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Has anyone else suffered from 'random' anxiety/depression?

Mine seems to centre around health anxiety and for some unknown reason it has got hugely worse over the past few weeks. The only thing I can think of is that I started suffering with really bad indigestion and of course then you google it and come to the worse conclusions........It's just the fact that apart from that I can see why it's happened all of a sudden and this is making me feel worse. Thank you for your advice :)

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My anxiety started at the age of 13 and my depression from age 16 I am now almost 20 and I cant talk to people , i cant drive , i cant work, i have only 3 friends and Im basically fucked.


My health anxiety comes and goes too.

Obvious things can trigger it like seeing (accidentally) a TV programme about illness or a pain, suspect mole spotted, headache, sprain....you name it but also a sudden change in the weather. If it suddenly goes hot I feel more tense I've noticed.

Sometimes for no reason I'll feel anxious all day for no accountable reason while other days something which would normally trigger my heath anxiety I shrug off and forget.


This seems to be the problem with anxiety it comes and goes as it pleases and you can't control your own feelings its your brain but it can think what it wants when it wants and anything can trigger it . A programme on tv hot or cold dark cloudy days silly thoughts to much noise crowded places time of year your GP sending you for a routine blood test and of course you then have Cancer or something or a brain tumour try keep busy. Allen


Thank you so much all for your replies; it is so good to know I am not alone. Have been to my GP three times this week and she has tried to reassure me that all is OK and that I am just anxious. Had my blood taken today; again, I think primarily for reassurance. Get results next Weds so I guess there will be anxiety again for me until then. I am shocked at how much depression/anxiety can just creep up on you, and also what a huge effect it can have. It's just awful. Thank you again :)


It does creep up on you.

I think I had anxiety/health anxiety for a couple of years this time before I actually noticed.

It sort-of hovers in the background making you uneasy but with all the day-to-day things going on it wasn't strong enough to come to the surface.

But when it does ...........off you go again madly Googling every pain and illness - and quaking with fear at the results!


Anxiety is taking over my life i now am finding it hard to go out far wont go on bus's going to the shops is a nightmare ,i now don't even want be with people they make me feel panic i cant stand them talking for to long .. this is madness how such a thing do this to aperson i end going to bed early just for peace ..


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