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Anxiety taking over my life!😒

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So I've battled with anxiety/depression for years. I've had all the physical symptoms that come with it from heart palps,sharp pains through out entire body,dizzy spells just to name a few. The last 2 years it felt like I kicked it to the curb I was going out having fun enjoying all the weekend outing with my kids and I was enjoying a lot. And all of a sudden boom I'm back at square one and it's driving me insane. Now everything I use to enjoy, it doesn't interest me I can't even watch TV because I can't even focus. I used to be the very talkative person and now I'm quiet . Everything feels like it's hard to do even cooking seems like it takes to much energy. I've gone to the Dr when it got really bad about to years ago and cleared me of all my suspicions. Had blood work done,ekg,ecg. Only thing that came out on the ekg was a PVC but you can imagine how high my anxiety was at that moment. He said not to worry about it as it's one of anxieties most noticeable physical symptom. Btw I'm a 34yr old male. Anyone else going through this? 😫

16 Replies

I could have posted that its exactly how I feel, just want to shut off.

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I can't explain how it makes me feel to know I'm not alone although I would never wish this upon anyone. I feel so numb almost like a zombie. Like I'm disconnected from the real life. I loved watching sports and now I can put the game on and not be into it at all. I get heart palps out of no where and they freak me out. As I post in my original post I dealt with it years ago and it all went away and now it's all back. I can't even plan ahead because I tell myself I'll probably be dead by then. And every little thing irritates me. I try to avoid certain places and situations where I had an episode because I automatically tell myself it's going to happend again

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Frankie14 in reply to Ceelos81

I am the same and the doc will not prescribe diazepam any longer I'm so fed up

Hi Ceelos81, Well you are certainly not alone, as Frin9e posted. I'm glad you had gotten a break for a while. Unfortunately, the mind is always on "simmer" and anything can get the pot boiling over again. I welcome you to this forum. I think you will find a lot of answers as to how men and women of all ages handles anxiety at different stages of their life. With a little work on your own and help from the forum, hopefully you will get back to being yourself again. The biggest thing we offer each other is the support, understanding and caring.

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Thank you agora. I feel this is a good start in opening up about my condition. I can't even talk to people around me because they will never understand

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Jenny1435 in reply to Ceelos81

That is hard....I know how that feels too.

I'm actually browsing the forums right now because the dizzy spells are taking over and I needed reassurance that it's just anxiety. I have found talking with others really helps me. It is nice to know you aren't alone. The dizziness has me beyond exhausted right now. I almost feel like I am drunk and/or sick and I just don't feel like myself. I don't know if it's an option that you would be interested in, but I am going to a therapist next week and I am hoping that it will be of some help. Like I said, it helps me to talk about it and know I am not alone. I am very sorry that you are going through it too.

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noemikahle in reply to sjanee11

I have the same symptoms of dizziness, just off balance at all times and extreme tiredness, I have had panic attacks for the last 20 years but it has never been this bad. I recently got off Zoloft (bad idea) and on busphar which I think is not doing anything for me but making me more tired. I am seeing psych Monday and switching my meds, I really hope this will help because I am really tired of feeling like this. I also may have given myself an ulcer with all this stress which causes me pain and poor appetite. I will update on how the medication change hopefully will get rid of dizziness, fatigue and almost continuous panic attacks

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sjanee11 in reply to noemikahle

Hope it works out for you!

Absolutely ..... same things. Also I seem to have more indigestion now (prob from stomach stress) and any little pain (usually just sharp quick ones) freaks me out. I've realllllllly been trying to just eat better and take a tums or gas x and ignore it. Helps some....but still in the back of my mind. I know it takes a while to retrain our minds.

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Ceelos81 in reply to Jenny1435

Yep horrible!!! Also on Johnnie's post I read your reply on how you've breath through your upper chest. I swear i do the same thing... it's because we clench our stomachs out of being nervous. Do you agree?

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Jenny1435 in reply to Ceelos81

Yes for sure. I didn't even realize how bad and tense it was. The retraining my breathing helped me 75%. Now if I can just been cool with my heart I can have less anxiety and get even better. I'm like you also, but I've done this about three other times. I don't remember it lasting this long though. Had some rough times over the past couple years. Maybe that's why.

A local support group would be nice too. Meet people and get out and find common ground. The nearest to me is about an hour away but I'm about to drive it anyway. ((Hugs))

Did you read the breathing exercise I learned ??? Relax then breathe in count of 4, hold 7, breathe completely out 8. Repeat only 4 times. It helps!!!!!!

Do you have chest pain too? I have sharp quick ones. I thought it was going away but I have it again today....but also indigestion. Ugh drives me nuts.

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Ceelos81 in reply to Jenny1435

From time to time yes I do, I also get them in my legs

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