, feeling sick and diahrroeah, the feeling sick terrifies me because I genuinely feel like I am going to throw up, this morning I've also woken up with chest pain :(( next is the lump feeling in my throat, I feel like there's like a ball or a cork jammed just below my throat, it scares me into thinking I can't breathe, however this feeling dissapears if I move my head slightly into a different position sometimes. Now for the body aches and pains, my body CONSTANTLY aches and hurts, I got so convinced I had blood clots in my legs and arm they was that bad. My shoulders and back ache like crazy too and I also get really bad pains in my hands. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, I think the thing I'm scared about most is having a heart problem and throwing up, and don't ask me about medication because I don't want to go down that route.


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  • I also get super bad head pains and in my jaw, below my eyebrow and my cheeks sometimes

  • Hi Babyexx,

    There is no denying that what you are feeling the discomfort of physical symptoms.

    Your doctor has ruled out any medical conditions so the explanation is that your physical symptoms experienced are caused by mental factors. They are also called somatization or somatoform disorders. These symptoms are due to increased activity of nervous impulses sent from the brain to various parts of the body.

    The term “psychosomatic disorder” is mainly used to mean “a physical disease that is thought to be caused, or made worse, by mental factors.” The term is also used when mental factors cause physical symptoms but where there is no physical disease. For example, chest pain may be caused by stress and no physical disease can be found.

    Some physical diseases are thought to be prone to be made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety. At any given time, a person’s mental state can affect the degree of severity of a physical disease.

    Cognitive Behavior Therapy often shortened to CBT, is often the treatment of choice for a psychosomatic disorder.

    In this talking therapy, you learn new ways to cope with and solve your problems as you gain a deeper understanding of your condition / circumstances. You learn to set realistic life goals, identify and change behaviors or thoughts that have negative effects on your life.

    You can do this without medication. You might also try some relaxation techniques to reduce your levels of stress. The link here has good information on how to relieve stress and boost your mood


  • Wow blackcat64013

    That was a very impressive and very informative piece of information and advice - so glad someone out here can read your message and take your advice.

    Nice one !

    Elle 🌹

  • Is there anything that relieves the pain? Try deep breathing , essential oils, and exercising. Maybe go to a therapist? I'm really sorry you're going through that. How long has this been going on?

  • I just kinda try and get on with it :( and about a couple of months

  • U need to be put on something to calm yo mind

  • I don't want to take anything I'm too scared incase it fucks me up

  • Babyexx, but what if it didn't?? You would always wonder had you taken a medication for a short time along with some therapy, if that wouldn't have made the difference. You can't stay where you are at right now. You are stuck in LIMBO. Neither here nor there...Suffering needlessly.

    You say PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME...the help is as close as seeing your doctor and getting the right medication for you alone. I've seen people make a big turn around as soon as they took that step forward. You need to believe, you need to trust. You are not alone unless you choose to be. Please give it another thought or two. x

  • I'm just so scared, so scared of being seriously ill & things happening to me, I want to do this on my own without medication but I don't think I'm ever going to get better, I just feel so physically unwell all of the time ugh

  • I know you do Babyexx and it is a very helpless, alone and scared feeling. The forum understands but people in our lives don't seem to. Only you will know when the time is right to reach out for help whether in medication or therapy. Once you are calmed down some, you can look into other avenues for relief and get off the meds.

    I did it that way, as terrified as I was, I couldn't handle the fear anymore. Both waking up and going to sleep afraid. That isn't living. The forum isn't here to push people in doing things they cannot at this time but rather, we are help to understand and support you. You will do what is necessary when you feel it's the right time. x

  • Thank you so much, it's good talking to someone

  • :) x

  • I totally agree with you Agora1 xx

    Fantastic advice.

    Elle 🌹

  • Side effects . Doesnt, always happen. But i see wat u mean want u try takin supplent vitamins. Thats wat i take. U can find them at the health food store.

  • I might try that, thank you

  • i have all of that and more . who am i kidding i still do. What worked for me was going to see a cardiologist and ruling out any heart problems. Second getting a full physical to make sure that there's nothing physically wrong with me. Then when i knew it was all due to anxiety from my doctors and joining other communities like this one i new it was all due to my anxiety. Lastly i am getting CBT from my therapist. Implementing new ideas and other things that work for other people and things i read about has really helped. Acupuncture has been a success and massages . I drink 3 cups of chamomile a day to release stress and to lavender and Epson salt baths to relax that tension in my body and aches. Lavender sent in my house and at work . I am willing to try anything to get out of this rut and also having an open mind to new ideas help.

