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Anxiety increasing my problems


So my baby is 13 days old...I have been living off of 4 cups a day and thats it...not eating right at all, and def not drinking any water at all...Im on iron pills for 6 weeks postpartum.... i have been feeling random bouts of lightheadedness. My anxiety is feeding off of it, focusing and making it worse, and A TON other fine until I stop and focus or think about it then im so lightheaded. Any advice?

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Take deep breaths... Take some time for your self...

Please try to eat better, your little one needs you to be the best you can be because he/she can not take care of them self 💜

Ashleyp in reply to Elizabeth04

Thann you. Yes I have 3 babies total. 7,5, and newborn. I'm exhausted and my anxiety is so bad... I have such an irrational of something bad being wrong with me 😭😭😭😭

Elizabeth04 in reply to Ashleyp

I have 2 kids as well. It can be tough, try to get some rest. Take some time for yourself if you can, maybe get out of the house... go get your nails done... what ever makes you feel better.

You deserve a little break every now and again

Jeff1943 in reply to Ashleyp

There is nothing wrong with you, Ashley, your body is recovering from a major upheaval and this involves hormones, your mind and your nervous system. Maybe you are anxious because of the extra work your latest child will bring but you will cope, nature gives extra reserves of energy and strength at this time though you may not feel it now. As for the lightheadedness and the ton of other symptoms simply accept them for the time being, don't obsess about them, pay less attention to them, they are unimportant, merely blips in your recovering nervous system.

You know that too much coffee is not helping you, maybe switch to one of those malted milk drinks and you need to force yourself to eat something, a little but often.

Those symptoms you refer to are not important, they will pass when you decide to let go of them. Now focus your attention on your children, all of them equally, help the two elder to bond with the baby. Everything will be fine, you will be fine, Ashley, there's no need to worry and upset yourself. Oh, and congratulations!

Hi Ashley ... congratulations on the birth of your Baby ❤️️

I appreciate that sleep may very well be in short supply at the moment, and sleep deprivation doesn't help our brains to 'think straight' at the best of times 😟

For your sake, the sake of your baby, and that of your other two (active!) children, who could probably run most people off of their feet at ages 5 and 7, I beg of you ~ please take better care of yourself? ❤️️

You know that you can't 'live' off of coffee (and just as a matter of interest, IF you're taking your iron tablets *with* your coffee, you won't get any benefit from the iron, as you require to take iron tablets with water only, at least an hour before, or after, coffee, tea etc ~ or take your iron an hour before, or after, a meal ~ which from what you're saying isn't a problem, as you're not eating..???). 😟

BUT, as you're not feeding yourself, even after all your body has been through in delivering your 2week old child (and including still being very hormonal) and having a requirement for six weeks of iron supplementation ~ and, you're not even drinking water to rehydrate yourself, you will most unfortunately be "making" yourself even more ill than you currently feel.

The way you're 'living' (more like 'existing'? 😟) it's a wonder that you're not feeling more than "random bouts of lightheadedness"... and keep carrying on in this dreadful way and it won't be "an irrational fear' of something being wrong with you. I'm entirely serious 😳.

In this case, it's NOT the "lightheadedness" which is kicking off your Anxiety! It's the other way round... 😟

It's the way you're virtually starving and dehydrating yourself, and hitting false highs/lows with coffee which is CAUSING your "lightheadedness" and triggering your Anxiety and many other symptoms. 😳

Please ❤️️, PLEASE ❤️️, stop treating yourself so badly..? (((((HUGS))))).

You've been given some beautiful supportive advice from Jeff1943 ~ my approach is, more than likely, more direct and straightforward, for which I apologise ~ but I can't bear to hear of you getting so ill. 😨❤️️

You need food and rehydration to feel in the least way better, and to take your medication as required, so that it does you the most good, and for you to be able to have a very happy time with your lovely family ~ and above all to help yourself, to 'help yourself'. ❤️️😊

No-one's suggesting you make or even eat a three-course-meal. However, to stop the Anxiety, lightheadedness, and ton of other symptoms drowning you with Anxiety, you need to be able to take good care of yourself 'first' ❤️️.

Please, eat a breakfast, lunch and Dinner (you'd never treat your kids the way you're treating yourself, at the moment!) ~ your meal doesn't require to be anything 'fancy', just nutritious and filling, to be able to 'hit' the Anxiety at the pit of your stomach and knock that out, along with the "lightheadedness" which seems to be your major Anxiety trigger.

With Love and Hope for your well-being and happiness! Barbara xx

I agree with LadyBarb.

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