Heart issues .

Ok , im kinda freaking out now . I went to the hospital last night because I was having bad palpitations , and chest pain . The first EKG they gave me looked terrible to me . The doctor said it was the machine . So they got a newer machine and gave me another one . The second one said (normal sinus rhythm, T-WAVE ABNORMALITY , POSSIBLE LEFT ATRIAL ENLARGEMENT, ABNORMAL EKG . ) They did a chest xray and blood work , also checking my troponin heart enzymes , which they said both came back fine . Told me to follow up with a cardiologist and sent me home . Before I left I asked him about the bad EKG, he said he wasn't worried about it . What do those mean ? Im really worried now . I don't have the money to see a cardiologist or health insurance . Really worried im dying.

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  • Hi! How very scarey for you, bless you! Please DO get followed up by a Cardiologist but - if it's any help - I too have a T wave abnormality and discussed this with my very excellent Cardiologist. He tells me it's a common anomaly amongst chronic anxiety suffers and usually totally benign. Who knew?!? Of course, I didn't believe him (despite him being the Head Consultant), so I googled it (as you do), and yep - found information confirming this.

    To put my mind at rest, I did get a cardiac perfusion scan too - and all was fine.

    I hope this helps a little - but do get your Cardio. work up as I said before. Try not to worry too much in the meantime (I know it's hard)!

  • It just really makes me think something is wrong now . I go to the er all the time, and none of my ekgs have said possible left atrial enlargement . I don't have the money or health insurance to see a cardio , so I don't know what to do .

  • Damn! I wish I could help out more - I'm in the UK., btw. Possible is not probable though - and if they suspected a very serious issue, surely they would have had a duty of care to admit you to hospital? Hopefully someone Stateside can pop in to give some advice on how to proceed - but please do know that they are speculating as they haven't imaged the heart and this type of anomaly is pretty common and benign in most cases.

    If you're really freaking, I suggest maybe taking yourself back to ER - they could at least repeat the EKG and maybe give you advice on what to do regarding follow up in your circumstances. I really do wish I could help more!

  • Thank you , it's ok . All the hospitals around here are tired of me already . Im not as worried about the t wave abnormality as I am the possible left atrial enlargement . They just acted like it was nothing and sent me home . A cardiologist visit here locally is $250 for the initial visit , then every visit after that is $200 . Will all my bills , I don't have that .

  • check with medicaid for insurance. Thats what you need to do first. Then go get some reassurance that your ok or what you can do. Or check for affordable care act. Ask questions from people, make calls.

  • I've been to the er twice in a week few weeks ago for same reason. They ran bloodwork ekgs xrays etc all normal. Last year same thing Dr put me on an event monitor for a month all came back clear. Went to cardiologist where she also said everything was fine. All Dr from er to cardiologist to my nurse practitioners and Doctor all said it was anxiety. I know its easier said then done but try not to worry. (I should take my own advice). Do you take anything for anxiety?

  • No . I want to see the cardiologist but don't have the money. I usually am not that worried , but when I saw all those bad remarks on my EKG , it made my anxiety so much worse . Im scared to get out of the bed , I don't want to raise my blood pressure if I have an enlarged atrial .

  • I would definitely see a cardiologist if you can to ease your mind. But if the Ekg was bad wouldn't they have kept you? Where I am they do. Not sure where you are. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Mississippi . And I don't know , I think they should have . Thank you

  • Have you tried to apply for free care/health insurance? Check with your government website. I'm in Mass and know many of free insurance.

  • On

  • Yeah , it's a long process .

  • non of this worry and fear ever seems to end does it? just gets worse day by day.

  • Worse every day .

  • Justin let me ask you a question. You're a young guy, do you do a lot of exercise, weights, etc? I used to all the time and my cardio said my heart was enlarged and that all athletes have an enlarged heart and it's normal in that case but anytime the heart is involved it is going to freak us out.

  • I don't lift weights , or do any strenuous exercise . I haven't in years.

  • Okay there goes that theory. Here if I can help or you need to chat.

  • Exactly why im worried . Thanks man

  • I understand. You're a young dude and most likely strong as an ox. The doctor did tell you he's not concerned about it and I would believe him. When you get some extra money you can try to follow up but you did get his assurance. Try to take some comfort away from that.

  • I do try man , but every skipped beat or palpitation throws me into a panic state . On top of me already worrying about my EKG results . Plus I have chest pain .

