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Random nerve firings with anxiety

Does anyone experience some brief nerve symptoms like buzzing, burning, flutter, electric shock in various areas like skin on my hands, roots if my teeth, inner thighs under the skin or behind eyes for example? I know anxiety can mimic anything but this sounds like some neuropathy to me or Lyme disease? Started a week ago and caused even more anxiety. GP blame stress and wont send for MRI. Worried so much 😔

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yup get them all the time, for many years


I get so many of these horrible horrible symptoms you listed. I always think something is wrong with me but they tend to fade


I get lots of burning in different places. Mostly my mouth when my anxiety is high. Buzzing also, actually most of what you mentioned I can relate to. Sometimes it hurts to touch my skin. It’s so weird.

Please try not to worry. Our minds can cause us so many problems. I’ve always been fascinated with the mind. I wish I would have studied psychology back when I was younger since my Mother is schizophrenic. I’ve always been curious as to what causes her irrational episodes. Now all these years later I have depression and anxiety which feels overwhelming. Maybe if we all stick together and keep posting anything that seems to work, we can beat this! I’m almost out of medication, so I’m going to have to battle it on my own soon.

Best of luck to you all.


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