Should I go to the doctors

All week I've had horrible pains in my arms especially when I tense up. And for the past 3 days I've had pain in one spot behind ym serernum like something stuck. I've been burping but no reflux medication has helped. I had my heart checked ecg/blood tests done a few weeks ago and all was ok. It's just the middle chels foain for 3 days is worrying me. Is it my anxiety? All I've done is obsess over them. My shoulders are sore and the chest pain is worse when I wake up then on and off all day. I don't want to waste doctors time but feel the need to go but am I just helping anxiety take



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  • Hello

    No one can tell you if you should or should not go to the Doctors as we are not qualified to do that and even if we were we cannot examine you via the internet

    Personally I think it is your anxiety but as said I am not qualified to give this diagnosis but I would say that no matter what anyone is saying you still seem convinced something is physically wrong and you know your body better than anyone else so maybe going to the Doctors could be the best idea if only to give you peace of mind :-)

    I hope you get this sorted and make the right decision for you :-)

    Take Care x

  • I've got an appt but don't know what I want to say 🙄 I've been winding myself up all morning now my whole left arm is killing and numb and my neck on one side is tight. But they'll just do an ecg and say 'all is ok' (I hope) and then that'll be it x

  • Say exactly what you have been saying in your posts , just say it how it is , maybe jot down the things you have been saying in your posts so you can refer to them

    I am sure you will be fine :-) x

  • He said I've got sever eosophigitis (that how you spell it) and I asked him to confirm it's NOT my heart so I'm a bit happier now knowing what's up

  • Has he given you anything to help with it ?

    Well now you know it is not your heart trust him and when you doubt keep looking back at this post to remind you he said " Not " your heart , they are trained they do know what they are doing :-)

    Hope you have a better day :-) x

  • Feel better already! He's given me some tablets and I'm back to my normal self :)

  • Great news :-) x

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