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I am hearing my pulse in my ear and light headed

Hi everyone,

I am new here. I recently been having shortness of breath,chest tightness and I visit Dr about 3 times. They did blood work,ekg,chest X-ray,ct scan of the lung and all was normal. I am doing acupuncture and taking B complex vitamins, magnesium,fish oil, I need to drink more water though. I was hearing a pulsing sound in my left ear and it feels full. It wasn't so bad and it had more or less stop. Now it's back and I am light head, low energy and really tired. Is anyone experiencing this? I went to the ENT and they did a hearing test and ear pressure and everything was normal. I am a little worried that it's something more. But my mind keeps telling me that it's anxiety. Please help! I am hope we all with get back to our normal life soon. God bless!

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I got exactly this with my anxiety it does go away one thing ill suggest is try popping the ear like you usually would a blocked ear its your anxiety dont stress about any other ENT condition :)


Anxiety definitely causes that. Sinuses can also cause that. But it's nothing to be worried over. If you've seen the dr and ENT, and they didn't say anything about sinuses or congestion, then it's definitely anxiety. Anxiety can cause over a hundred symptoms and then some! You know what? My left ear has been pulsating for days now. But I've also been under a lot of stress and have been recovering from sinus stuff and walking pneumonia. I promise that once you get your anxiety under control, stuff like the ear ringing will subside as well. God bless you dear and rest assured that He is with you through this. Like all of us with anxiety, we just need to learn to trust and LET GO. :)


Thanks so much! That's what I figured. I am going to see a dietician next week to adjust my eating. I heard what you eat can help your anxiety. I will keep you all posted. God bless!

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That's a good idea!


Hi are you still here. Are you still getting the problem with your ear


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