  • Justin when I was your age and actually even these days I get skipped beats. It used to severely throw me into distress. I am telling you I lived with my finger on the pulse in my neck waiting for my next heart beat. I went to the cardio every 3 months for years. Very very common in people with anxiety.

  • I have also wound in the ER thinking I was dying of a heart attack for years and years. Chest pain could no doubt be anxiety as it's one of the most common symptoms. Not downplaying how you're feeling but could def be

  • I know , I know I have terrible health anxiety . But every time I try to just sit and tell myself it's anxiety , I keep going back to what the EKG said . It has me really worried , and I can't afford the cardiologist . The only way I'll be able to put an end to this is to see a cardiologist for the final word . Then proceed to a psychologist . I just can't afford it . I've gotten hundreds of ekgs , and they are slowly but surely getting worse . They used to all say normal . Now there is t wave abnormality, and last night the possible enlarged left atrial .

  • Is there any way you can borrow some money from a relative or friend to get a good workup from a cardio? I think this would ease your mind greatly because even though we are anxious when we take action it is good for us

  • Are you in the USA

  • Yes , I live in Clinton, Mississippi . And no , im not close with any relatives that would lend me money . Nor friends . They all have bills of their own .

  • It would ease my mind a great deal , because a cardiologist specializes in the heart , unlike the er doctors .

  • What about a payday loan? If you work and you Google payday loans they can get you about 1,000 and will deduct on your payday from your account. I wouldn't recommend that if it didn't seem like an urgent issue, but for your peace of mind maybe it is.

  • I'll look into. It's urgent to me . Maybe not to the doctors but it is to me

  • For your peace of mind it's urgent

  • Hey Justin! That makes me feel better, because the other day I looked up my medical records on MyChart and although my cardiologist had told me that everything was fine, my EKG report said "enlarged left atrium, can't rule out previous heart attack, abnormal EKG." I was like Wait! What! I was planning on calling the office and asking about it, but that's real interesting that yours said the same thing! And neither of our doctors were concerned. It must not mean anything. Also, I don't have insurance either, so I told the cardiologist's office I was self pay and they gave me a 70% discount! I only paid $85 for the visit, which included the treadmill test! Call around different offices and ask if they offer a discount for self-pay patients. Many do.

  • How long ago was your EKG? Im debating on weather or not i want to go to a different hospital tonight and tell them to recheck it .

  • You need some real help with your mental state. They need to find out the real reason why you're like this and how to deal with it.

  • Let's see... I went on my birthday, so it was May 2nd. My cardiologist, who is really good, never mentioned the results. I doubt he overlooked it, so maybe they know those machines malfunction or that it doesn't mean anything. I'll call and ask today & will let you know. Another option for you is the local fire dept. The one here has an EKG machine and has checked mine twice for me when I was symptomatic, so I didn't have to go to the ER. Both times I was in sinus tach and throwing PVCs (in their words).

  • Thanks , please let me know .

  • Justin, if you can't afford the cardiologist, try going to a regular doctor. Most of them would be able to read an ekg and help you figure out how to see a specialist or if you really don't need to. Doesn't health care in the U.S. suck? I hope you get some peace of mind soon.

  • It sure does . And thank you , I don't have a regular doctor . But I'll try .

  • Hi, I used to have ectopic heart beats (palpitations), a lot, and I have managed to get rid of them with a magnesium protocol. Start having Epsom Salt baths, rub magnesium oil into your skin, and take a good magnesium supplement. I take Magnesium Orotate.

    There are some other things that you should take along with it to help... best to look at the Magnesium Advocacy Group on FB, they have the protocol on there, and lots of people who can give you advice on the protocol. It saved my sanity.

    I hope it help you... magnesium deficiency is very common... and makes you feel anxious... the magnesium helps your muscles to relax,... and when you are stressed you need and use more magnesium.

    To your radiant health. :-)

  • Thank you very much , I'll look into it . Though I've never been told from blood work that my magnesium was low .

  • Try it for 30 days and if you feel no different then you might not need it... but it's quite likely you are as it's very common for people to be deficient as it's no longer available in the food we are consuming and high levels of stress and anxiety deplete magnesium further. You can do a foot soak too with some magnesium oil in some warm water. Epsom Salt Baths too, magnesium oil massaged into the skin, are other ways to take magnesium transdermally if you prefer. Do check out the Facebook page 'Magnesium Advocacy Group' as there is much more information on the protocol which helps a countless number of conditions, not just ectopic heart beats.

    It definitely helped me with mine, and I've seen lots of other people comment that it helped them with theirs too, so well worth knowing.

