I'm scared should I seek more help?

I'm 17 recently found out that I more likely have anxiety it just comes to me without warning I've been having it off and on but it's kinda different this time I had it 3 days straight one one thanksgiving the day after Thanksgiving and a minor one today I'm really starting to get scared now bc I don't know when the next one will me and I have counseling at school but I feel like I might need medicine


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  • You're young. Trust me you'll be fine.

  • Thanks I have counseling because I had a really bad childhood memories and some times the anxity is triggered by fussing I get really uneasy

  • Try to distract yourself. Take some deep breaths. I know what your going through.Klonopin helps me get sane. I try not to use the drug. But,it does help.

    Hang on and meditate. And breathe thru your stomach.

    I am having some major problems also.



  • Trouble with anxiety is we never know when it will hit but living in fear of when and what if doesn't help..... there is lots of things out there first to try before any medication look up alternative therapies for it ... practice breathing and meditation this has been proven to have good health benefits ... don't try to stop a panic attack just be ok with it .. let it happen but take some deep breaths it's finding your triggers too stress has been my trigger and issues that I've not dealt with things locked up inside make it worse so always try talking to a professional or even a family member or friend I hope you find something that works for you

  • The more you worry about having a panic attack the worse it becomes. It can feed off the fear, just accept it will happen. It helps to breath in, and let you tummy go loose, and relax you arms and legs like they are feeling heavy. Imagine your bodies hormones that are released when you panic being like squeezing a lemon. The more tense you are the more your body reacts to the feeling. Try and relax, and just accept it. I know its hard, but I find it helps a lot. In time you will get well. Just take everything as it comes and try to feel ok with it.

  • Hi I too suffered with anxiety from a young age it started at 15 I'm now 49 still get panicky from time to time but since being on medication my life has changed immensely my advice as your still so young get to the doctors and get some meds I take propananol 160mg daily this acts as a beta blocker and blocks the negative thoughts next get out and make friends, having friends is the best therapy your feel comfortable when out and about, the worst thing to do is shut yourself away it makes the anxiety worse I did that for too many years Also try to keep your mind busy the more you sit and stare out the window the more you worry

  • Fear is what drives anxiety. Fear and insecurity fuel anxiety and keep the monster alive. Roll with your anxiety. Accept that it's a part of how you're wired. It's not your fault you have it, but it doesn't define you as a person and you're strong enough to live with it. The more you don't fear it, the less power it has and the quicker it passes.

    Give it time, and keep rolling. Don't freak yourself out trying to figure out why you have it, or when it's coming back, or how long it's going to last. It's there, and it's going to pass, and you're going to be ok.

  • Hi Mrworrymaster, wow, you have really reversed your way of thinking. You've come a long way and I'm happy for you. It's funny how our mind works.

    Enjoy your day :)

  • Thanks Agora. Anxiety basically just beat me into submission. I hit a point to where I basically just said "do your worst, if these are my last days then that is just what it will have to be, I can't walk around being terrified of you anymore."

    After that, it started to ease up. Crazy how it works.

  • The minute you said that, I knew what the rest of your sentence would be. Isn't it crazy??

  • Hi strong enough, you will get through this. I have anxiety on and off and find that meditating on God's promises of protection and unconditional love lessens the anxiety. I even have audio bible on in background or as I'm going to sleep so that His words get into my subconscious . Even if you don't understand everything, it does get into the subconscious to help lessen the anxiety. Can you read on the web or if you have a bible read Psalm 91 (New King James Version) it talks completely about being under God's protection. Verse 4 even say's "He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge." You see , this is like being protected by the huge wings of a giant bird. Can you imagine that? The entire Psalm is about safety. Please read it and know you will get through this. Take care. I'm praying for you.

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