Just a random thought?!

I don't know how most of you will respond to this suggestion, but for me, the constant typing and replying to threads is very time consuming, kinda frustrating to me and the relationships and support is very impersonal. of course, some people may prefer it that way, and this is why the site is so ideal. With my illness, I would really like to help people with knowledge/support/sharing personal experiences etc, but this site in not the easiest way. Is anyone open to chatting on Skype in groups or one to one? we could even do a weekly Skype meeting. This way no one needs to leave their houses but we could be essentially setting up a support group which some of you may need. would this help anyone?!... Call me crazy, but I'm just putting it out there.

Would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this. and please tell me if I'm just being insane.

Love Rose


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  • Think it a great idea but I am on a I pad so cannot Skype,shame but you mst do what is best for you.

  • Great idea rose but I think the idea here is that we can just dip in when we feel vulnerable.

  • Here, here, xxx

  • You can Skype from an Ipad :) ... yeah I understand people want to dip in but some people might actually want some other support. All I know if I'm on a journey and I feel so much better at the moment and if there is anyone that would like the opportunity then its here. It isn't even for me as such, I just enjoy helping others.

  • Speak for yourself rose about relationships and support being impersonal. I'm quite happy here. If others don't like it, it's a free country, they can bugger off somewhere else. People on here have formed good relationships.

  • Cookster I was speaking for myself and also really appreciate the people here and their value. Don't need to jump the gun. It wasn't an attack or meant to offend anyone. I was just offering a helping hand to people who might. I don't think offering a helping hand can be wrong as some people might find to hear a friendly voice comforting. Please Don't take offence. This isn't a place to argue or make enemies.

  • I agree with cookie and agora, we do have good relationships on here.

    others maybe interested , if so that is up to them.


  • I thoroughly apologise if I have offended anyone. But please don't bring hostility to the table. All I wanted to do was help.

  • Did BriarRose or Why why not try something like that a while ago?

  • saying things like that, " dont bring hostility to the table" and " this isnt the place to argue or make enemies" comes across as a tad condescending to people who were just voicing THEIR opinion.

    From your Picture ( If it is in fact you ) you look quite young and you are a very pretty young lady and anxiety can be viewed by some as a sign of vulnerability. PLEASE be careful Rose, in going ahead with more intimate contact as there are some strange people out there who troll sites like this looking for victims.

    I understand and respect you wanting to help people and its a very noble and charitable thing to do, but please dont let it be to the detriment of your safety.

    Love Cookie xxx

  • Have to agree with your points on safety & vulnerability here Cookie , we should all bear this in mind


  • Thanks Cookie, your concern is appreciated. :) xx

  • Rose, I think thats a great idea xxx

  • I really like this place, but i'm open to new ideas too, I have no cam on my laptop and my soundcard is dead, my playbook cant get skype but if a real time chat helps people then it could be a good idea. I have met some very compassionate and caring people on here the last week or so, this place is a godsend.

  • Good evening LM. How are you this evening? Yeah I have met some lovely people on here and hope to meet many more. I'm just basically saying of anyone felt they needed to talk to someone real time then my door is always open even if nothing else good comes from this illness id like to help people if I can. x

  • Hi Rose, I had a real bad day but have settled down a bit now, thanks for asking xxx

  • awh that's a shame, I hope you continue to feel better through out the evening.

    Love Rose

  • Thanks rose, the daytime seems to be hard for me and I have a bit more control in the evening xxx

  • Well I hope control in the evening turns into control in the day and then all day everyday :) you'll get there xx

  • Thanks Rose xxx

  • Anytime :) xx

  • Hello

    Rose tried to set up a chat site , not face to face or even talking in person , just where everyone was talking all together , which in private messages , we can add several people into the conversation on here :)

    No it didnt work & did cause stress

    I personally have formed very good friendships on here over the 8 months since I joined

    I have got very close to people & care deeply for them

    How ever , I do think this community has over 3000 members & as much as I am sure we are all honest , I do feel we should be careful , before we take friendships of the site & offer help away from what is secure & monitored

    Rose maybe as you seem to be well into recovery & enjoy helping people , have you thought about going into the possibility of counselling with training to do so , I dont no what you do at the moment or you could maybe look at opening a meeting in your area for people that are suffering from anxiety , just a thought

    I would stress though I would be very cautious before entering into your suggestion , it could be a huge hit , but it could also have its downfalls & as you have come such a long way the pressure that could bring , would be awful if it caused your anxiety to surface again

    Take Care



  • Hi WhyWhy, hope you have had a good day and wanted to say thank you for all your support xxx

  • Thanks for the reply whywhy. :) hope you are having a good thursday. Yes I have thought about doing a counselling course but I don't want to do it as a profession but I enjoy it if that makes sense, have always been that way doing voluntary work etc. I only thought of the suggestion because I spoke to a girl recently and she said she felt cut off from personal interaction and I know I felt the same in the past. But you are right about being cautious. Really appreciate your honest reply.

    Lots of love.

    Rose xx

  • Hey, this is a lovely idea and u sound a bit like me. I love helping people and have a few people at my work where we have very informal chats on breaks etc and they really help. I get so frustrated when my brain throws a wobbly as cant help others. I am inclined to agree with some other posts as well tho with the Internet being so open to many different people there are some out there who will join this blog to meet people and manipulate them whilst down. I think if ur wanting to give support in the way suggested please just be careful like previously said it would be such a pain in the bum for ur tenderness to be taken advantage of and u end up worse off. U seem like one of the worlds true gems just remember to look after others u must look after urself first.

    Hope this all come across ok. :-) xx

  • Hello feellikeanalien, don't think we have met, but I'm glad to have the chance now. so hello :) It all came across fine :) Thank you for this comment. Some very kind words. Look after yourself too xxx

  • Hi Rose ! Thanks for your post and advice . :)

  • No problem :)

  • O Roserose

    There you go , hope that has made you feel better about any negative comments on your post

    Admin Thanking you :)

    So they must see it as a good idea , maybe its us anxiety sufferers that just see potential danger ignore us in future ;) , so you go for it if thats what you want to do :)

    Good luck :)



  • That's really sweet of you whywhy :) xxxx

  • Just a gentle reminder that the internet is not necessarily a safe place. That 16-year old girl who is desperate to meet up for a coffee and chat because she's depressed and lonely COULD be a 40 year old sex offender. People are not always what they appear to be on the net - I've had personal experience of this, so I know!

    Obviously, it is up to members how they choose to communicate with each other, but I would just say - people on here are/can be very vulnerable - so BE CAREFUL!!!

    Here endeth the sermon.

    Love, stay safe



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