Random anxiety controlling me?

Hi all.

I have terrible anxiety stemming from fear of becoming ill after a difficult year (that's the long story I won't give) but anyway... I'm new to this whole thing and currently waiting to see a counsellor who I have an appointment with Tuesday

I guess the worry is always with me, even when I'm not directly thinking about it, so is t possible that I can feel anxiety related symptoms 24/7 because I'm always aware of if even when I'm not thinking 'oh no don't get ill, avoid germs and people' in my mind, I'm always conscious of it and it is my every other thought. For example I was just in the kitchen packing my bag for work tomorrow and just felt so flushed in my face and hot... I wasn't feeling directly anxious but I sometimes get that randomly? Could it be a side effect of anxiety? I also have near constant heartburn and IBS related issues, could it be they occur so often because Im so aware of my fears that my anxiety - although not obvious anxiety attacks, causes these symptoms even though I'm not in a state of panic? Even when just sat watching tv and stuff?

Grateful for any advice



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  • Hello Haych9. The answers to all your questions is YES. I can't tell you how many times I've been sitting on my couch and out of nowhere...BAM....I am overcome with anxiety. Then I think...how in the world can sitting in my house, on my couch cause anxiety. Even when we are not thinking about whatever it is that gives us anxiety...we are thinking about it subconsciously. Our brains are ALWAYS working. Even when we're asleep. You have to do something that takes your mind completely off your symptoms. I LOVE to color. I always have, so the other day, i went and bought myself a coloring book. When I feel the symptoms, I start coloring and I keep coloring until they go away. Anxiety can have you feeling symptoms that you KNOW must be something life threatening. But it's just anxiety. I've been to every doctor imaginable and they all say the same...your healthy so this must be anxiety. Of course I don't believe them. I can fathom anxiety making me feel some of the things I feel, but thank God I'm still amongst the living, so it must be anxiety. You have to learn how to control it. Easier said than done...I know. But you have to fight it!

  • Nene what an amazing reply. That is exactly me! I have the same thing happen and I was even tested for diabetes my physical symptoms were that bad!! But it's true, I guess it's all subconscious. I hate it. Colouring is a really good idea, I have heard lots of people say there are new adult colouring books around so I might get myself one... I can imagine it's quite relaxing and distracting. Thanks so much

  • I've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Pretty much everyone in my immediate family has it. So that adds to my anxiety. I try to avoid sugar like the plague and when I eat sugar I freak out thinking...uh oh...is my body able to process this? It's CRAZY!! I colored a little bit last night. It really is quite relaxing. I'm focusing so hard on staying inside the lines, I have no time to think about my chest pains and heart palpitations.

    I also drink de-caffinated tea to help me relax. Couple that with a nice hot bath and all is right with the world. OR if that fails, have a glass of wine. Are you taking meds for your anxiety? And I'm all about going to see a counselor. My minor is college was psychology, but I can't seem to convince myself that I'm not crazy :).

    Let us know how the appointment with the counselor goes.

    Hang in there!!

  • Oh gosh you poor thing! I relate to you though, I have bad IBS and heartburn which are triggered by anxiety which then makes me anxious I'm unwell and so on!! I wish you well with your health! Good for you having a good routine and plans that work for you. You're definitely not crazy!! We all have our struggles, if anything we are the strong ones for finding ways to manage it and seeking help! I will do thanks! Wishing you well in every possible way.

  • Thanks Haych9!!

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