  • THank you, it's good to know someone's suffering the same, I genuinely feel like something is wrong with me, I feel so physically ill all of the time and it's so scary, I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

  • Babyexx I'm having the exact same symptoms and issues as you and have for 4 months. I've been thoroughly checked by a cardiologist who said I have NOTHING wrong with my heart and I cannot accept it. It consumes my life!

  • I'm just terrified of everything :(

  • I am too, especially my health and the state of the world right now.

  • Read my reply to babyxx. I'm 2670. There is hope. I promise. You won't always feel this way.

  • Thank you!

  • I had the same problem for along time and still do with the chest pain and worries of my heart

    I've found the pain above my left boob is a pulled muscle.. I also have center chest pain and have gone through so many test for my heart. It's muscular or tension from stress. I also get pains on one side of my head.. I got freaked out and got a head ct done awhile back and everything was clear. Now the pain in my head is back and I'm trying not to let it get to me bc I know I have been thoroughly examined. My/our nerves are just running crazy and making us feel certain things unfortunately. A very low dose of klonooin helped me get through this past year... along with loyts and lots of acceptance. Hold your head up, you'll make it through. One day at a time, deep breaths 🌹

  • Thank you ever so much. I'm so glad to finally hear someone say they've been getting the chest pains in the same places as me !!! Few !! I'm always here, thank you xxx

  • Your muscles are so tight. From fear. Your not aware of how tense you are. There is hope. Read my reply

  • Thank you so much! I pray this goes away with time. I can't live every day like this.

  • i'm literally going through this exact same thing! even the left chest pain above my heart

  • Hi. I haven't been reading or writing much here lately. I've been so busy. But I decided to look for anyone who is really at the end of their rope trying to understand this anxiety disorder n all the weird pain and uncomfortable scary symptoms that come w it. I too used to suffer w this many years ago. And I beat it. No medication. Yes. Many many trips to the ER . And many appointments to doctors and specialists for tests Nothing was ever wrong. After about two years I went to a group therapy session and went about 5 or 6 times. Women of all ages and sizes and backgrounds. Sat talking about the 17 years they are suffering. And 8 years. Meanwhile the therapist is there w all these breathing and thinking and helpful techniques. So. I tried to do as she said. Because I'll be damned if I was going to be there in 17 years. I felt God lead me to certain books and even sometimes strangers in parks where I'd be pushing my daughter on the swings. And the subject would come up and they'd share w me info that turned out to be little pieces of a puzzle that in the end all fit together. Over two n a half years of this nightmare and crazy Tests. And leaving work to go to the ER. Because of the horrible symptoms. Finally started to look like there was an end. I thought I was having a massive heart attack many times. The pain in my chest and left arm at the same time. Many times. At church. At work. Driving. I feel your pain. That along w many other symptoms. I thought I was going to end up in an insane asylum. Or dead. Or both. My help came from God. My answers came from God. My family waS not very patient. Or kind. They probably wanted to help. But they weren't very understanding. And so they were mean. God lifted me out of that mess. He led me to the right people at the right times. Who showed me compassion n just love. He led me to books that helped. And just like that. Just like it showed up. Anxiety and panic disorder left. You must remember that slowly as u feel these scary symptoms your sleeping and eating habits change. And so just as slowly your body will feel the affects of those changes. Drink plenty of water. Even wen u don't feel thirsty. Do not stop drinking. Eat regularly. Don't not eat all day and binge the next. Eat a balanced diet. And time them out. Regular everything makes u regular. Ur chemicals. The ones that control ur brain and functions. They are all off whack. They are not balanced. Slowly but surely ur whole body can go back to normal. Do not sit too long. Be active. Force urself to go out and walk. Breath. And force urself to smile at people that pass by. Be nice. Be friendly. Laugh. Watch funny stuff. Be funny. Get a home book. Oops. Sorry I'm old. Look on line for jokes. Lol. And be fun. The chemicals in ur body that are off right now making u feel this way need to balance out. And the biggest one. You are tense and u don't realize it. Your body is tight n ur muscles are tight. Because ur scared. Lay down. And relax ur body. On purpose u will tighten each muscle and then release. And be aware of ur body relaxing. Do this as needed. This is why certIn muscles around ur heart hurt. And please. Pray. If your not familiar w God. Just start talking to Him. Just say hi. And have a nice talk w Him. Tell God all about you. He knows already. But you will enjoy this. Ask questions. Go into a bible and read stories about God. He is quite wild. And look at the stories and problems and crazy ways that people and God work together in these stories. God is love. And Jesus is proof of that. I'm here. I am 45 . Female. 4 daughters ages 24 17 16 and 13. I suffered as u did. Never took medicine because I was scared to . What ur going through is not going to kill you. But I promise this. It will make you wiser. Stronger. Courageous. Amazing. So. Don't waste it. Learn more. Defeat it. Defeat its power over you. No fear. And be a hero in someone's life. I look back and think wow. That really tried to defeat me but I kicked it's A--. Thank you Jesus. Any one wants to talk I'm here. I had many symptoms. Very scary. I u set stand them all. I'm here. I love you all

