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I'm so scared... need advice please


Hi my name is Crystal and I suffer from severe health anxiety. I've been to 6 doctors in the last 3 months and had blood work out the yingyang and everything was fine.....no xrays though. Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At first I thought maybe I do have this but now I don't think so because despite the wide spread pain (mostly one sided) I've developed low grade daily fevers... 99.0-99.6... no higher as of yet. I fear of something more serious like a brain tumor. I have headaches a lot ( nothing to severe) pain in back of neck on right side that radiates to my arm and hand and sometimes my leg.... all right sided, this is my dominant side, joint pain in both hands and irritable bowels.... all these symptoms have been coming and going for over 3 months except the low grade fevers have been daily for about 5 days... I'm so scared

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Your not the only one I promise I have had x rays of my lungs and a stress test done and everything came back normal but here I am at 12:00 mid night with work in the morning working about a brain andurasm or heart attacks etc. I feel crazy when I know I'm not I really hope you get through this and one again

Your not alone


Dear friend, so funny as I too had weird symptoms and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then now I wonder... Mind is funny when you have health anxiety... It will be ok for a while after a doctor visit when you are told that it is this or that, nothing killing you because after a while, you start doubting. I have done that all my life! I am now close to 60 and still do it. This morning when I woke up with this headache and yet, I am not debilitated by the pain, I can function, I am ok, I thought, maybe it is not fibromyalgia! Btw, did they recommend any medication? I started lyrica as it help as well with the anxiety. Anyway, if you have a fever, you need to go to the doctor to rule out any possible infection like a strep throat. Trust me, if you had a brain tumor, you would more serious symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a host of very weird symptoms. For me it is tingling, and muscles twitching, skin sensation and itchiness but fibromyalgia is different for many people.

Take care

Its anxiety just pray

Hi Love,

I have all of those things, was tested for everything--all negative, and then by chance I discovered the culprit was an antibiotic I had taken a few months before. I never put it together as it was a very short course of Cipro. But those drugs can cause those symptoms. Do you happen to know if you've taken an antibiotic in the last six months or so, or more even?

Hi... yes zpak about 4 months ago

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