Is this anxiety throughout the day?..without feeling anxious? Panic attack during ride to hospital?

So since i woke up ive been constantly thinking about ny chest pain ive been heaving (left side, shoulder pain, back shoulder blade pain, feels stabbing pain)..throughout the day ive been very observant if it comes and goes, along side with that ive been having constant shortness of breath, chest pain gets a bit better when i sit down (when i start walking and with exertion it gets worse..

Shortness of breath gets better when i sit down..gets horrible with exertion..and it doesnt seem to dissapear as other days where it lasts for like 20-30 minutes and dissapears,

ive felt lightheaded, slight diziness, feeling of wanting to faint, out of it..

i left work early ..decided to get this chest pain checked the freeway on the way to the hospital i was more observant about the chest pain and then i got a more wierd sensation of lightheadiness / diziness where it felt that any minute my head would give out and fall..little by little my eyes got heavier and heavier and a strong feeling of tiredness where it felt that any minite my eyes wanted to close on its own...and a new synptom ive never gotten which was very blurred vision,

slight raise in heartbeat, no sweatiness,

Got to the hospital out the car..was every minute passed by and my vision got more blurry and more lightheaded where i felt that any monite i was going to fall..chest pain 7/10

chest pain started yesterday out of the blue when i woke up..days before that i have not experience xhest pain..shortness of breath has also been there all day since yesterday and today

does all this sound like anxiety?.

anybody experienced the same symptoms?


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  • Ahuesca, did you ever go into the hospital? what did they say?

  • Here in waiting room still waiting unfortunately Agora1 ..when they triaged me they did an ekg ..didnt tell me the blood pressure was 160/98..

  • Start doing some deep breathing. You are in a safe place. Let us know how you make out. good luck x

  • Thank you for your reply...yes will do!

  • Agora provided you the same question and answer I would. Reviewed your past posts about chest pain, breathing problems, now vision issues too. This is first time you mentioned going to get a medical assessment. If all is cleared by the emergency room, perhaps you should consider getting a complete physical by your MD. A person can't take steps to solve an issue, without knowing what it really is causing or not causing it. Keep us posted, and do some deep breathing.

  • Thanks for your reply!!

    i posted an update with my history and story..thanks!

  • Whew, you sure did share your history! I will read it all, but doesn't seem to provide answers for you, does it.

  • I have experienced every one of those symptoms! Sounds like a day in my life! BUT they are also signs of a heart problem. I think it would be better to get it checked out. Especially if the pain isn’t going away in 2 days and gets worse with exertion. I don’t know your age, sex, history, lifestyle etc. I have learned to recognize my anxiety but it is constantly changing of course. I wish you could take a nice bath or something relaxing. I just feel like it’s not a good idea to tell you it’s anxiety without more information. It’s better to get it checked. That will also help you find peace and recognize it better. It’s always best to be safe when it comes to your heart. Symptoms of anxiety are often identical to heart problems. As if anxiety isn’t bad enough right? There are just way to many unknowns for me. If I was running with rescue squad tonight and picked you up we’d definitely recommend that you go to hospital with limited facts we do have. You know your body and history better than anyone. My anxiety is almost identical to your symptoms though.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    I posted my history and story with update thanks!

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