  • Thank you so much for you long and thoughtful reply! I really appreciate it. I talk to God constantly, and also don't want medication, so He will have to see me through this! I pray for healing, mentally and physically, every single day.

  • When did this start for you. I was so young. And had a baby a couple years before it started. It hit me like a wave. And then the next week. It hit me again. Then it became a 24 7 issue. Just wave after wave of panic n anxiety.

  • Sorry for all the typos. I just read my reply and I'm seeing words misspelled or not correct. I am just waking up and my allergies are making my eyes a little watery . So I couldn't see quite right. Just want you to know that I'm here for you. I have been through the hell your in. I wanted to die after a while. I used to think. Everyone says nothing is wrong w me. But wen I die from this they will see they were wrong. Well. Years later and symptom free. I guess the doctors knew more than I thought. I truely love you all. And feel for you. But I promise you that this will stop and you will be better than ok. You are in my prayers. I'm here for you. Any questions any frustrations. I have been through so much. I'm sure to be able to help you somehow. ❤️

  • Hey sweetie. How old are you??? It's me 2670.

  • Hi! I'm 36. You?

  • 45. Have been symptom free since I am 23.

  • That's encouraging. How did you stop all this?

  • Well. I know that I started praying. Because it felt like an attack. And I know that God led me to books like overcoming fear and anxiety. A small book by a man who suffered. He was a pastor. And then just everywhere I went it seemed that people would bring it up. Or somehow it came up. And people would be loving and caring and helpful. My family was not. So God led me to people. And also there were these commercials that would come on late at night w people's testimonies of how these people recovered from anxiety by buying this set of CDs that I could not afford. But I would watch this commercial and I believed that it was exactly Wat I was experiencing. Because I had never heard of it. I prayed. I forced myself to do uncomfortable things. Sometimes I was afraid to leave the house. Sometimes I was afraid to stay in the house. So. I'd make myself go to Manhatten by train w my daughter In subways where I'd be terrified. And my heart would be racing and palms sweating. And ears ringing. But I'd be alive at the end of it. And it helped me realize it was all in my mind. I never took one pill. Ever. God is so good. It's not always easy to do things that help us. But we have to be willing to try. And force ourselves. I finally made myself happy. I started having fun. Laughing. Which was not easy. But I knew I had to. And it disappeared one day. Like it came. It attacked. And the same way it left. Just like that. Gone.

  • Father God. We agree here together in Jesus name for healing your child . She trusts you. I trust you. We know we go through things that we don't understand. And perhaps this is making us stronger. Because you may have a plan for our lives that we may have to come back to this painful time and use this to help someone that we don't even know yet. We ask that you make our path clear. Help us to see you in everything. And guide us. Watch over our minds. Our eyes. Our ears. Our mouths. Our hearts. Our hands n feet. Set us straight . Heal us. Send us out and use us for your plans. Help us to love the way you love. To sound as u sound. And be courageous for all that you send us to help. In Jesus name. Amen

  • Amen my friend! Thank you and God bless you!

  • Your welcome. I'm here for you.

  • I'm so glad! God has sent me so many wonderful people through all this!

  • Try acupuncture

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