    And to be honest, my doctor didn't know about it either, so I was the one to tell him how I cured it!... they don't teach this generally in med school.

    All the best. :-)

  • Here's a link to the Magnesium Protocol...


    And here's the link to the Facebook Page I mentioned 'Magnesium Advocacy Group'.


  • You might also like to watch this video on how magnesium helps with ectopic heat beats, (palpitations).

  • You are likely fine. I have a T wave abnormality as well. However, I would suggest that you follow up with a cardiologist for reassurance. Borrow the money if you have to and pay it back over time. Try not to worry. Do abdominal breathing to calm yourself down and listen to calming music (lots on Youtube). The more you do the abdominal breathing, the more natural it becomes and it really does help create a calmer state of mind and body. All the best.

  • I do try to breath from the stomach . The only thing that helps me is to bow my head and pray . I don't have anyone I can borrow the money from .

  • Hi again Justin21. I bow my head and pray a lot, too. Can you speak to your doctor and tell him/her about your situation? Perhaps he/she can suggest a resource to help you. Blessings upon you.

  • Thank you , you as well . I don't have a regular doctor

  • Yikes! You need to find one.

  • I had a ok ekg but still seen the heart Dr. And I did a stress test u supposed to get your heart rate up to 189 with in 13 min mine it it at 10 so the watched the ekg while I was walking it was perfect but I started back smoking two months ago after quiti g for 5 months so yeah I have anxiety bout ever bump.pain. if I feel anything I stress and u know that's not good at all

  • Oh yeah just wanted to let u know a couple of Dr from ga Floyed and remind moved to Mississippi and they are great Drs. And they do low in come to no income I'll find out what part tomorrow and message u and the hospital they came from is known for it heart Dr. People get flown in just for heart promblems and one of the actually was the first Dr I had seen when this episode started. So good luck they would of put in the hospital if it was bad if they send u home and something happens to you and they had proof they knew it was happing then they get sued lose the license.

  • Redmand medical center Google it

  • Very true . And I will look it up . Thank you

  • I wouldnt worry Justin. If the doctor said youre ok I would believe him. I took an ekg and xrays cause I was also was getting heart palpitations and my doctor told me hed call me back if something was wrong. That was almost two months ago and still havent got a call back and ever since that day I havent had any palpitations thank God. Worry less keep youre mind off it. Thats it!

  • I try . This has been gradually getting worse over two years , and so have my ekgs

  • Just another thing to consider, that you may not have thought about... is do you have a smart meter, (or wifi)... as it's documented that this can also cause heart palpitations in some people.

  • Your scarying yourself and creating a anxieties. The palputations are scary but I have had them many times and is caused by anxiety. U get yourself all reved up and that brings it on. Your not dying. If it was the case, you would be in the hospital right now. I had a friend I use to work with who had enlarged heart, through the roof blood pressure etc, over weight. Hes still around. Was at work every day. Take a deep breath several times, think of the here and now and do not think of the worst situation. It seldom is. Think positive!! Be positive and all will work out. Palputations will go away slowly. Be calm! best of luck!

  • I had terrible palpitations a few years back. Had to wear a holster monitor a few days. Turns out I was having PVC's, which aren't usually life threatening. And I figured out by my own research that they can be caused by acid reflux! It irritates the vagus nerve (think I spelled it right) and will make you think you're having a heart attack, too. Can cause bad pain. So I control it with Nexium, and other reflux medications. Still happens if I get careless with what I eat. I also sleep with mattress elevated. Maybe something you can investigate. You don't necessarily feel the reflux when it happens.

  • Keep in mind the placement of the EKG leads can have an affect on the reading. I'm a nurse close to you and have always been taught to NEVER read the top of the printed EKG because it's a machine. We are taught to read the tracings and fold the top of the paper down as soon as it comes out. I have a t-wave abnormality according to the print out and one time it said exactly what yours did. The next time I went it said Normal EKG sinus rhythm.

    I also had health anxiety, but getting on 7.5mg of Buspar 2x a day has cured me. Are you on any meds? If not, I highly suggest them.

    Have you gone to UMC or St Dominic? St D is the preferred heart hospital, but UMC works with low income patients.

    Good luck to you because I've been there. As a medical professional who has seen it all it will mess with your mind if you let it.

  • Yes , all the hospitals are tired of me , and have started getting really rude . I mainly go to st. Dominics because they do the most testing every time . I avoid Baptist and river oaks because they are very rude to me now and rarely even give me an EKG .

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